It’s A Bomb : Disney's "Star Wars" Is A Financial Disaster

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Lego Story Workshop : I love when you talk Star Wars

Lukas R : I'll watch star wars again when Kathleen Kennedy is gone.

Glenn S : It's Ghostbusters all over again. Make a shit movie, then blame the audience for not liking it.

Comic Book Guy : Disney wants more than SW fans, they want mass-appeal...Trouble is that someone convinced Disney execs that social justice and progressivism = mass appeal... "I know, if we fill SW with bad-ass/powerful females then little girls, young women, soccer moms and grandmas will be buying SW toys, games, merch and box-sets as much as the core fans do...huh?...huh?"

Robert Coughlin : The Chinese openly insulted the movie, calling it "Left White". When an officially Communist nation derides your film as being too far left. . . .

Aliex Fishing : Agreed F whoever worked on thr last Jedi

Hellish Hybrid : When Disney announced they were buying Star Wars I turned to my friend and said: "No good can come of this. This is the end of Star Wars as we know it. Whatever Disney is making, it wont be Star Wars. Not the one we love. Mark my words, in time you will come to defend the prequels, holding them up as 'not so bad after all'. And you will BEG for George Lucas before the end!"

Professor Zoom : Female leads arent a problem. What the movie industry do need to change is that they need to stop turning female leads into Mary sues and stop making male characters get beaten by unexperienced female characters without any explanation of how they did it.

ShellShock794 : As this is EXACTLY why John Wick and Deadpool are doing so great. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

Lucas Miranda : Disney was already set to fail as soon as they made Star Wars extended universe non cannon. Try to use new books and movies to tell the fans what it is cannon, and what's not. All because they don't want to pay writers royalties.

davy heijlands : Spot on bro. Lsst penny I spend on SW merchandise.

This Old Junk : I am a business owner and unapologetic Star Wars fan. I have zero issues with female leads. Ripley, Samus, Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Every female in Game of Thrones, and OT Leia. I do take issue with plot holes and bad writing. For the most part I even liked Rogue One and TFA...but I wish they had done better with a TFA...I had already seen that story. They are bad at their job at Storytelling. I will not purchase TLJ except maybe 10 years from now as an example to my son of how not to write a story. This was the first video of yours that I have seen. I hit subscribe.

Viper3220 : I can't fuckin wait til Solo tanks either man

Joseph Doyen : All Star Wars fans need to make Kathleen Kennedy's firing day a holiday

Mike El : Disney and Lucas film could have made a better movie...but instead they made a movie that was way out of step with what came beforehand...... and Rey attacking Luke Skywalker was so far fetched that I had to shake my head.....we never saw a Jedi apprentice disrespecting a Jedi Master like that.....that alone made the movie trash.

Nathan Martinez : Alex Becker Video> Improving my life by learning Python

MrStropparo : When you hire Human Resources to run a movie studio this is what you get.

darth revan : Bro all Main MALE rolls are sad broken cowards and then all woman are shown to be more logic and strong and when you compare this how it goes Finn broken runing,Luke broken running ,Han solo broken running hello see a pattern????

tenj00 : You probably won't belief this, but this was not about buisness. It was a propaganda movie. And they will not stop for years to come. You will see them loosing money left and right. Hollywood was always first and foremost about propaganda and mass control.

mav4840h : Wow the irony. We all went to this disaster of a fuck up ONLY BECAUSE JUMANJI WAS SOLD OUT! We all walked out when Leia floated through space. Blank stares on our faces. Star Wars, like Star Trek and Ghostbusters is dead to us. Amazing spot on video!

EDM Nomad : Wow. Thank you very much, you're the best 🙏🙏🙏

Joseph Doyen : I am literally going to celebrate when Kathleen Kennedy is fired! I am going to make it an unofficial holiday!

Kent Estes : Alex, I would love to disagree with tell you you don't know what the 'eff' you're talking about...but YOU DO. Disney should have never bought this 'franchise', because they don't have the most important thing required to make a Star Wars movie : Vision. What they have is a desire to make money, and that's The Most Important Thing to them; that's why they will never be able to make a true Star Wars movie.

Logan Wayne : RIP Star Wars...

Hablo Verdi : It is feminism that's the problem.

Chase Reiner SEO : This is gold

The Solmanian : TLJ was all about hating man; making all males look either weak, incompetent, stupid or evil. I went to see it with my sister on opening night (her work had a special screening). After seeing it she was vehemently against her boys seeing the movie, saying it'll mess up their heads and confuse them.

darth revan : This is not star wars listen I don't take this for Canon I stay in Legends canon why?? Because it sticks to a fair for woman and men strong rolls oh yeah and makes much more better messages other than Women are better men are Emotional none Logical really Broken serious???is that ur view of men.lmao

Henrik Nygren : Ideas like feminism isn't even that hard to implement in a movie. The old Star Wars movies did it well with Leia. A lot of old movies actually had strong female characters even though they seldom had the lead role. Then the 90's happened. It seems almost like all this crap today is the backfire from the 90's and 00's. People even seem to have forgotten that strong female characters and good stories was actually not that uncommon. I mean, come on storywriters! Know your own profession fgs!

Solomon Lam : Isn't it ironic, they claim the moral high ground but they resort to name calling to defend themselves. Pathetic.

bagsikdangal : I ain't watching any Star Wars movies until that wicked witch Kathleen Kennedy is fired🔥 I'm more interested in seeing the Meg movie than Solo😎

RealRuler2112 : Ask JC Penny about how alienating your core demographic has worked out...

Robert Getty : when did making over a billion dollars become a financial disaster?

