Norm Macdonald 'The Moth Joke'

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Alex Johnson : When you expect a joke but you get a Dostoyevsky novel

Nick Zec : An underwhelming punchline has never been more hilarious.

Jacob Harris : Norm telling a moth joke: fantastic joke with funny subversion at the end Millennials telling a moth joke: L A M P

TheMILFandCookies : Aw, that guy...nah, that guy...nah, wait til you hear me do it.

cafeplaygames politica ELEIÇÕES 2018Votara em quem? : ''wait until you here me do it''

Sam D : The cold took her down, as it took many of us

paul cheney : One of the top five jokes ever

p0rq : This was the first Norm joke I ever encountered. I didn't get it. The algorithm suggested more of his content to me over time, and I watched more and more of it. I come back now and this is hysterical.


Gregoro Evalinolilovich : I hate you too dad

Saucy Gonzalez : YOU ARE CORRECT.

Crescent City Kid : The audience is applauding Norm for trolling Conan for three minutes on broadcast TV. I love the way he cracks up Conan just by saying "What?"

Ryan Grossman : And my other boy...Gregarro

DeadlyBeard Gaming : Just a heads up to anyone who wants to tell this joke in person, it works way better when you are drunk, most sober people can not pull off that brilliant comedic timing Norm has, but if you are genuinely slurring and losing track you still get that great payoff from the punchline

John Galt Speaking : "I no longer love him"

mrfalconpuch123 : The way he looks at Conan after he tells the punchline😂

W A K E A N T H E M : So Norm... Wut?

DaltonThomas : I love this dude. He genuinely doesn't give a damn. lol

Voices and Visions : This is like a non-dirty version of the Aristocrats. The joke is in the telling itself. Instead of being subjected to vile, abhorrent imagery for 4 minutes, you just have to sit there and listen to the verbal equivalent of watching grass grow. I honestly wonder if Norm ever thought, "how can I tell a version of the Aristocrats on TV?"

SpotFest : This is a very old joke that has been told countless times by so many comedians over the years but none of those came close to Norm's delivery. I did a bit of stand up when I was younger and the best advice I ever received was "don't focus on finding a great punch line, Focus on your delivery." It really doesn't matter what you say, The humour comes in how you say it. Delivery is 90% of comedy and Norm understands this better than most.

FranchiseLove : Feeling like a spider even though I’m a moth

Wholesome Youtuber : Norm started the moth memes

Thomas Grant : "He Says Doc"

Matthew Patz : I love how Norm threw in the "..and I walk here and there" bit to momentarily make it seem like the moth was actually supposed to be seeing the Podiatrist

Ninjagoboi : *YOU ARE CORRECT*

Lynn Turman : Those poor, bleak, snow ridden, siberian moths...

James Pawson : ... I am literally crying with laughter right now. Norm is just brilliant!

Retro Mammoth : 1:10 - and the Pediatrist's office says "What's the problem?"

BKSF1 : holy shit that's a good joke that I'll NEVER be able to tell right

Gergő Hahn : I've seen this clip two years ago and I've been telling this joke to my friends ever since. I know there are a few versions done by other people as well, but Norm's interpretation (adaptation?) of this joke is by far the craziest, ballsiest and greatest of all. Almost no other joke can touch Norm's version of the Moth Joke.

Jairaj Patil : I came for the *lamp* bröther

In His Service : Genius comic. Perfect timing and build to the punchline which is so stupid that it is hilarious.

Ulysses432 : Leave it to Conan to muck what would have been perfection. Conan, bless his heart, is at the heart, a comedian first and therefore cannot help himself if he thinks he can get a laugh. The problem is, he's next to a Master and Conan's never known how to deliver a punchline, he's only known how to write them. Don't ever interrupt Norm Macdonald in the middle of a slow burn. It's like a cell phone going off at the symphony.

Mike : The irony of this is that moth memes are everywhere now.

JustAintThatWay : Joke coulda used bit more of a setup. He'll hone his craft tho - someday.

Dragonball Gotham : He says Doc....🤣🤣🤣

EddieGuitarz : One of a kind. Brilliant ,, just brilliant

jbot91 : That dirty dog!

Imina Punk : Nrom was years ahead of the meme economy

Chris N : So norm, we're pretty much out of time

Lat igo : I could not care less about the punchline. The development of the joke is just hilarious.

Duality Of Man : I like The Professor Of Logic joke the best. And also, Andy Richter, the Swedish-German.

GuitarxWolf : The genius of Norm McDonald

David May : That glance at 2:39, LOL!

Natural Father : This joke is relevant in 2018

Sock Dong : im just here for the moth memes

Mikey : Thanks again, vinny

guliosh : the original moth meme

Copulaxoxi Ranbooi : The greatest joke ever told by the best to ever tell them.

James Bank : Norm is one of my favorite comedians, first time I listened to this I fell out of my chair laughing, best joke ever!!