Parents fear for young daughter's safety as her behavior changes dramatically: 20/20 Jul 20 Part 1
Parents fear for young daughters safety as her behavior changes dramatically

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Her parents say after recovering from strep throat, Alexia Baier, 4, started throwing violent tantrums, endangering her and her family's safety. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 20/20 HERE:


not telling u my username : Imagine when she starts her period...

Well, hellø there, felløw human! : **manic screams** "Imagine this is your house..." That's exactly what goes on in my house

Just A Bit of Everything : I have a solution: Leave the child alone with a dozen Hispanic parents and a bucket of flip flops.

Maya Thompson : Lock her under the stairs; she’ll become humbler than Harry Potter

Jayla Rose : 4 .... she looks 7

Lucy Grace Longley : Mom: calls exorcist Daughter: mom who are you calling? Mom:sips tea

SHY LOL : Me: having a tantrum Mexican mom: I'm going to get the chancla if you don't stop! Me: *shuts up* Edit: Omg thank you everyone this is the most likes i ever had *cries*

KayKay Plays Roblox : Her period has left the chat

Park Jihyo : She wants to stab her mother's eye with a mascara wand just because she wants her mother's milkshake?? nooooooooo..that's tooooo creepy😫

felicity Daniels : Hispanic parents and African American parents are a whole nother level😂

Yk1000 Kahssay : All this bizzare behaviour just because of a sore throat!?😞☹

gummybears1095 : She needs medical help. Like brain tests and various other neurological tests. Or maybe she needs to live in a specialty care faculty that can help her on a 24 hour basis

Unknown Kiddo : Her mental illness can lead to alot of things😔 She can even develop depression at such a young age😪

Lee : Bruh everyone’s talking about how bad she is but *THAT BED LOOKS SOOO COMFORTABLE!*

Hannah Meaker : "started with a simple sore throat" me : POSSESSION

lavender moon magick : “imagine this is your house...” me: the child’s gonna live out on the street

Potato! Watching Netflix at the Disco : her scream is how my sister screams at me when i take the charger from her room

Luisa Navarro : Why are there soo, many Mexican peeps watching this (I'm Mexican) Edit: Thx for nearly 80 likes

YOURALLSHEEP : Throat medicine Side effects: hellish anger

Meghan F : So the mom works with special needs students and then comes home to a child with PANDAS? Must be an exhausting life. I hope it gets better.

Axeliex : See this is why I’m gonna name my child Felicia *So it’s easier to say bye to her*

Emma The depressed : Just splash her with Holy water 💦

Mohammad Talfiti : "Be Quiet Or Else I'll Get The Hot Sauce"

Peanut Playz : My grandma would hit me with a chancla or a clothe hanger😭😂


Mariah the Queen Alpha Dragon : If I acted like that my mom will beat me

Mila VD : She’s 4? *jEzUS cHriST.*

youdirtypeasants : Getting some serious serial killer vibes

Juana Reyes : And that's why kids cant drink alot of coffee

Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ Vᴇɢᴇᴛᴀ : Me: *Calls Ghost Busters* Kid: *DUDE!!! I AM GONNA KILL YOU!!!* Me: *YOU ARE GONNA BE THE ONE DEAD SOON, DEMON!* Kid: *...sooo you discovered my secret!* Me: *Huh?-* Kid: *I am secretly Lucifer* Me: *..... Well that explains A L O T*

Sxpremebaby_af babyface_baije : Alexia:AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Me:*grabs belt* Alexia:*stops screaming* Me:yell again your gonna have to yell about something.

adin Baker : Ahh see hell nah 😂. I’d beat the hell out that Child.

Gacha_ Kitty : BRING IN DA HOLY WAtEr 💦

Cat_Link .C : (explosive screaming and moaning) “Imagine if this was your house” Me: are you serious? I don’t wanna imagine this! xD

nafez maskaleh : Well just give her a hiding it works everytime for us islanders am I right lol

Ambar silva : My parents whould be the livening hell out of me if i was bad boi ;-;

Tanya Kearns : Oml.. this child is making me pull my hair out, and run up the walls😨😞

caitlyn Vlogs : I KnOw SpLaSh HoLy WaTeR 💦💦💦💦

Miss Noodle : This is the time.... WE PULL OUT THE CHANCLAS

Issata George : Whoop.......... dat............assss Simple

Cristina Contreras : I will just call super nanny

Chicano Enforcer Gaming : Some people are just Born angry


bushra ekrem : 3:14: *YoUr FaIlInG pArEnTiNg* My solution: *lock her in a room with a mad mexican mum who just found out her kid is doing drugs*

IMG TECH : *SACK OF SLAPS* should work !

Cat_Link .C : 6:10 “She started stabbing me in the eye with my mascara wand” Me: CALL THE HEKKING POLICIA

Altinok familie vlogs : (Mom crying) Juju: So you started taping episodes of your child’s tantrums? Mom (fearing her life and crying) *Juju: w h Y*

Xxx Jada : Me:im gonna kill you Mom:grabs belt

Pʀɪɴᴄᴇ Vᴇɢᴇᴛᴀ : Imagine when she gets a *BOYFRIEND!* !!! *LORD HELP THAT MAN!!!!*