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HiHACKER : *So, what was your score?? How did your headphone performed??!!* Have a great day! Maybe Subscribe For More! (and that notification bell icon, enable it to get notified)

PesMe : this video is scary

234aswe : It is literally not possible to hear a test freq. Over 15000hz on Youtube because the audio compression will not allow it, all u dumb mofos are just hearing either the background noise or phantom vibrations from the residual sound

Avenger_J : Is it me crazy or when it says Stanlees superhuman I can hear a bit but very low

krklovit : 9:00 I Had the Volume on MAX i almost died ;-;

Gold's Abhay : The dislikers hadn't got headphones 😀😀

Agus Fadilah Sani : 15000 Hz i can hear.

Nolan Fernandes : All the JBL users like this comment!

Greenknight : directions unclear got stuck in ceiling fan

Bellagio Ti : mine headphones are shit. Cuts out at 15000hz and 30hz. so sad

Hem Par : I am wearing a headphone where one side doesn't even work

Wholemanatee : This is like brainwashing me

Madhur Goyal : this will not make me deaf ? You sure?

Kinetix : Right...left...center...right...ooo oo ooo...

The Snap. : **throws the headphone**

LinoSkates : I got the headphones from my samsung s9 and their doing really well

Slorky : bass: 35 hz treble: 14,000 hz quality: my headphones are fine, ty very much, but my ears are bleeding. driver: yeah theyre fine but my brain exploded. binaural: sadly i can no longer hear and i replaced the remains of my brain with a potato

Longski Cllint : How Did You do that thing That the sound passes to my ear left to right?🤔


Zun3t : Bass: 15Hz Treble: 20000Hz Binaural: Yes They are a house of Marley

Yuvraj Singh : My wireless headphones are *cough* *cough* CRAP *cough*

MDX Remix : Song name?

SoarxTrollz YT : My headphones are amazing I could hear everything till he started taking again I’ve got skull candy head phones

Forgotten Man : This video somehow gives me goosebumps

Alpha Breaker : It's a ear torture, like if have you good heap hones it's the worst(for your ears)you can expect.

Jonathan Alvarez : I listened to this in beats.. wow

YOloBoyKiTTy MC : Why i get scared when i hear the very high pitch sound XD

XxArjun MxX : try and talk through it, u sound like a robot

waowolf : Iphone earpods are pretty good ayy

SATYAM KUMAR : In between excellent and remarkable by a 1 dollar earphone😂😂

TRELISE Adams : This kinda mad my ears warm🤣

Hi I'm your mom : *-1 brain cell*

Mr. Cool G.U.Y : *I started hearing from 15091Hz.*

Mikhail Qazi : I could listen till 10 HZ and also i could listen till 19132

CHRIS EMMANUEL EMPEYNADO : My mom's been calling me and i thought it was part of the music..

Karl Gutmann : What song was it? The oo oooo oooo?

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Who is doing this in october 2018

Harsh Chauhan : Well keep the headphones aside the sounds are going to make me deaf. Who the hell sound higher than 150k Hz. Its crazy dude

Michael Sal : My ears itch lol

Cameron Billingsley : Moving my head to left when it said “left” and right when it said “right”

XxArjun MxX : i thought there was a helicopter on the roof

MongerMeSideways! : Someone said humans can’t hear below 20Hz I must be an alien with my QC35 II

Derrick Perez : Do earbuds count? Lol no failures here


Eabha Parkinson : I had it at full volume on my ear and he started talking(my phone) cause I couldn't be bothered to walk down the the 16 steps of the stairs to get them

Spandan niroula -Mobile gaming : DAYUM I AM NOT A HUMAN I HEARD 10 ON THE FIRST ONE AND UPTO 20000 Hz on the second one

Sister SnAtChEd : 2 things i learned my headphones work great my hearing doesn't anymore

BI and WI : My headphones bass test was 35 Hz

Amarat : I find the bass so calming...

AYMAN BELRHOUZI : Passed all tests successfully with my old Yamaha Deepbass 😁😁😁✌️✌️