Gunn : I'm a writer and I'm wracking my brain to figure out how the fuck they can fix the whole series. Luke and Han are dead. With Carrie Fisher gone Leia is gonna have to die offscreen. Rey is a boring Mary Sue who no one can honestly root for. Finn is boring as fuck. Really the only character of interest is Kylo Ren. Somehow the movie is going to have to turn in a manner to make Kylo the main character trying to defeat the almighty Mary Sue for this to draw any interest. I have no interest in seeing the next one and they wont be getting any of my money.

Erinn van Wynsberghe : First time here. Liked and subscribed. A little acerbic for my tastes, but the content is cogent and clear, and exuberant, and I highly respect that. Doubling down with confidence and denying culpability seems to be a hallmark of people who claw up to high levels of power in many industries, not just Hollywood. You’ve accurately identified the one reason why Star Wars MIGHT recover — if Disney chooses revenue first. However, if the revenue is sufficient, or if Lucasfilm can spin the story in their favour over the long haul, then the current trend will continue regardless of critiques. Perhaps the real way to change this scenario is to help Disney realize that by continually devaluing the Lucasfilm brand, they will eventually harm the parent company, subsidiaries, partners, and other stakeholders. If people start boycotting the wider Disney community of products and widely announce such, then it might be enough to get the Mouse’s attention and affect change.

Darth Mauling : Totally spot on. It's amazing how the film came out nearly 3 months ago & people are still fired up over the bastardization that Disney/Lucasfilm has wrought over a much (and to some people, once) beloved franchise. I'll probably be one of the silly ones that will go & see Solo, hoping that it be a better than expected movie. Just simply because I love Star Wars. I lived & breathed Star Wars when I was a kid (now a middle aged man) when all you had was the original trilogy.

WyldeBlade Media : OMG this is one of the best breakdowns of TLJ disaster that I have seen on YouTube. Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy have proven to the world that neither of them knows jack shit about making a good Star Wars movie (or even basic, coherent story telling really) so trying to explain things to them logically from those perspectives would be a moot point. But explaining it to them this way in terms of money (the only things Disney really cares about) and financial loss should definitely catch somebody’s ear. You have my attention & respect sir! ✊

Ulysses Quicksilver : At last someone saying the right things about SW after the shite that was TFA I’ll never buy a Disney SW merchandise and stick with GL canon. Disney just shitted on the real fans.

carlos anglas : You have the same sincerity (and swearwords) that a Spanish guy whose nickname is Jiger. He also has a youtube channel and is passionately stating the truths about the disaster RJ and KK have perpetrated with Star Wars, which since Ep 7 I started to call "Star Worse". Sure you wont catch a word of him unless you know Spanish, but maybe you may want to check it out just for fun. Great financial analysis by the way, and I learned a lot from you. Thanks and go on, we need more people like you and people all over the world in every possible language to report on this atrocity.


PlasmaMongoose : You are assuming they are just merely making bad business decisions when there are signs that the SJWs real goals, whether it comes to gaming, comics, movies or Star Trek or Star Wars is to ruin those franchises, that's why they never support those businesses with sales even when they cater to their demands. The lesson businesses need to learn is that SJWs are not your customers and they never want to be, they just want you to submit to their ideology even if it destroys your business as a result.

Ian Vickrey : Good analysis. I never thought I would wish Star Wars to fail, but it now needs to happen. New sub here!

Richard Fox : God damn this was awesome.

SchwarzChicken : I'm not paying anything for star wars until katleen kenedy is fired.

Mao Futah : I will never get excited for another starwars movie

Joe with the flow : In mobile gaming the people who spend money on the micro transactions are called "whales". What this video is saying is that this movie didn't appeal to the "whales" that buy all of the star wars stuff.

Xperte Gamer2406 : The Only thing I have to say, rey didn’t beat Luke in a duel, one Luke didn’t have a lightsaber, two he wasn’t trying

Joshua Rae : Couple things. Since this video more or less focuses on world views and politics let me prefice this by sharing that I am a progressive liberal. That means I study and debate policy choice and have very little to do with this "SJW" culture that everyone is on about. (I think sjw culture is actually very rare in the real world much like authoritarian right wingers but hey I digress). I agree with your main premise. People watch movies for entertainment and not to be politically challenged but you cant realistically separate politics from anything. Perhaps being a more conservative individual, the uneccessary addition of excess feminism etc etc is just a bit more grating than it is to me so I can definitely see where you are coming from. I think they are definitely suffering from being within an echochamber. Secondly, killing Luke was literally the Worst idea ever unless this is all just a lead up to some kick ass Luke tomfoolery in episode 9 that would vindicate it. My thinking is that they have some expectation or resources at their disposal that justified to them that marketing to younger female audiences would pick up once the franchise has gone through some changes and growing pains. I enjoyed your input, but for the sake of mutual respect for one another, could you perhaps lay off a bit on the general disregard for the "left"? You risk alienating some of your audience. Unless of course, you know your demographics consists of conservative types and you are appealing to their need for hateporn. That would be some meta level shit, haha. Later.

TJ347 : I learned my lesson after the fantastic mess that was TFA. Decided right then and there that I would NEVER watch another Star Wars film or buy any Star Wars merchandise, so I didn't need to watch The Last Jedi to know that the franchise I loved was dead. It's now supported by know nothings and people who buy advertising hype, which isn't going to see it last thirty more years.

Cyrus Yoder : after 7 I had problems but they were minor and could be fixed, however 8 did nothing to solve these problems/ made them worse. I can see the Luke they were going for and I'm not completely against it. However it's very out of character and him being depressed for almost the whole movie makes me not want to support it. And since 8 basically deleted everything 7 set up 9 is gonna be crammed. Hopefully 9 will be a good finale instead of a cash grab