Charlie Chaplin's Honorary Award: 1972 Oscars

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Yair Sasson Art : Truly inspiring. what a legend.

Old Delhi Films : goose bumps. There will be a time when we will wonder that the People like charlie Chaplin existed.

JAYANT srivastava : Came here after robert downey jr's thrilling performance. The ending where he was shown crying while watching his career montage before accepting this award can make toughtest of the tough choke down

Jordan Liles : Will the Oscars please put the entire standing ovation on YouTube? Didn't it last several minutes? Why lock it away in a vault, never to be seen again? Let's see it!

Aniket Karvir : He got the longest ovation in history.

MasterRoshi69 : I see they didn't include the full 12 minute standing ovation lol longest in oscars history God bless ya Charlie

Michael Barnhart : This was a great moment and fortunate that it happened within his lifetime ( He died in 1977.) His genius entertained and inspired generations - and continues to do so. His personal life was a mess, with marital indiscretions and communist links in a paranoid time, resulting in much judgement heaped upon him. It was wonderful that they could take the opportunity to honor him for his art - that is what endures beyond the life of its creator. :-)

BUSA GANG : Charlie Chaplin... The KING of ACTING.... Legendary Actor... Love you forever

Dowdly : The U.S. government should be ashamed of their actions towards this man.

Pouya Vagefi : Prophet of laughing, thanks god for sending him to our world.

Marmar : I'm crying while watching this...Chaplin was a true example of talent, Class and humility.

Ayoub Messi : 44 years ago 😢

Cinema Insiders : The most incredible moment in the history of the Oscars

Chester Fields : You can't deny the contribution this man made to early cinema and comedy in general, nor the fact he has influenced generations of talented comedians for over 90 years.

JalimRabbei : He was the greatest of all time !! thank you so much for everything! Chaplin forever

diykitkat : I cant believe im crying while watching this,what a man! Evn on stage he intentionaly sliped his hat to make audience laugh! All he wanted was to make his audience laugh

Jovanni Ruiz : The Greatest Performer Who Ever Lived. Charlie Chaplin. Indeed, BRAVO!!

Vigier Arthur : If there is one person who deserves it, it's him !

Alex Kuhn : he's a man of few words.

Naren Pillai : What a sight to see an experienced old star. He is all but humble; that has made him reach this height. I shed tears when he was given his hat and stick. Something which is his identity forever. The man to enact a clown on cinema and completely entertain public just by body language. I am sure his soul is in a good place resting. Love you Chaplin! Peace!

marpa : wow... his reaction is priceless! such a pioneer in acting for all generations to come!

Kakat Yap : Charlie is first as a actor in the world

seinfeld games : The standing ovation was over 12 minutes long.  Why is it not on YouTube?  We don't care about the presenter. We want to see the 12 minute standing ovation minute-by-minute. C'mon, Oscars!!  Please give this to us!

Harry Smart : it surely does make me cry to see a legend leaving us !! sadly we all have to go someday!!

captain0ldy0da : Look at the utter confusion, but glee, on Chaplin's face. A country that exiled him and despised his work - suddenly they're all cheering and clapping where he thought they'd throw things at him. Marvellous.

Nathaniel Kwok : This is equivalent to Beethoven attending the Grammy's.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar : He is million times higher than any reward. A director, an actor, a composer, a producer and a communist by heart. Love you my best, regards from India

Luficarius Ratspeed : Post the full ovation.

soulierinvestments : I was 15 when I watched this on live TV. It is still one of the more vivid TV memories I have of that period. The copyrighting apparently did not allow this YouTube clip to show the Chaplin movie clips that were shown that night. My memory is that the last clip was Chaplin in the amazing finale sequence of "The Circus." The lights came up from that clip; there he was; the house came apart.

gabi8o : 363 heartless people with no love for cinema....

Obi Smalls : Proud that he was born in my area. #Lambeth

Eddie Rade : Among the few extraordinary humans ever to have lived!!

Michael Ford : The final scene of Chaplin left me in chills. Great film.

Charles Charls : I love You Charls!

zlivalavida : Legend of a man.

Gol D. Roger : There can be only one charlie..He was not mine..he was not yours..he was ours..who made us laugh in our challenging day today life..its difficult to bring smile on someone's face..he did that till he was respect to such a brilliant artist..May your soul rest in piece..thank you sir charlie :)

Anthony Crnkovich : No other filmmaker was as much a one-man show as Chaplin. He wrote, produced, directed, starred in and composed the music for his own films. Chaplin's influence on the medium is undeniable, and his iconic "Little Tramp" character is both universal and timeless. The Academy honor was owed him, and it would have been a staggeringly unforgivable oversight had it not been granted him.

Moon Khan : °•○●.◕ Time Proved ♚Sir Charlie Chaplin Truly Time Ahead Species For This Globe. Always He Alive Ahead & He Will Survived Beyond Rest Of Earth. ಌஜಌ❤♥♡

Robin Banks : when the bad said goodbye to the good, and hello to the evil

Videoscord : Charlie Chaplin aka Sir Charles Spencer was one of the greatest actor of all time

rob2049 : God of Comedy...

Sumo Jii : I've watched how he was feeling before the show in RDJ's movie 'Chaplin' ... He's legendary !

Sai Bilhan Ganjoo : the longest standing ovation ever in the Oscars ....and now at this age where I am I got to know why.....!!!!

7,777,766 views : you don't have any reason to dislike ! :'(

mirian moyano : Wonderful charlie,unforgettable....

Ruben Delgadillo : So what if he liked banging women half his age, what man wouldn't!

Douglas Diógenes Meneses : in the minute 4:39 of the video shows Jackie Coogan, the boy from "The Kid -1921".

David Brannan : Please post an unedited version of this, with the full, record-breaking (and keeping) applause!

EagleNED : There are a lot of people in the comments who, instead of applauding this man, choose to use this video it to attack "America". Not mind you, the wrongdoings of the American government in the times of Mc Carthy that actually made Chaplin leave America. No, that would make some sense. They use it instead as a way to vent dislike of America now (with even a random comment about "the" Jews) with an obvious delight at having found something to use as an excuse to be generalized outraged. The events around 1952 are of no real interest to these commenters. It`s just a quest for likes of like-minded people on the Internet and a way to shortly feel good about themselves, without any real appreciation of history, justice and respect towards Chaplin, which is what this video is actually honoring. Being outraged and generalizing might make these commenters feel good, but ironically it is against everything Chaplin stood for. Peace all :)

Bogdan Gsn : I just love it that the crowd keeps on clapping; because Charlie honestly deserves applause and cheers.