Ask Adam Savage Anything: Biggest Explosion?

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Max Maker : More stories like this please!!

fartzinwind : My life is a lie... my world view has been torn to pieces. The grumpy walrus faked his scene... shocked.

The GentlemanPirate : "We broke three rental cars with that one explosion." He sounds so proud.

NightSprite : Always did wonder if any rental companies were just like "Nooo-pe" when the Mythbusters became came across an order.

mwmnmwm : something to chuckle about the next time the show is coming on,, running to see that scene.

Tim Lewallen : Adam watching the rocket sled is the best reaction shot from the series.

Bradley Lauber : I know Adam wasn’t there, but the non-dairy creamer explosion on Mythbusters was massive!

Distinguished Patron : Good on Adam for making a lame predictable question interestingly valid.

Elric : Epic revelation. 💣💥😲

velcrorex : What's with all these mini videos. Why not put them together?

iceygamingrulez : Just watching this reminds me of mythbusters BTW when is the new season coming.

Marshall R. : @anyone asking for the full panel its on tested-premium for 40bucks a year maybe have a look at the description folks~

x9x9x9x9x9 : While I knew the answer I didn't know the Jamie thing. WOW

Cameron B : #SaveTheExpanse

ShuhDonk : That is what ruined Mythbusters imo, one boring explosion episode after another. The show was so good when it was building stuff and doing experiments.. Then the producers had the bright idea (I assume it was the producers) that we need to have big explosions every episode.

Last Laugh : When i saw the thumbnail i thought he looked like Jeffrey Dean Morgan

ENDSEEKER : Sure, put the full panel show behind a pay wall for only those with money to spare.

Xavier Hung : I think the 22,000 feet fall was the biggest explosion

MARK LOCKWOOD : One of my favorites and biggest all you hear is doosh no more cement truck.

Lucas : Please release the whole video in one piece, all these snippets really break the atmosphere Adam so masterfully creates at each one of those

Robin : My big question would be; Amongst all the revelations, and all the tests, and all the unexpected experiments, what was the biggest lightbult moment?

Nilguiri : 1:40 Jamie and *me* Sorry, I can't help it.

ImpatientTurtle : My whole life is a lie, Hynemans a regular Danial Day Lewis.

Backroad Junkie : You know, if someone lit a match during their fart show, it could have rivaled the cement truck...

jam Sandwich : 1001 cement truck explosion!!!! where can I see it?

Doug Graham : Adam and Jamie are great guys. Definitely make it a point to meet them if/when you can ;)

Baguette1 : should have gotten repair shop reaction lol

slysnake96 : I love these, "Ask Adam" stories :)

only257 : awesome

Herr Von Sinnen : i love these ama episodes! i hope there are a lot more to come.

1la5 : More things like this, ama or just Adam in the cave telling storys could be wery nice :)

Andreas Köberl : 144th

AmyAnimates11 : Whoop!

The God Emperor of Mankind : The biggest explosion was in my panties when that cement truck went boom.

Teyhetyh Btynhten : Give the whole q and a. Rationing it like it's solid gold

Fckvwlz : Second?

llamapi3 : Why is such a smart guy so dumb about his politics?

Pandaro : First sorry