Parents fear for young daughter's safety as her behavior changes dramatically: 20/20 Jul 20 Part 1

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Coffee volcano : No lie, I would've slapped the shit out of her if she stabbed me in the eye just for a milkshake. I know it's not her fault but I'd be scared for my safety and the other childs safety.

Shawn Marino : Shamrock shakes? That’s a good mom. Wtf is that child?

Nebby And The Cosmog Revolution : Got a condom safety ad before this

Max Avdalyan : Where is SuperNanny when you need her?! No but seriously, where is she?

4 fullsun : i don’t see why people are making jokes, this really isn’t funny. this girl is suffering through something that she can’t control and “ass whoopings” isn’t something that could fix it. her parents must’ve been going through hell just trying to find out why she was acting the way she was, so have some damn respect. i don’t care what you would’ve done in that situation, just have some human decency.

silver : ThE pOwEr Of ChRiSt CoMpElS yOu

Genesis Sithideth : *god has left the chat*

Candy Complex : This, this is scary.. I hope she gets better... No kid or anyone deserves this.. Pandas disease sounds horrid.

nat morgan : i just took my birth control today...just saying 🙌🤦‍♀️

Zhero Zhero : A simple run for milkshakes becomes the final STRAW! Get it?

Ray Mak : Something really bad could have happened to her to result in such drastic change in her behavior.

BlazingCobalt : *Young Jake Paulers in their Natural Habitat*

hmm no interesting : Honey,get into the car we're going to the adoption center!

Its the king nicko : *- THROWS THE HOLY WATER -* *- BEGON DEMON! -* *- I HAVE GOD AND JESUS ON MY SIDE! -*

Magnus Catelo : this kid doesnt need psychiatric treatment. this kid just needs an asian tiger mom.

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler : I was very excited to read the comments

Enrique,s savage gaming : If I say get out my room to my Mom or my dad the belt is coming out

Morticia Huntley : The amount of people talking of beating kids who act out like this whether it's their fault or not is disgusting. Beating your kid won't make them respect you, they resent you and disobey you even more. She is very mentally ill, she isn't just your basic child lashing out for attention. I've never seen a healthy kid lash out in such a way as this girl. What she needs is medical attention and love. Not belts and abuse. Plus the people claiming she's like the devils child or possessed by a demon are just dumb as hell. I really hope she can eventually live a happy healthy life. 😭

Jamie Vincent : Thank God this little girl was born by two patient parents. Idk if I could handle it honestly. Idk if spanking would even work.

Peaceful Hooligan : Need a father figure with BALLS there to handle the situation. Her dad looks like a huge vagina.

THESNEAKERADDICT : kid acting like she is in jail for that shamrock shake

Лена Грин : The girl desperately needs our prayers.

Kai_73 : 6:48 holy shit. I thought they were going to euthanize her

Garras Porgratix : This kid definately needs a special need teacher...with a taser to dispel the demons of her tantrums.

Dolphinszz : Strep throat is horrible. This year I managed to catch it for the first time. It started out very sudden. The first couple nights I was fine, I just felt extremely sick. Finally I started burping/belching. One night, my dad told me to drink some lemon water to try to cure it it because it was getting worse. The belching just got worse to the point where it was every single second, it was like I couldn’t take a breath. I had to be rushed to the hospital. We get there, they figure it out. It was strep. They stick a cotton swab up your throat for the test, and it’s extremely painful. Months later, the belching died down but I still got anxiety attacks and stress attacks. Now a few months later and I am perfectly fine, no anxiety attacks, only belching on the condition if I drink any carbonated drinks or such. Strep can have bad effects on people. I hate it.

HENRY THE RC CAR : *Poor child, hope she gets better!* ☹️

Connor Gibson : PANDAS. Two of my cousins have it.

Ellen Philpotts-Troy : what does strep throat have to do with and anger kid?

FinnerFin : I just watched a video about a man who lost both arms and both legs who's still willing to live...and then there's this...

xxNadya xxx : tbh i know she is 'Sick' but i would slap her.

Ziggy : YoU NeEd JeSuS Srsly Tho this gurl scared the SHAT out of me 😳

Haley Goodwin : I. Would. Actually. Take. Her. To. An. Exorist, & allow. The. Priest, to. Do. His. Job, after. Telling. Him, that. I. Think. That. My. Child. Is. Demonically. Possessed, why, & all. About. Her. Behavior, towards. All. Of. Us, &, if. He. Couldn't. Do. Anything, I. Would. Then, have. Her. Tested. For. Any. Disorders, &, if. I. Had. To, I. Would. Put. Her. In. A. Physicatrical. Hospital, as. A. Last. Resort, if. Nothing. Else, could. Be. Done.

Subject YT : I have a little sister who is nearly the exact as this child, she was not born with this sort of problem but it grew through time. My mother told me that: "She was born with language and communication problems." She would scream a lot, hit everyone a lot... She would threaten to kill me (her older sister) and my youngest brother (our 3-year-old brother). My mother would sometimes tell me that she (my sister) needs help, she can't be normal in any sort of way. My sister is now 8 and she still can't communicate well often making up words or resulting in screaming. We often worry about her and in the current state she's in. She's gotten slightly better, but now she's slowly becoming her old self. My mother has told me that she has considered putting her into a psych ward or giving her pills. But we can't afford for her to go through any of that, not do we want to. My father is barely ever with us but when he is, and he goes through my sisters episodes. It would normally result in more screaming, cries and bruises. She's still like this now and we aren't sure what to do with her. She's anti-social my mother says she and the rest of us will slowly of autism.

Skiller4lif3 play : She needs the chancla!!! Hell nah!!

OriginalRice : Now you gotta throw the whole baby away

Hollyann Rose : Things can happen to a kids brain when they become very ill. Poor girl. I hope they're able to help her overcome this.

Nehemiah Howard : good thing she aint black. the belt, ring finger/watch wrist booty slap, and *other* stuff woulda happened


Yhamile Rodriguez : The girl need Jesus in her life. Demons attack the young generation a lot. She need liberation. It is possible all the family need to go church. Possible the little girl watch bad movies, is one way for open doors for bad spirits and demons attack her mind. God protect this family.

THEASSASSINNATER : She just needed her minecraft and roblox back.

Melanie Rose : When I was 4 I didn’t even know how to tie my shoes... this kid knows how to stab someone in the eye with a mascara wand!!!!???? Whaaat?

E drop : As soon as they said she got strep throat...I immediately knew why she started acting up, this wasn't a parenting problem this was a micro-biology problem. (They messed with her 2nd brain while it was still developing)

DHFC Spring Fox : Mom: God give me some advice please! *God has left the room*

SAS- ASMR & N.E Let's Eat Are The Best! : Me: *Sees Video* Kid: WAAAAAAAA! I HATE YOU! I WISH YOU WOULD DIE!!!!!!! Also Me: *Slowly Gets Holy water*

Mya Papaya : Oh no! I hope she gets better...

Isabella C : Watch "Brain on Fire!" There's been correlations to viral contagions that effect the brain, which cannot be picked up by many types of testing! This is very compelling, yet frightening!

Brittney Riley : And don't listen to the people telling you to spank her hopefully yall found a cure I just saw this and I saw myself, good luck

3 13 : Johnny johnny no pappa 😬

Xavier Xavier : Dang, 6 years old and already wants to kill herself

Watch dogs 2 fan : Give her a trauma, lock her outside when DINNER is ready and through the windows you eat the food while she is starving.