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HiHACKER : *So, what was your score?? How did your headphone performed??!!* Have a great day! Maybe Subscribe For More! (and that notification bell icon, enable it to get notified)

Agus Fadilah Sani : 15000 Hz i can hear.

Akz : My earphones blew up 😂

Billy Casper : *Why is the camera in the back moving so much ?*

EZ meh : I did'nt hear anything Oh wait,forgot to turn on my volume

Termy : Good news! My headphones work! Bad news! My ears don't anymore!

Wholemanatee : This is like brainwashing me

Wolf Gaming : I had to take mine off a couple of times cause I thought they would blow up 😂

XxlιlмαмιxX XxlιlмαмιxX : Tbh I felt like throwing up when it got to high pitch because it scared me and bothered and I got dizzy it made me feel sick. Lol


nascarsimracing1 : My sennheiser 598 cs went all the way down to 10hz, and had no buzz, and at really low frequencies, I heard it more in my left but then at higher frequencies it recentered. But keep in mind I shot a .357 magnum short barrel revolver with NO HEARING PROTECTION, and afterwards my right ear was ringing for awhile. I think the lower bass sounded more to my left bc that .357 magnum shot damaged my hearing. These sennheisers are amazing.

TMCG : My earphone max frequency is 20hz

XxlιlмαмιxX XxlιlмαмιxX : Iv got good quality headphones I recommend y’all get some ‘’Philips’’

Mr Unknown : Hey bro give me the template!!!

Potatosayno : 1:27 I wear Kraken Pro headphones and at this point it turned into a vibrator XD

rajat syal : B/w remarkable and excellent

MDX Remix : Song name?

Thea : 1. I can hear until 42. 2.Around 150,00 3. Quallity went good 4.its ok but my right ears headphone is better?? 5.not really 6. left side is better than any. 7.147.000

MBH10 : Please tell that song with the one right and left pls tell if your online pls i beg you i so happy to here that song

DestroyerJ69 G4L : my headphone 15000hz

Jacopo Nucci : How can I edit this kind of music video with this special effects (waves for the bass) ? Thank you!!!!!!

YOloBoyKiTTy MC : Why i get scared when i hear the very high pitch sound XD

Hacker Pro : Bass full 10 Treble 17000 Quality some buzz at start and end Drivers matched Realistic sounds? Yes Drivers are good ( not opposite ) What the heck is modulator ? Felt wierd. Bass boost can be heard . Start hearing at 15000 Hz Sound isolated ~ wireless Boult q

Marf Marf Random : Mine did 👌 perfect! I have turtle beach headphones 🎧 🐢 🏝

NONA 4 : I can hear 15000 hz

Jelly Jelly441 : I go 22

Prince Kaelos : OOO OO OOO Edit: thx for the likes =D I wish my videos has that many likes.....:/

Random gaming : i could hear at 12 hz!! then i can also hear at 20k HZ

NONA 4 : Afer 40 hz i can't hear

RestInPeaceXXX : mine stopped at 20 hz treble at 15000 (duh)

Alizzz 255 : 26Hz 20kHz Эхэııэит

Appliar SVK : Am I a weirdo when I don't want this to end?

Yung Sled : 19 hertz biach


Lucky Block : PASSED IT WOO

Thome90 : youtube compresses...whar is the point of this video if it isnt in HD available so we get 192 kbits/s minimum?

アマデウス : I can hear up to 15,000 Hz

Miicro : Nokia ear phones are beast

Spegasis L-Drago : 15000hz

ItzEnderGDツ : 1:50 EarRape

Mighty Phoenix : 15000 hz

jos john : My headphone passed all the test but I passed to heavan

Akshay Desai : My earphone reached 30 hz

Chittaranjan Das : I kept the first aid box near me before watching the video.

xzeriscape : AirPods get to 50

Dev_Galaxy : 15,000, hrtz, plus I have Bass boosted headphones so Lol

Toby plays retro : Speak when the bass is playing ;)

Mosti Dfour : its so loud im gonna die lol

farrel awsome gamer//Farrel army of gamer : RECMENDED JBL

Rexy Axy : Hey HiHACKER could you give me the song that you used in the video for the left right center thing?