Second Chance For A Baby Bee
Second Chance For A Baby Bee

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Watch us nurse this poor little Mason bee my wife found in the house back to life. It apparently was in the house for a while and needed food and water. My wife gave her a good long feeding of honey and she revived and flew away to lead a happy and successful life.... we hope.


ian styles : looked like it was in the right house,

Coinucopia : When you set him loose did he become a free mason?

george campbell : You and your Wife are GOOD PEOPLE!

Silver Wheels : Such a fountain of knowledge you are. And such a kind heart

CDH : I Like These "A Day in the Life" Vlogs you do from time to time. Feel like I'v known you for years. (Guess I Have) So it's Nice to see an average day for you and you're Wife. Nice!

Maya Posch : I really love these heart-warming videos :)

Richard Warnock : That was beeeeutiful well done!!πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Susan Smith : Your Lyndsay is a saint you gotta love that girl. You two are my kind of people.

Bill Claussen : Love your house man!!! 'Specially the kitchen!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Peace!!!

respectanimals2 : You’re both the best, saving that bee 🐝 is such a great act of compassion and a love of life no matter how small, well done, thanks for showing the world how to behave or should I say beehive! πŸ˜œπŸ‘

jersey demon : I got my chigg t shirt today! I put it on and then went detecting and found my first ever barber dime (although I hit it with my digger - ouch!) the shirt fits me perfectly I love it

Papakoho : You love and respect for nature is unbelievable! You are a good man Chigg. You need to get that cute white cat an eye patch and a Pirate's hat. Oh and some Dristan.

Quest for Details : Thank You Both, for the bee, and the cats, ! Your Awesome !

Debbie Mitchell : I have never seen someone hand feeding a Bee! He was lucky for flying into your house, a definite saver of all animals home.

Greg Kotschwar : Chigs Home For Wayward Critters. Y'all are nice people.

SewEasyCreations : Oh my goodness, what a feel good video. I've watched it 3 times now. Love your cats!

Paul Cook : Well I’ll bee

MerAngel12121 : Love it! Thank you for saving that precious Mason Bee. Bless Your Heart. My husband Agrees!

Joseph La Bianco : I love watching your videos You and your wife are good partners with the universe and it's creatures God Bless ..... Chig , where can I get one of those civil war two ring bullets , am hooked and big fan of yours.. Am big buff of the civil war.

CharlieUK : Wow, I’m not the only person who takes time to help our critters. We are currently creating areas for them to live from the wood of a hazelnut tree I trimmed back the other day and put about a third of our garden over to wildflower and no lawnmower during the summer months. My partner just planted peach, plum, apple and pear trees as it attracted so many bees it was crazy! Loving the little vlogs and great to see the love of living things in both you and your wife Peace Charlie UK

Panthera Pardus : Hey Chig, how many cats do you have? I counted 3 there. We have 4, that's the cat quota.

Dawn Carpenter : Thank you very much Mrs. Aquachigger!!!! They die we die. Thank you again !

adveNZures : Nice job! Great video!

Paula the koala : More animal vids chigg πŸ™πŸ»

Don Forum : Beautiful camera work! Beautiful house and first class bee rescue! Hitting home after a long trip must feel really good!

ozzy darren : That bee feeding was very cool and that's an awsome thing you do adopting or taking on pets that would normally find it hard to get a family 😁😁😁

DEtector CR : Thank you for replying Sr. I’m looking forward to get to meet you sometime, I’m a disabled Vet trying to learn everything I can from you so I will keep my hopes to hunt with you someday. Thank you again and please take another trip to Arizona that was freaking awesome! I Subscribed to your channel a few months ago so I’m learning a lot. 😎

oiled boy : Glum glum = best cat

Clayton County History Hound : Speechless! That was amazing. Thank you. Bee safe.

Turkeydoodlers L. : Never seen a Bee eat before That was interesting

Geyote Pilkington : You have a beautiful life Chigg

John Robertson : I got my chigs army shirt today, awesome.

PodeCoet : The bee has become a... FREE MASON hurr hurr, I'll let myself out.

Lesa Hanners : That was so cool. I have taken them out before and put them on the butterfly bush in my yard before, but I've never seen one fed like that. What a nifty idea. I shall have to try it next time I see an tired bee.

Sonny Dryer : and THAT, is one of the many reasons we Love you sooooo much. Such a Kind heart, for all Living things.....

Ed D : Nice Job! It's funny, no matter what you do you still have the same 8 haters on nearly every video. Keep up the great work!

Shithawk : That was a fun close up.

VTX88 : I like your rescue animal and insect videos. They’re always very sweet. Keep up the great work.

bob : that was very cool beau,got my shirt today thxs.

Steve Shortridge : *Three CHEERS for the Quimettes!!!* Do you know how many would have simply SMASHED that bee without a second thought!?

Timetraveller 999 : Ive done this with tired Butterflies before ... bees too ...any wee beasties that need help.

Peggy Fredette : Thank you and God bless you and Ms. Lindsey.

ashley Speed : This is amazing. Yall are good people

Jessica Aitken : I did this earlier this spring! I used a sugar solution on a q-tip and it seemed to work well.

Oldtboot : We're gonna need more vids of your pets mate!

Red Beard's Racing : Hey Chigg I'm a new subscriber, and a new owner of a Garrett AT Max. Got any tips for new guys?

slippery547 : Thought that was PK ...but you must have 2 one eyed kitties ;-)

denise demetroff : You two are so nice!!

Dee Dee Johnson : You and your bride are some awesome people!