Parents fear for young daughter's safety as her behavior changes dramatically: 20/20 Jul 20 Part 1

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Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler : I was very excited to read the comments

Melanie Rose : When I was 4 I didn’t even know how to tie my shoes... this kid knows how to stab someone in the eye with a mascara wand!!!!???? Whaaat?

joyfulcarefulrecklessbrave : This is a classic case of PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infection). I hope that's what she was diagnosed with but I don't have a chance to watch the whole video.

Arianna Wilson : somebody call nanny mcfee

Valery Hernandez : Where’s Nanny McPhee when you need her 🤦🏻‍♀️

THESNEAKERADDICT : kid acting like she is in jail for that shamrock shake

Z Tree1 : Childhood germs probably wreak more neurological havoc in the developing brain than we are even beginning to realize.

Maria Eugenia : thats me when my nail breaks

ღGALAXY and SAMANTHAღ : Poor her I pray for her

Kaylin Anderson : It’s PANDAS

Fernando's Randimations : First don't let this girl go into the kitchen to just find a knife and thank goodness this isn't the mid evil days

spreest : I HAVE PANDAS. I WENT THROUGH WHAT THIS KID WENT THROUGH. I lived so many years of my life like this and it is torture, we can't help but act this way. What we need are not labor camps, belts or whatever - we need antibiotics, we need plasmapheresis. Seeing these comments makes me sick to my stomach. When I heard ABC would be talking about this issue, I hoped they could open people's eyes about this issue, but I'm disappointed to see the lack of understanding people are showing here.

Mr.Darkness : Kid throws tantrum. Dad: Let’s try to calm her do- Mom: Get the camera. Make her more mad. Dad: Why? Mom: Gotta make that news report money!

Daniel Whittle : Is she back to normal now because I really hope so

Marcella Robinson : I mean if that was me I woulda just got whooped :/

Brody Penn : They need to visit the legend himself Dr Phil.

joseph colon : Lol only in white families I swear.

Just A Chicken Nugget : These comments..😂😂

Lauren Mickens : People be so scared to beat they kids...

Phanizz : This girl needs to hear Africa by Toto

Ethan Thomas : Yep she’s possessed

Wess Ruiz-Cipriani : Any investigation of sexual abuse at the school ? Someone who can’t express because they haven’t been taught how to explain the problem ? Forced with dramatic abuse teaching the same temperaments especially with trauma.

Min Kai : Jesus parenting has gotten soft I would smack her upside the head or spank her like jeez give her discipline

Bailey Bean : Narrorator: Imagine if this was your family. Me: all you need is a strong belt.

Hollyann Rose : Things can happen to a kids brain when they become very ill. Poor girl. I hope they're able to help her overcome this.

My Nguyen : Jurassic Park #2

Speederman 67 : Take it to the crementation

YUNGDxNTE : that girl need a whooping

alberto chavez : Bad parents.

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : Dang born in 2010 and already this old

Flikked : she hasnt had her twix

Joseph Frayre : Have you tried slapping her face?

Alexis Gugel : If my kid don't do what i tell em the first time i ask him/her i'ma slap em silly.

Alex Garcia : When your child is like that all you need is la chankla works 100%

Derrick Lopez : Class room in choas looks like a crime screen

Okayychelsie uwu : Hit her.

Jay Jones : Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children and hitting them?

Astronaut Mike : How heartbreaking, my friend Jose's child had that. Would say things that were really hard to hear. Leave rooms trashed, then jose started to discipline his child. One punishment for every wrong deed. Little man has started to smile again. He was always so angry. In my personal opinion a slap in the bum and the wrist is in order for very special occations, children will always try to test their parents limits, their boundaries. If you do ever have these issues and want to discipline your child, make sure you keep in mind your child for the possibility that there may be mental problems. Its all kind of case by case with children

Broken Gamer : If child acted like that a would freaken take the belt

Micheal jackson Cool : Screaming kicking

JJS : I guarantee it was the meds. These children's bodies are not designed to process these antibiotics. That or the child is reacting to anger regarding the preschool. Traumatic event in the school? Man, I would go as far as possession.

Kiahra&bolly Vlogs : All she need is a good butt whooping and then she’ll be back to normal

Winter Ens : If I acted like this, my parents would beat the crap out of me 😂. That kid needs to get set straight.

Momma Nats : Where's MADEA??

Ray Mak : Something really bad could have happened to her to result in such drastic change in her behavior.

A CHOSEN VESSEL : She's just a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum everytime she doesn't get her way.

Colin Conway : Time for an abortion

Black Wolf Bowman : Here's a thought: DISCIPLINE HER.

iiexoticii : Get the belt..simple.

simply danLrene : It is Pandas disorder comes after strep