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Dawid5796 : its officially a sin if you give dislike

Sebastian Thurmond : Mine passed all the tests perfectly XD

tricky dicky : Haven't got time to comment, I'm off to the doctors.

TheOfficialR0B : wtf when it says right on the screen its louder on the left of my headphones and the left on the righ... oh wait

Jianjun Li : What if it is my hearing that I can't hear shit.... Not the headphones

Jack Zybutz : Mine gave out at 15k :(

Dripzone : 15k for Sennheiser CX 5.00G

Rishabh Loomba : Hi grandma.

GawdzillaCraft : Mine went till 19k and 10 at the bottom. I have 300$ headphones though. I got 115 on that test at the end :)

ThatBritishDude Fan : Somebody tell me why this sounds like the drill at the dentist 😂 4:15

I love biking : My AirPods liek turned off at 15k then I turned them up and the sound cane back

random no one : 25hz-15.5k to 16k on superlux hd668B headphones.. 35€ = 45usd or something like that :) no any issues during the test.. means its worth the money?

BreeZyFlare : I legit feel like this is gonna break my headphones lol.

デーモン I šκч¢øđeяđeν : Sony wh1000xm2 best headphones ❤

L31RD : 40Hz, I’m getting razor now

Tri jaka pamungkas : hahaha lol those random weirdos below wait, am i one of them? anyway mine got at 15k Hz

Bi6 M4N : 15k on 110 on meter reader

kitten musketeers : What's the song at 5:50

ഠഠഠAy Carambaഠഠഠ : My cheap miniso passed all tests 😎

Ruairi Drumm : 30

Devin Wu : Mines went to 15k

Immanuel Eichelberger : super nice and good 👍

Red XeRaK : I have the taser kraken pro v2 and on the first test I got down to 16 hz on the second test it dropped in volume at 16k and went to 20k

Some may call this junk me I call them treasure : Bass test=10hz Treble test=20000hz Quality test=no buzz Driver matching=slightly no deviation Binaural sound=idk, yah kinda Center=THATS TRIPPY👌👌👌GREAT Bassboostwherblahblah=yah ok my ear hurts Hearing test=excellent

Cynder Winter : Does it feel good to anyone else when the sound switches from ear to ear? 😍

KICK THAT BUTT Funny Videos : Damnnnn my only went till 15k 😤

Travis Ehlers : I was at 15k.. Maybe I need better headphones for a more accurate test. I'm using my Sennheiser HD 598SE's today.


Shardul Birje : Bass test 23hz

papi cz : What Is that song ?

Bj Sabum : Song name? please.

Mr. SFMer : My headphones working from 30hz to 15000hz, lel, its samsung

Vishal : My headphone was pass your all test.i just wanted that someone make video like that and u make it my bro like ur video so much thanks for the video😎👍

S J : My headphone sucks now for these video

DogPlayz Gt : whats tath music on 8:40 ?

DarkEnder YT : What song?

Jimmy Chafloque : I felt like my head was going to explode on some of these.

Vihkol : I heard on excellnet

Solidario Libertad : Thanks for the test. I heard the sound at Excellent level.

BlazingAlex 21 : ooo oo ooo

PineappleGaming Apple : Lol i just blasted my sounds and i passed

MCPE Guy : What's the music at first? Till 30 sec

the_gamingbox : 15000 Hz was my score and my bass in the headphones worked pretty nice! i got the razer kraken neon blue version

Beefy : I can’t hear anything Oh wait I’m deaf

EpicgamerTheOnly that guy : ooo oo ooo

EpicgamerTheOnly that guy : i stoped at 12 xd

Ivan Thompson : Yes! 115!

Me is Giraffe : So apple earbuds are actually pretty good

Kwaneezy Teezy : I passed it all headphones $60

Chris Storer : Didn’t hear above 13850