Dytto Barbie World of Dance Bay Area 2015/ Дитто барби гёрл!
Barbie Girl Robot dance

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JustSomeone Here : She was 17 in this!!!!

snakestream : this looks like stop motion that’s how amazing this is😂

Putra Lucyvrz : Who is still watching this in 2019??

xxxtentacion Fan page : Someone still learning on 2019?

Signe Nesvik : She's like a cool 80s robot barbie

Kinjal Joshi : My favorite 😆😍😍😍

Reify Shifali : When she moved her hip slowly nd hit it with the beat!, i completely dropped my jaw on the floor. Yes im sure! I did 😂🤘🏻

Julius Raymond Magno : I attempted couple of her moves and i am so proud that.. I BROKE MY RIBS

Shriya Chowa : That jean fits so perfectly!😍

에리카Erika : Why is her curls so nice? My curls make me look like a homeless person.

oxyjeonforlife baby : Even four years later, it still impresses me on how she never misses a beat. And just the way she moves, it's just wow.

Marcos Juarez : 2:45 Yo caminando para ir a la escuela

Eliana Gajardo : Alguien habla español??🤔💖💖

kawaii pusheen : 2:28 my life is a lie

Tiffany Artavia : I'm convinced she's a robot

PythonxD Gaming : *Roses are RED* *Violets are BLUE* *I came for **1:45* *So did you* 😍😍😍

Juan Again : But literally how does the body move so quickly in real time

nono bilar : Janvier 2019 😍😍❤️

Jennifer Jackson : Who watching in Dec 2018

Lucian Lucian : She is so beautiful and she has so much talent!!! 😍😍😍

Léna Lockhart : Her hair !!!

Ravinder Singh : Bohat bade vala L U N D

Bodoland Dance : September 2018?

S H A R O O O N A : i can bearly move my back

Sristika Thapa : you are just amazing Dytto.. I love you a lot 😍❤

Arantza Victoria Molina Garduza : *¡¡Talento puro!!*

Purva Chahande : I have been trying from 2015, nd I still try itin2019, but she is amazing!!

xxxtentacion Lover : Someone still learning on 2019?

Mayra Meza : Daammmm i wish i can dance like her and i like the music

Abhilasha Gaikwad : How cool Dancer is she. I love your dance.cool

Simmee Khan : You are looking so cute...your all dance is amazing...I'm your biggest I love you Barbie girl... 😘😘😘

Anshu Razz Chauhan-SG : While Watching This Video I Need Girlfriend Please Be Anyone 😢😭

Rafael Arianto : She IS a barbie girl😍

Kutulue : 1:27 is insanely fast. By far the fastest girl I have ever seen. She would make a good martial artist.

haseeb shah : ditto verrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry niccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee god bless you

Anjali Kumari : You are looking Just like a barbie doll awesome dance😍😍😍

Aj Styles : Just come here after watching her dance moves in India show and yes she is amazing ❤️❤️

Dead Meme JR : 2:03 The mans: Wow 7w7

ALECAR : Este baile está en el programa de ESPAÑA GOT TALENT

Walt Kowalski : you will got better birthday in Poland or Russia :P

Hamid raja : Dytto u r amazing superb fabulous adorable excellent I don't have words for u.love from India😍😍😍

The Monster : dont ask how much times i watched this 😂

한다경 : What motivates me to dance is whenever i watch dytto's amazing dance videos. Especially this one. 💕

ajju : I believe it🙌😱😱😱 very nice dance💜💜💜💜💜

BOREDOMEPHILIA : As someone whos afraid of dolls, this is slightly creepy

Gainingmei Kamei : dytto lots of love from India 😍😍 you're my inspiration

Lee-An Kim : When she says "I love oreos" sjdjnamsmsjss she's so cute. She's grown so much

OM Salla : This is my favorite song and she makes it more beautiful

Shaundriaa Williams : okay okay 🔥😌