Charlie Chaplin's Honorary Award: 1972 Oscars

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Yair Sasson Art : Truly inspiring. what a legend.

Old Delhi Films : goose bumps. There will be a time when we will wonder that the People like charlie Chaplin existed.

Jayant Srivastava : Came here after robert downey jr's thrilling performance. The ending where he was shown crying while watching his career montage before accepting this award can make toughtest of the tough choke down

BUSA STUDIOS : Charlie Chaplin... The KING of ACTING.... Legendary Actor... Love you forever

diykitkat : I cant believe im crying while watching this,what a man! Evn on stage he intentionaly sliped his hat to make audience laugh! All he wanted was to make his audience laugh

Marmar : I'm crying while watching this...Chaplin was a true example of talent, Class and humility.

Sheena Jackson : Charlie received a 12 minute standing ovation from hundreds of people. Shit, I'd be grateful just to get a 12 second applause by 3 people who didn't get up from their seats.

Pouya Vagefi : Prophet of laughing, thanks god for sending him to our world.

Cinema Insiders : The most incredible moment in the history of the Oscars


MasterRoshi69 : I see they didn't include the full 12 minute standing ovation lol longest in oscars history God bless ya Charlie

JalimRabbei : He was the greatest of all time !! thank you so much for everything! Chaplin forever

ilyass babi : 44 years ago 😢

Dizzy Blu : Say what you will, a huge percentage of Cinema can be traced directly to this man. Its not even limited to just the west: India with Raj Kapoor, China with Jackie Chan, the UK with Rowan Atkinson and even monty python, the list goes on, they all were all heavily influenced by him.

7,777,766 views : you don't have any reason to dislike ! :'(

Gol D. Roger : There can be only one charlie..He was not mine..he was not yours..he was ours..who made us laugh in our challenging day today life..its difficult to bring smile on someone's face..he did that till he was respect to such a brilliant artist..May your soul rest in piece..thank you sir charlie :)

Tiffany Holgreen : He is such a beautiful man, he makes me cry I love him so much. He said in his picture book "my life in Pictures" that he felt deeply honored by the Oscar but he couldn't help but feel the irony of it all... :;)

Udtuhan Udtuhan : They don't stop saying bravo for this unbelievable legendary actor😱

Esayas Alemayehu : Britons are the most luckiest people in this planet to have such a wonderful MAN!!!!!!!!

Naren Pillai : What a sight to see an experienced old star. He is all but humble; that has made him reach this height. I shed tears when he was given his hat and stick. Something which is his identity forever. The man to enact a clown on cinema and completely entertain public just by body language. I am sure his soul is in a good place resting. Love you Chaplin! Peace!

Emma Hines : I'm not trying to be a show off or anything but I'm 12 years old and I appreciate what Charlie Chaplin has done and his film also his book I'm really inspired by this man he is really a true person not of hate but of happiness and love this year and next year is hate everyone needs to hear his brilliant speech in the great dictator. Kids today that are my age they don't care about history they don't care about old icons soon everyone is going to forget who Charles Chaplin was which I hate to see that if that does happen I show people a Chaplin clip or the great dictator speech and they don't care! Even though I'm little and I don't know that much I say this generation is horrible I do not like kids my age nowadays they don't appreciate anything they say " I don't like history " well you're going to be history when you die you're either going to hate your life or love your live or don't want to die. Mr. Chaplin is inspiring to me he creates happiness which I love he makes me happy I will never forget Sir Charles. ( I'm a old soul I love everything old )

Harry Smart : it surely does make me cry to see a legend leaving us !! sadly we all have to go someday!!

tubecrazy77 : A timeless legend. Who would've thought decades later, his movie clips will be shown on Mumbai local trains for everyday commuters to get over their daily grind. The most recognised and respected actor that ever lived.

JL Castelo : Characters Humorous Authentic Pleasure Living Inspiring Neverending

Charles Charls : I love You Charls!

Videoscord : Charlie Chaplin aka Sir Charles Spencer was one of the greatest actor of all time

Shehryar Khan : He made billions laugh without uttering a single word, but in this video he looks to be the saddest person on the planet!! RIP. Salute you sir..

Roy B : Oh man, only few stars have experienced a whole audience applauding to them for more than a minute, specially from the past century, something you don’t see these days. Now actors, singers and artists have millions of followers on Twitter and fill up stadiums but they do not transmit the same passion as artists like Chaplin or Pavarotti did. I don’t know if someone understands what I’m trying to express.

Aniket Karvir : He got the longest ovation in history.

zlivalavida : Legend of a man.

Snake_bgd : Legend :)

EagleNED : There are a lot of people in the comments who, instead of applauding this man, choose to use this video it to attack "America". Not mind you, the wrongdoings of the American government in the times of Mc Carthy that actually made Chaplin leave America. No, that would make some sense. They use it instead as a way to vent dislike of America now (with even a random comment about "the" Jews) with an obvious delight at having found something to use as an excuse to be generalized outraged. The events around 1952 are of no real interest to these commenters. It`s just a quest for likes of like-minded people on the Internet and a way to shortly feel good about themselves, without any real appreciation of history, justice and respect towards Chaplin, which is what this video is actually honoring. Being outraged and generalizing might make these commenters feel good, but ironically it is against everything Chaplin stood for. Peace all :)

Nikhil Sukumar : I know that Sir Charlie Chaplin taught us how to laugh at our sadness and live life in its truest form. We must learn that life is about kindness and never about hate. Hope we all change one day.

Tom May : If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes...

Aditya Narayan : the greatest actor in the world

Khizar ali : Charlie was great man

TheTerryE : It's too bad it couldn't be presented by someone who had something to do with his career instead of Daniel Taradash, the Academy president who had NOTHING to do with Chaplin's career.

broomsterm : I read they gave him a 12-minute standing ovation.

SierzantYelonek : did he really get 1972 oscars ?

Pethuru Jesuthasan : We miss you a lot Sir. Remembering you on this day of December 25th. R I P Lord.

The Original Mr. E L M E R : A true gentleman.

Sandro Dream : We miss you Charlie Chaplin <3

Jordan Liles : Will the Oscars please put the entire standing ovation on YouTube? Didn't it last several minutes? Why lock it away in a vault, never to be seen again? Let's see it!

OnceInABlueMoon : Sir Charles Chaplin was a wonderful entertainer. He gave a touching speech, and he deserved this honorary award and long standing ovation.

Rebecca West : Was that Jack Lemmon ? Two lengends at the same time?!

العرب THE ARABS : it's the first time i hear his voice .

Adi Adrian : Sir Chaplin, the world thanks you

Dowdly : The U.S. government should be ashamed of their actions towards this man.

Weird YouTube Name : Hope he doesn't bit anyone's fingers.

LesPaul2006 : His "stop, you'll make me cry" face is priceless. The man knew how to take an apology.