Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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Comments from Youtube

HENRY THE RC CAR : How does this guy upload this often and still manages to always have quality content. I applaud you sir 👏

Matthew De Vuono : People who say "Apple take notes." Need to understand Apple will only note the price.

Weslly Labrador : Dell has to be commended on this, "if you won't do it, we'll do it ourselves". And obviously for letting clumsy Linus open up their heaps-of-money new toy.

Nic Hall : Theres a very very quick passing single frame at 1:29 if anyone can spot it. Its literally Linus holding up the laptop.

Szabolcs Mate : When Dell allows you to take apart their latest $$$$$ gadget "live", on camera... It kind of shows what a great reputation you built not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but also in the eyes of the customers. They don't mind the "inconvenience" as they know they will get a fair opinion that the customers will take seriously. Well done Linus! Honestly.

Sad Aesthetic : This channel is such a rip off of Linus Cat Tips. Delete your account.

Felipe Oropeza : that thermal compound application though

Intelligence Injection : That employee guy is just a slave bee they send to the conference, he’s not even an engineer and he doesn’t know anything profound

Buddha BlessYou : I stopped buying modern laptops for a reason they have CPU and GPU bloody soldered into Motherboard making them completely inupgradable, but thanks Dell changed this

Where Nerdy is Cool! : That's amazing they let you dismantle that beast to show off the inside....I hope they got it back together!

Arturo Tabera : So the CPU is not TDP limited at all!?

SinikkaL : I know people are gonna freak out over the price, but damn. That is one impressive piece of tech right there.

t jones : maxed out right this moment around 5500$ USD

RowdyOwly : #11 ON TRENDING, GJ LINUS! Alienware should really sponsor you

Pran J : Lvl 30 ROG Mothership Laptop Lvl 100 Aleinware's Upgradable Laptop Lvl 99999... Soulja Boy's gaming laptop *Thats how laptop Works* 🤷🏻‍♂️

xyzHero : Dam everybody wants Linus at their booth showcasing their product.

Clay Kann : I bet the temps are insane! My msi ge75 with a I7 8750 gets pretty warm. I cant imagine this beast!

David : The thermal paste.... oh god

hellcat1988 : FULLY UPGRADEABLE! As long as dell comes out with a better graphics card that will work with the motherboard and the new cpu works with the old chipset. LMFAO! Best dam joke I've ever heard.

marcopolo208 : I think the whole room was just watching Linus tech tips live. That shows how great of a guy he is.

alfredoandroid357 : Thanks for the video.. Funny stuff " Yes Linus their is a Fuxxkin I9 processer ..." lol

Durch Laucht : i like how many people are witting in this room, watching Linus opening the laptop xDD


Rospin Casocl : The other "M2.5" label is the screw size lmao

Alan Cheung : Apple: It is not possible to make a laptop with high specs and have it upgradeable so we had no choice but to solder in every component onto a single board Dell: Hold my beer Yes I know this laptop is beefy

Christopher Harvell : exactly why i bought the R5 17 desktop replacement!!!

J Doe : Looks like it still has that sweet Alien keyboard. Love that thing. Thumbs up, Linus. Thanks for the great review!

HUGEGUTS! : Dell/Alienware's site says the max GPU config is a GTX 1080. Is the RTX 2080 TI a future config?

Tcll5850 : bout F-ing time! I don't exactly like how much work you had to go through to get to the bare minimum of things and the 1 piece heatsink but DEFINITELY a move in the right direction for once! :D

Edesh Kumar : He really impressed those girls at the back.

Australian News : No thanks i will stick with the PC tower that you can upgrade in minutes with less pulling apart. Never again will i buy a laptop for gaming.

StaelTek : RTX 2080 TI and 6GB GDDR6? Something is clearly not right here

James Doble : Compared to this POS Apple I am using that has a soldered hard drive inside. FML

Game Hunt103 : Everytime he waved that screwdriver over the mobo, my heart skipped a beat. Literally.

J.G Jonny : *More like a portable desktop*

Jamie Stewart : got to say linus really is a pro a this stuff. great technical knowledge and really great speaker

potos thecardinal : KUDOS to DELL for allowing you to do this! :D KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LINUS and TEAM

lucifil : I know this is sponsored by D-Brand, but iFixit is alos totally getting a lot of free exposure!

Theodor Samoladas : Tightly packaging great components is of no use when you realize afterwards that the CPU is throttling down in any workload over 20%

Top Surge : Alienware: Upgradable Laptop Intel: next-gen processor requires next-gen socket

Mii Meee : full CPU, but 1/2 ass GPU? makes so much sense.... lol

graybandit : As a constant laptop user, this announcement was the highlight of CES. Thanks for the super early teardown, I'm hyped for the release.

cody 3629 : the person that made this lives next to me

William Rogers : User Upgradable GPU's i smell a MSI coming on here with the GPU upgrade trick.

Doge_the_Almighty : -replaceable cpu -replaceable ram (FOUR RAM SLOTS!! Very important.) -replaceable video i/o ports (for the gpu) -replaceable dedicated gpu. -alienware -alienware graphics amplifier WHAT DIMENSION DID I WALK INTO!?!? I know that the Clevo W650kk1 has almost as much features as this unit does but, I'm kinda gonna have to give it to alienware on this one. Though the price tag does keep me at bay sooooo... yeah.

SMaze17 : We want benchmarks!!! Great video yet again Linus.

BackFire HDYA : Much more complicated to upgrade than CLEVO, which already have had 4 DIMM/MXM Graphic Card for years. BUT DELL's new design really make laptop graphic cards more like those on desktops. Great work Dell! The rest is to re-assemble what Linus left behind and make this a new industrial standard :)

Dafaq_U Meen : Oh god Linus, Be careful! Don't drop it. Lol

Data_Phile : It's like belated Christmas for linus, getting to open that laptop.