Charlie Chaplin's Honorary Award: 1972 Oscars

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MasterRoshi69 : I see they didn't include the full 12 minute standing ovation lol longest in oscars history God bless ya Charlie

BUSA STUDIOS : Charlie Chaplin... The KING of ACTING.... Legendary Actor... Love you forever


Gaurav : Anybody watching this in 2018.

Pouya Vagefi : Prophet of laughing, thanks god for sending him to our world.

Yair Sasson Art : Truly inspiring. what a legend.

diykitkat : I cant believe im crying while watching this,what a man! Evn on stage he intentionaly sliped his hat to make audience laugh! All he wanted was to make his audience laugh

Jayant Srivastava : Came here after robert downey jr's thrilling performance. The ending where he was shown crying while watching his career montage before accepting this award can make toughtest of the tough choke down

JalimRabbei : He was the greatest of all time !! thank you so much for everything! Chaplin forever

Zane Wong : Fun fact : Charlie Chaplin at age 50 or 60 entered a Charlie Chaplin look a like contest and won 3rd Place

Shehryar Khan : He made billions laugh without uttering a single word, but in this video he looks to be the saddest person on the planet!! RIP. Salute you sir..

Charles Charls : I love You Charls!

JL Castelo : Characters Humorous Authentic Pleasure Living Inspiring Neverending

Millan Dhillon : CHARLIE CHAPLIN was a LEGEND CHARLIE CHAPLIN is a LEGEND CHARLIE CHAPLIN will be a LEGEND FOREVER And NO ONE can take his place. HIS contribution is unbeatable. SALUTE TO YOU SIR ! Love uuuuuu

Marmar : I'm crying while watching this...Chaplin was a true example of talent, Class and humility.

nikos23a : This is my first time i hear the legend talks...

NOTHING EVERYTHING : 2018 anyone .?🙄😀😀

raja : The longest claps in academy awards history...and went to most deservble man....long live

sandiegotrojandawg : I had the honor of attending these 44th awarding of the Oscars--what a night it was. Something that occurred at this special presentation of Chaplin's honorary award that isn't shown in this video was, just after the gentleman finished introducing Chaplin onstage, Chaplin appeared from the wings on stage left (your right as you're looking). He was then serenaded by Johnny Mathis singing, "Smile" as he walked toward center stage. The audience erupted and stood on its feet….the ovation lasted twelve minutes (to this day, the longest in Oscar history) as Johnny sang the lyrics and, as I looked around, so many people were in tears, as was I. It truly was a magical evening and this video helped to bring back so many memories of that night. By the way, Chaplin's appearing at this Oscars presentation was his first visit to the United States in over 20 years! He was overwhelmed by the reception he received. While I don't agree with his political views, I do recognize him as being one of the major pinnacles in the history of film making. He was brilliant at it.

Old Delhi Films : goose bumps. There will be a time when we will wonder that the People like charlie Chaplin existed.

Udtuhan Udtuhan : They don't stop saying bravo for this unbelievable legendary actor😱

Saroj Kachhawaha : He is not dead the legends will dead only with their body not their soul their soul will always will in our hearts like charlie chaplin the king of comedy and micheal jackson the king of pop love you charlie and micheal 😗👨🖐 i only wants to say their soul that we always love you and you are always in our hearts till the end bye bye charlie i name is prateek

ban syiem : No one can't take his place even Mr.bean he is legendary

Ashwin Pradeep : Who's here watching this in 2018?

MRS PROGRESSIVE- DEMOCRATIC MOM! : He was truly overwhelmed. Well deserve recognition.

العرب THE ARABS : it's the first time i hear his voice .

human memory : god please give us our charlie chaplins back

Serial Liar-in-Chief : I think this extra-long standing ovation also stemmed from the fact that the audience, mostly Americans of course, felt a lot of remorse in place of those politicians during the McCarthy era back in the 1950s refusing him to re-enter the U.S. of America because of his non-existing positive views of communism. It was a beautiful way of redemption.

Videoscord : Charlie Chaplin aka Sir Charles Spencer was one of the greatest actor of all time

Logical world : He is not only the best comedian of all time....the best actor as well .... I have no words to describe him ..... I feel very sad when ever I see this video....we always miss u chaplin .....🙌🙌🙌👏👏

Nick john : 3:32 la emoción en su cara lo dice todo , el dio la vida por el cine y el arte fue y sera siempre un grande Charlie Chaplin

maruf ahmed : Charlie chaplin is a unique comedian is human history. Don't need to prove his quality as any kind of award getting

Vikings Wolf : This is like true legend,,,,,,because of his kind personality and offcourse his acting's👍


One Weird YouTube Name : Hope he doesn't bit anyone's fingers.

Aditya Narayan : the greatest actor in the world

Rogerio Hernandez : 12 minutes, for 12 minutes the people at that ceremony stand and clapped for one of the greatest actors, artist, performer, and entertainer ever... ever.

yaser olive : Sir I respect you

Shrawan Koirala : 5 December 2018 Nepal 5:42 p.m.

Christopher Edwards : First time i hear him speak

Daniel Allen : Charlie's face in the beginning is the picture of a man who, though he has had wealth and fame, has not truly fathomed just how deeply he has affected both his profession and the world. It's the image of a man overwhelmed by the appreciation and gratitude of the people who have followed the trails he blazed. Chaplin, for his faults as a human being, was someone who changed the world. He took a novelty and helped to turn it into an art form. And his expression here shows that he never anticipated the love that he would receive. I'm glad he got it. May we all be so lucky to see the effect our presence has had on the world, if it be positive.

Dowdly : The U.S. government should be ashamed of their actions towards this man.

idiol mind : The LEGEND lives on

Old Hollywood- NBC Mr. Hahn : A true gentleman.

Annette Duval : Charlie Chaplin was A genius

Julián Bufarull : HE WAS WHITE?!

Naren Pillai : What a sight to see an experienced old star. He is all but humble; that has made him reach this height. I shed tears when he was given his hat and stick. Something which is his identity forever. The man to enact a clown on cinema and completely entertain public just by body language. I am sure his soul is in a good place resting. Love you Chaplin! Peace!

TheXalos : Without Chaplin none of the "stars" sitting there would be what they are. Movies wouldn't be what they are!

Johannes Hofbauer : What idiots give a thumbs down this man was just wonderful!

tubecrazy77 : A timeless legend. Who would've thought decades later, his movie clips will be shown on Mumbai local trains for everyday commuters to get over their daily grind. The most recognised and respected actor that ever lived.