Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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Anirban Goswami : Aww, the lady wanted to clap at the end. :D

HENRY THE RC CAR : How does this guy upload this often and still manages to always have quality content. I applaud you sir 👏

Weslly Labrador : Dell has to be commended on this, "if you won't do it, we'll do it ourselves". And obviously for letting clumsy Linus open up their heaps-of-money new toy.

Matthew De Vuono : People who say "Apple take notes." Need to understand Apple will only note the price.

Sad Aesthetic : This channel is such a rip off of Linus Cat Tips. Delete your account.

Where Nerdy is Cool! : That's amazing they let you dismantle that beast to show off the inside....I hope they got it back together!

Nic Hall : Theres a very very quick passing single frame at 1:29 if anyone can spot it. Its literally Linus holding up the laptop.

Don't Read My Profile Picture : I don’t want much for my Birthday, I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved! Wishing you a Good Day!

Buddha BlessYou : I stopped buying modern laptops for a reason they have CPU and GPU bloody soldered into Motherboard making them completely inupgradable, but thanks Dell changed this

Felipe Oropeza : that thermal compound application though

Doge_the_Almighty : -replaceable cpu -replaceable ram (FOUR RAM SLOTS!! Very important.) -replaceable video i/o ports (for the gpu) -replaceable dedicated gpu. -alienware -alienware graphics amplifier WHAT DIMENSION DID I WALK INTO!?!? I know that the Clevo W650kk1 has almost as much features as this unit does but, I'm kinda gonna have to give it to alienware on this one. Though the price tag does keep me at bay sooooo... yeah.

SinikkaL : I know people are gonna freak out over the price, but damn. That is one impressive piece of tech right there.

Joey Tribbiani : The thermal paste.... oh god

Axillax : Big thumbs up to Dell n Alienware for letting you take the thing apart on the show floor! Very cool of them to let you do that.

hellcat1988 : FULLY UPGRADEABLE! As long as dell comes out with a better graphics card that will work with the motherboard and the new cpu works with the old chipset. LMFAO! Best dam joke I've ever heard.

J.G Jonny : *More like a portable desktop*

Hok Man : now if DELL could just make a reliable product and fix their terrible customer service that would be a FEAT!

Arek R. : *$5000 for a laptop with a 1080p display* *LET THAT SINK IN*

xyzHero : Dam everybody wants Linus at their booth showcasing their product.

Goblin Slayer : *So how much souls do I need to sell to satan again ?*

Dave & Memers : This is the future, a pioneer in technology, but at the same time, we need you to upload Petscop 2!

Need help : But the question is why will you upgrade this thing.

James Doble : Compared to this POS Apple I am using that has a soldered hard drive inside. FML

The Wolfiet : this is incredible, ACTUAL upgradable graphics. IN LAPTOPS.

Airoah : Editors did an *OOPSIE* 1:29

Henry Atkinson : 32 gb sodimms are a thing already. Thinkpad P52 and P72 has it.

Norbert Orlik : 6gb of gddr6? only? in 2080ti? say whaaaaat

vincent castro : one nipple ah ah ah 2 nipples ah ah ah 3 nipples oh hell no!!!

Flash Fire : This is nothing new, my 2013 Alienware 17 is the same, I've already changed the GPU from an 860 to an 880. It can take 700 to 900 NVIDIA cards easily & even a 1070 with some modification to the heatsink. The CPU is also changeable though I believe it's only with other mobile CPUs.

marcopolo208 : I think the whole room was just watching Linus tech tips live. That shows how great of a guy he is.

Meteor Media : Wait. So you’re telling me that the gpu is on a pcb with a proprietary standard. Dell is going to charge an arm and a leg for upgrade modules... Afaik MSI tried to offer the same service a couple of years ago but it failed because upgrades were stupidly expensive.

chrcoluk : I upgraded the cpu on my 10 year old asus laptop, granted the choice of cpus I had was much lower as is less mobile sku's but I still did it, also it was way easier to access the socket than this laptop. But of course I could only upgrade as someone was selling the chip as a spare took out from another laptop, typically you cannot buy laptop cpus on their own, so looking at it from that point of view this is good.


Ярослав Богатый : Кто ходит в школу лайк

TheTechCrimson : I was completely distracted by the chair with lights in the background.... Anyone else?

Samuel Lynn : Yep, that looks like a Dell thermal paste job. $100 says if you clean the CPU and re-apply AS-5 you'll drop 20 celcius.

Daniel Rooney : Where's the video about the chair in the backgrouns?

Triggered_Atheist : Hooray! A non-cancerous video and channel found trending. Today is gonna be a good day!

Stijn Algoet : This is Linus at his best 😅 His enthousiasme is so contagious!

Alan Cheung : Apple: It is not possible to make a laptop with high specs and have it upgradeable so we had no choice but to solder in every component onto a single board Dell: Hold my beer Yes I know this laptop is beefy

Lil Pumpkin : I want it can I buy it at the dollar store?

Durch Laucht : i like how many people are witting in this room, watching Linus opening the laptop xDD

Nc Dogra : I think it's not from earth

Jassem Ahmed : Linus looks like he hasn't had sleep yet

pr0xZen : *You guys need to hand the dbrand Prism over to the least phone-techy video-cleared person on your team, and have them clean the screens and apply it to a few phones.* Let us see if the protector and applicator really holds up to its promises. Also do blind tests around the office comparing feel to glass protectors. *If(!)* precise and bubble-free application is actually as easy as they claim, this thing needs way more promotion.

Dadric Riggs : I need some help guys. What messenger do you reccomend to store a thick 17.3" MSI GT73 laptop. I'm looking to carry it daily, and still house headphones, mouse, charger etc. Thanks

Hans611 : thats incredible they let you do all this

10k subs with 1 autistic video : looks like a new samsung s 7 model

Ярослав Богатый : *я начальный блогер*

Szabolcs Mate : When Dell allows you to take apart their latest $$$$$ gadget "live", on camera... It kind of shows what a great reputation you built not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but also in the eyes of the customers. They don't mind the "inconvenience" as they know they will get a fair opinion that the customers will take seriously. Well done Linus! Honestly.