Parents fear for young daughter's safety as her behavior changes dramatically: 20/20 Jul 20 Part 1

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Coffee volcano : No lie, I would've slapped the shit out of her if she stabbed me in the eye just for a milkshake. I know it's not her fault but I'd be scared for my safety and the other childs safety.

Tsnore : Have they contemplated an exorcism?

Kaylee’s Life : Strep. Suicide. Anger. I am almost 99% sure she has PANDAS which is a neurological disorder that can happen after an infection with strep. Look it up, all her symptoms match

roaring with excitement : Guys! Stop commenting about disciplining her! She likely has PANDAS! It is an autoimmune disorder! It's not her fault! SEROIUSLY! STOP! (Yikes, this got popular, I guess a lot of people understand me)


Riley McGann : *4 year olds don't unbuckle their seatbelts to stab their mommy in the eye* *YA THINK SO?*

Shadi F. Beland : Reading the comments I am sick to my stomach. This child is sick and needs help. Why do you Americans always resort to beating a child? I have worked with children like her and sure enough something causes the anxiety in her to act like this. Sometimes it is a neurological disorder. Grow the hell up and read a book or two

Steve Garcia : Man if a kid acts this way in Mexico they'll usually get the demon smaked right out of them immidiately.

Cody Shi : Super nanny please help this family and that poor girl.

Ray Mak : Something really bad could have happened to her to result in such drastic change in her behavior.

The Second Alter Ego : She has PANDAS guys stop leaving rude comments

Emily hey : Eat a snicker. You get cranky when you’re hungry.

Puppy Pet : wow so many comments on violence, smack her around? I have never seen well that would be a lie this is YouTube most people here are morons. It's sad to see the comments. The child unfortunately is suffering and is going to need a ton of money thrown into some kind of special treatment. Nobody expects this type of illness but nobody expects any type of serious illness, it just happens. My heart goes out for their parents it will be a hard battle and I can only wish them the best of love and luck and hope their daughter can be managed if not completely cured. As for all you YouTube morons go someplace else with your ignorance we are all so tired of you.

Ms. Disney : *My chancla has joined the battle* For part of the vid

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler : I was very excited to read the comments

Cass Tid : "After strep throat" I can't help but to compare this with how we ended up having to put our German Shepherd down after he came down with parvo. He was an amazing, beautiful, sweet dog before we took him to the vet where he stayed for a week, beat the parvo, and became incredibly aggressive and strange to say the least. He and I were best friends, we were so close. He slept in my bed every night. when he came home I was so thrilled, so I tried to cuddle up to him like USUAL, and he snapped directly at my face. I was so scared I fell off the couch in disbelief. he had NEVER attempted to bite me before. Then he'd back us in to corners and growl viciously at me and my siblings, often times going to bite as well. he chewed holes into chrome door knobs, ate a massive hole into our brand new sectional, as well as hide underneath beds until you passed and bite at your feet. Also one time having attacked and bit a chunk out of my back one day as I was attempting to help my mother up after she slipped in the snow when we were trying to walk him. I blame it on the parvo 100%. Must have caused some in balance to his brain. Not sure.. either way, fairly similar. RIP, guardian. 😔

Raehyun Oh : She needs Jesus. Pray for her!! 1 Like = 1 Prayer

bella mawdesley : *latina moms where you at*

Jessie Boatwright : Can’t people please stop saying to hit or slap a child. How would you like that if someone said that about yours? I have a brain tumor and I used to act like as a child which led us to discover it but not that severe . Can’t you people get your facts straight about it before you judge you don’t know what that child has or is going through. If it was my child I’d still love them but I’d do everything I could to figure what is causing my child to be like this and what’s going on. Also, I would never hit a child my boyfriend was physically abused as a child and he has PTSD from it so don’t you dare say to hit a child and that it’s alright and I have anger issues too cuz that all I was around as a kid but I still would never hit child and thank you to those who thinks it’s not right either.

helloitsZizi : YoU NeEd JeSuS Srsly Tho this gurl scared the SHAT out of me 😳

Sans Fan Girl : I think her strep throat is the reason for her violent behavior I think it corrupted her brain cells or the medicine her doctors give her might make her see visions and the visions might make her think her parents are abusing her that's just my Theory

Alice Cormier : *supernanny leaves the chat*

SmC Vibranion IOS : stop being so soft give her a spanking

Amanda Close : My 8 year old is the same way. But his spells can go for 3 to 4 hours.

THESNEAKERADDICT : kid acting like she is in jail for that shamrock shake

Fifa Master : If I was like that my mom would just beat me until I stop and spray holy water on me😂😂😂

Insanebronydrummer YT : The strep probably went into her brain that's why she's acting like this

Dawn break : "When on that medication all the happiness was gone"..... really??!! Doesnt seem like there was any happiness on or off meds ... smh

L.R _3131 : Smack ur kids folks

Isabella C : Watch "Brain on Fire!" There's been correlations to viral contagions that effect the brain, which cannot be picked up by many types of testing! This is very compelling, yet frightening!

i like grass so much : Her mom and dad need a break.

Godly Cell : Black/Latina moms wya?

Moonsy playz : I would have talked to the child and tried to see what was the matter *And if she didn't cooperate, Mr belt would try* *After all actions speak louder than words*

LiterallyLEENA : That’s nothing compared to what goes on in my house I’ll keep that little girl in my prayers 😔

Melanie Rose : When I was 4 I didn’t even know how to tie my shoes... this kid knows how to stab someone in the eye with a mascara wand!!!!???? Whaaat?

Thorn Drago : It's a disability, she can't control this so whipping or beating her isn't going to do anything it's probably going to make it worse...

Shady Gaming : I know its not her fault,but Poor parents having to deal with all that screaming and whining.

Ann Margaret : Could you please tell me where part 2 is, thank you!

Racney Baby : She needs a supernanny those parents aren't doing anything with her.

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : Dang born in 2010 and already this old

Awais Mir : I dont think it was the germs.. it's good that you love your kids..but you sometimes have to be harsh with them. I think the parents ALLOWED this attitude and that's why it happend..

Freddie Jackson : OH HELL NO IF MY MOM WAS THERE 😂 SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD IF IT WAS JUST ME ....... I mean that would be only if I didn't know she was sick

Mishael Johnson : Beat the devil outta her.she possesed, check if house is hunted.

Dag The Kaiser : Girl, I would have slapped her to hell then called 911 when she stabbed me.

HENRY THE RC CAR : *Poor child, hope she gets better!* ☹️

Esmeralda M : The Conjuring IIII

Angel-lea Gannon : It's probably Tourette syndrome just saying

Tel Angor : I think she might act like my brother Aiden

Sienna The Grub’s DIYs And FUN ! : The next generation of Jurassic Park

Hollyann Rose : Things can happen to a kids brain when they become very ill. Poor girl. I hope they're able to help her overcome this.