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HiHACKER : *So, what was your score?? How did your headphone performed??!!* Have a great day! Maybe Subscribe For More! (and that notification bell icon, enable it to get notified)

peach y : Ignoring the headache I got from listening this I can say that my headphones are fucking great

Tim Studios : Thx for da fuken earrape m8

Chriss Devano NL : 1:40 jeez...

Srgilo : I just came to watch the images.... 'Cuz I'm *D* *E* *A* *F*

Send Nudes : Send Nudes

Facu King : 15.000 ghz

Nikola Obradovic : just for me it sudently dies at 15 000 but then comes back?

Random Life : Bass: 20hz Treble: 15,000hz (but after 15k, slowly i hear something higher and higher) How it is possible? My headphone: Idk the name of my headphone, but i bought from Miniso. I think it has a surround comp. that really support for musics, and that panning thing, i love it

- : old iPhone 6 earpods: bass: around 25 treble: 15000 and after that the volume was really low quality: perfectly fine perfect in the middle 110 (15000 hz)

NUC3HAZARD : apple air pods: 25 - 15000 Hz razer kraken pro: 10- 15000 Hz

ZNaviHD : bass: 35 hz treble: 14,000 hz quality: my headphones are fine, ty very much, but my ears are bleeding. driver: yeah theyre fine but my brain exploded. binaural: sadly i can no longer hear and i replaced the remains of my brain with a potato

ShibeSpook : I mean my headphones are 350 dollars so they faking gud

JGames : Score 110 with 20 dollar headphones

Kenny Liu : 5:42 ~> On My Own - Elias Naslin

INTRO : Bass : 11 hz (10/10)  Treble : 15097 (7.5/10)  Quality : Perfect!! (10/10)  Driver : Great!! (10/10)  Binaural : Great!! (10/10)  Headphone : Sony MDR-XB75AP

MDX Remix : Song name?

AdictManial : My headphone start to vibrate when the driver matching

STORMRAGE : logitech g35 best!!!

Der Unbekannte : Bass:11gz Trebble:15000 Headphones: Beats Studio 3 special Edition

jessy gomez : ooo oo ooo 😂😂

TMCG : My earphone max frequency is 20hz

Kiowa Craig : Remarkable is that good

CreeperXxtt Hack : Sorry from 10hz to 20000hz

Pepe The Frog : Yhe left and right part killed me😂

Random Life : Note: For hearing sound test, you need a headset that support until 20k hz, that's a little bit unfair for people who don't have it

YOloBoyKiTTy MC : Why i get scared when i hear the very high pitch sound XD

Peter Hechtsuppe : i bought a 25€ bluetooth headset. every test i heared till end every tone :3 <3

Note Hermelin139 : Dam Xbox One Headsets are sooo good; low: 35Hz high 15500Hz!!!!!!!!

Sam Anderson : My 25$ T2 Turbine headphones (Amazon) work flawlessly

Mr. MoDz : I got a brain stock!

Toby plays retro : Speak when the bass is playing ;)

StarGrassEater : Bose QC35II

Arsenic : About 60 Hz not what i expected but that's good!

Stoegi17 : Fake af, it doesn't matter if I use my audio Technica headphones or my mono smartphone speaker

night Fang gang : My were fucking good

DropDealer! : Does Bass boost +100 means 1db?

Aria Wiratanudatar : MY EARRRR

Matt Roelke : 1st one was 40 when it cut out, 2nd was 15000, 3rd was good no buzz, 4th no divination, 5th sounded good, 6th sounded dope and acted exactly as shown! and the last was 15200 when i started hearing it. whats the song at the end??

TheNoobiestPotatoClips : What about turtle beach... My px22 from 2012 Got 11hz and 20K hz... Fk beast

aldi game : What name of song 4:44?


setpopa : I have headphones for 15 buxs but are fantastic

Emil12232335 : 16 hz

c0ldw1nd : It is stupid to upload this video with a max quality of 320p. The second test reduces the volume at 15kHz because the codec used by youtube at this level of video quality is equivalent to 96kbps MP3, that means, that it doesn't support more than 15.000Hz. You should have uploaded it with 4K resolution to have at least 320kbps MP3, which can support up to 20kHz. This test is useless.

Jasper VanSlyke : Omg the Treble test is fucking killing me

Leon Pont : Jbl T450BT is bomb

Jasper VanSlyke : I can go lower then that

Zen vir : Anybody just testing speaker of phone?

Matthew S : Mine did excellent