Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL!

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WATCH: Keyboard Cat meets Grumpy Cat! - Keyboard Cat is the coolest cat in the World! This is the Original video that started it all! Watch more Keyboard Cat videos at ! Download at iTunes NOW! BUY COOL KEYBOARD CAT STUFF:* Cool stuff at:

Comments from Youtube

Flinch : "WhO's StIlL wAtChInG iN 2019" NO ONE CARES Edit: Apparently, people do care. This has been brought to my attention because of them spamming "I care".

Brandy Cichoracki : “ if it weren’t for cats, YouTube as we know it wouldn’t be a platform.” -theodd1sout

UnrealGalaxy : this video was originally taken in 1984, or 34 years ago. RIP dead meme.

Matches_Malone : Oh come on, how could anyone dislike this

Leoreo : R.I.P. :(

Gherkin Putnam : Why does the first part make me think about life: the adventures we will have, the very happiness of our society. The sadness, hatred, love, and death we will go through. A cat on a piano made me think about that. b o i

izzygameingcat : Such heartbreak to this legend pass to heaven

James Cedillo : The founding father of memes and viral videos. Respect+1000

XxAngel The dog 2Xx : He protecc He attacc But most importantly... *he play da piano*

Robert Birtch : RIP, Bento. Hope you're having fun with Gabe.

General r3tard : Remember when everyone went crazy over this

Vilmer Andersson : REST IN PEPPERONI :( 1 like = 1 Day of keyboard cat back to life

tortuga388 : Keyboard cat will live on forever.

Virus Assassin : Docter: you have 55 seconds to live Me: plays this

The Playinghand Show : This cat evolutionized viral videos. RIP kitten

Kromium : The cat was a paid actor

I play fort night and am cool!!11!!!!!1 : Doctor: you have 55 seconds to live Me:

oshawott man : Yo hice una resmaterisacion de vídeos se llama el Gato GT

TOO MAD TO EXIST YT : R.I.P you will be missed you look so cute too much tears man TOO MUCH I love this Seriously man why did he have to die he’s so cute

Eduard schremf : to whoever disliked this masterpiece. I hope ur sleeves roll down while u r washing ur hands...

Ian Venegas : 1 Year And 1 Week Since His Death Rest Well Little Cat We Miss You. This Comment Just In Case Was Posted March 15, 2019.

Yeti Tubbie : R.I.P Fatso (1984 - 1987) and Bento (2009 - 2018) They are still playing keyboards in heaven. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Beary Awesome Gamer : Back when YouTube was AMAZING and now its full of clickbait and fortnite

sr.quesito : A 14k peluchines no les gusto esto :v

Guuji uwu : I’m trying to find a comment from 2007

ursidebish : Ahhhh, I remember this cat being so famous!! When I was little I thought this was real😭😭😂

Matheus Henrique Lemos de Oliveira : This is the original bongo cat

Mr. Kat King : Ah, the good old days when kats were loved more on YouTube. How I wish it would come back... RIP keyboard cat, you will always be remembered... a brother always supports a brother...

CrazyChickenDude : 0:22 who else noticed the arm?

Luckyz : Press F to pay respects

rogerina : (Here’s a restart of the other comment, as others could Continue) Press F to pay respect

wa qa : Love ❤️ for Keyboard Cat Forever. All people on earth miss you! Hope the best things to you!

LTU_GHOST : I can’t stop crying😰 He passed to early 🕊

little giggs123 : R. I. P we will miss you keyboard cat 🎹😭🐈

WILLTRL : 2019 anyone? RIP piano cat:(😔

Tošo YT : Oh Keyboard Cat, who will find to replace you!

Jerico Kiko : 2007:Keyboard cat 2019:bonggo cat

VoezX : My Cat really Likes this song 😍

Binyot co. : He’s playing this to god now

timeTgamer : Whoever disliked this is now cursed forever by the spirit of the keyboard cat

Pozitiv : there is a 50 hours non stop of keyboard cat, let's go boyz

-JUVERMAC - : He was a living legend Before he was a legend.. R.I.P

Jr CM : Best Meme of 2007 . Anyone 2019 2007 im so baby. 2019 im so old

Milan Kosovic : 2007: keyboard cat 2018: bongo cat

Bobby Habar : Key Board Cat R.I.P😭

Adrian : I miss this R.I.P keyboard boi you will be missed

Szmaragdowy Koteł : R.I.P keyboard cat (I know he/she died in 80's)

J. Oden : Ahh.. old YouTube may be gone but it will never be forgotten.

toxic. : When this was the biggest YouTube video