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Peter McKinnon : STAY TUNED! Pt 2...... Woo!! So hyped!

David Hindin, M.D. : You + Zach King = creativity on crack

It's a Buzz World : Leave it to Peter McKinnon to make a nerf gun war one of the most epic things ever!

What's Inside? : Wow. The only YouTuber office that rivals Dude Perfect in the “fun” category. Incredible.

Claudio Paola : FOR CANADA!!!!

Harshil Patel : I love how you connect with so many creators. ❤️

K Soul : This was so epic! My fiance and I just bought a new house...3 levels....and now I want to have an epic nerf war in it. 🙃 Thanks for the inspiration Peter!!!

Katie Weinhold : Peter & Nerf?? *_Why isn’t this trending yet?!_*

Mr IY : Peter! If you just got 1 minute to spare I have made *The One Minute Monsoon Movie* 🌧 I am sure you'll love it❤

Tyler Neely : Favorite Video yet! Shocking I know because it has nothing to do with cinematography at all!

This Little Critic : Woah that’s a crazy collection. I thought I had a ton.

NicksFort : Love how the nerf battle zone is filled with flags and scrims LOL

Brian Tromp : Pete you are tired because you are the older person in there LOL

K Soul : Just the title and thumbnail alone has me HYPE for this video!!!

Oliver J Hughes : I only watched because of the *5 Camera angles*

Andrew Hynes : Probably one of the best Peter McKinnon vids of the year!! @PeterMcKinnon

Trae Robrock : You post and nerf is in the title, I click it right away.

Average Cameron : Oh Man, now I need to go buy some nerf gear and built a fortress

Zaber Ansary : Saw the bts on Zach's Facebook Page like 3 months ago

John TL : Squad!!!!!

Fayssal Vlog : Amazing bro 🔥🔥

preet : Zack and peter... Holy shitt!!!!

CallMeLexis : Notification squad?

whatsupdate : Peter if you are still in SoCal you should try filming the Holy Fire from a vantage like Aliso Viejo ... might catch the sunrise in the smoke

Pinnacle Of Man TM : Everytime I see Zach on camera my brain is ready to be amazed haha

Craig Media Productions : Foreshadow.... lol

Depression Talks With Immanuel : The personalities of these two is just awesome:]

Nick Jameson ASMRtist & BLOGGER : omg this is a dream 🤯❤️

Jay Malone : This was one of the most fun Peter McKinnon videos I've ever seen! Way to go!!!

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : I'm so jealous lol seems so fun.

Chris Brockhurst : that hotel room looks like a living room!

Zottjes : Hi Peter

AdventureSportFlashlights : Peter Peter Nerf War CHEATER!!! LOL!

Sped Spedding : Stopped watching at about 1:11 the video really won’t get much better than that. Absolute rockstar! 🤘🏻😂😂😂😂😂

Andrew Power : KITTY!!!!!

Warren Urbexing : yes yes yes zach king is a legend i have been watching his creations for years amazing editing skills love this

Benny Qibal : Heyyy 5 videos/week please!!!

Kevin Li : Early Peter is good Peter

Snarfunderfoodle : Two of my favorite YouTubers collabing, is this Christmas?

Modern Slice : nerf So you use photography as a way to gain an audience traction and you go from that to nerf wars? Who's your audience? Kids? There's a pretty interesting r/photography post about you right now. You should go check it out for some perspective.

HasBasBros™ : 10..9.. 8..7...6..5.. 4...3..2..1..SUBSCRIBE!!

Younes MakhLouk :

UniSquad : Awesome I love your videos.. One day I want to become like you..

Detroit Dart Club : I know you’re not looking to do a Nerf channel but I’d totally fly you out to Detroit for a Nerf war in a 100 yr old industrial warehouse. No zip lines though..

Sammy B Videography : That is a cool office! :-D

Connor Garr : Always love the crispness of your b roll. Tyrna get my videos to look so crisp with that editing and great coloring too!

Tacticool_Taryn : Peter I’m gonna you two tips... 1. Don’t run with your finger on the trigger 2. Stop putting the gun down, keep it up by your face so you don’t have to bring it back up to take a shot. May you be victorious 🙏🏻

Life Probe : I loved that part you called us FORKS while eating with your FORK😂😂😂

CK Films : You were in San Diego?! That's where I live!

Rise : Who else has Nerf Guns at their office too ?