It’s A Bomb : Disney's "Star Wars" Is A Financial Disaster

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Chase Reiner SEO : Girls don’t want to listen to metalica at a nail salon HAHA

That Star Wars Girl : Dude I wish they'd play Metallica at the nail saloons lol

Big Daddy : Thank you .... just .... thank you

Shirona ? : The sad truth. And it's a damn shame, because I honestly believe many of the main actors to be talented- but they were given characters with the personality and complexity of a washing board, and serve as mere plot devices. Truly a shame.

Nobu Terashima : I've never seen this guy before...but my god, he speaks to my soul.

Lego Story Workshop : I love when you talk Star Wars

mattaki : This is the video that tells it like it is.


Arturo Pena : just look at what happened with A Wrinkle In Time, stupid disney sjw agenda blew up in their faces, because they took out what made the book a success and did not listen to the audience.

Andrew Nowman : The last jedi is the EXACT reason I dont pay to see movies anymore. Pirate away brothers!

Aliex Fishing : Agreed F whoever worked on thr last Jedi

Thaddeus Lehman : STAR WARS IS OVER. I read every novel. They have ruined the best storyline ever. Like should have married Mara jade, period.

Terri T : I totally HATED the way the portrayed luke, was ridiculous, I didn’t care for this one, and not looking forward to solo, the kid that got to play him, please, harrison CANT be replaced

: - ] : I’m boycotting Solo and IX too. Great minds think alike. Been a fan of SW for 30+ years, but don’t give a crap about it anymore because of TLJ. Guess that makes me a “fanboy”?!?! Lol

Jin : Just compare fan reactions of TLJ and Rebels. Filoni should get the whole franchise.

ladamyre : This video has been out since Feb 15 and it's April 6 now and thumbs up are outstripping downs 4 to 1. Yeah dude, good rant, you nailed it. The "New Star Wars", SJW fans are 20% of the market.

Carlos Ortega : No one wants to change- My Little Pony into Game of Thrones... i spent over $1000 on lightsabres and SW toys for my nephew. After Last Jedi... i bought him Avengers stuff.

Ariel Wainzinger : I watched a pirated version, it was the right thing to do. It sucked, but Disney got no money from my pocket on this one.

Patrick Bateman : I see less screen time of R2, C3PO, Chewie and Luke. Not my Star Wars!

The DORUK : *Both Force Awakens/Farce Engoarges AND Last Jedi were Bad !* We all missed the Extended Timeline and The Prequels; that are masterpiece's now !

steve owensby : Honestly star wars already had one of the best female characters of its decade in princess mother fucking Leia. She was probably the strongest, best female character until Ripley in the 80's. Rai ( ray, rei?) Is not in the league of those two. In the original trilogy Luke made more mistakes and worse at that, than rei did. She should have at least made a mistake and paid for it like Luke did in the second movie.

Damian Thorn : Yep I'm boycotting the movies in the future as well.....I think an active campaign to boycott future Star Wars needs to get trending...Its the only way they will learn this is not working

C Williams : would probably help if they weren’t complete shit movies

David Connelly : That was excellent. Solid business analysis.

davy heijlands : Spot on bro. Lsst penny I spend on SW merchandise.

alex bez : Boycott Solo

Tom B : Thankfully we still have the EU

ULTIMATEGOOSE : whats with the 4.9k dislikes? blind much?

Michael Brown : I thought that Vader and Fett sold the most.

James Brooks : SJWs ruin businesses

DED DOA : The SW movies have always been a must watch in the cinema for me, I remember my boss in my part time after school job in school on my first day told me I could have the day off to see TPM no questions asked before I even asked for it on the day it came out, and for the next 2 films that was it, day 1 to the cinema to watch it. I did the same for TFA, bit that was the end for me, the fact that my nephew thinks the first order storm troopers are badgers summed it up as just one big toy commercial, even more so than TPM, I was honestly expecting to see Fisher Prince mentioned in the credits for costume and weapon design. I could tell from there that the story was less important than the toy sales, not to mention Abhams getting a bit to PC for no reason in his interviews and comments about the movie and casting process. R1 was almost a step forward as at least it dropped the whole PC BS and was a bit less of a toy commercial as it was more gritty, that started to make me think the TFA was just a first try and they were learning from the mistakes. But no, TLJ, even people I know who didn't dislike it say the same thing, Holdo was terrible as was rose, and while they were the only issues they had with it and didn't see what all the fuss was about, it wasn't star wars not by a long shot. I will torrent the new films, Soylo is already shaping up to be bad given the amount of excuse and how defensive many in the MSM are already getting in advance, when you think you have a good product, you don't need to make excuses, and lets be honest Disney should know by now when they have a winner, so if they are making excuses already , you know they have gone down the same path as TLJ, and just assume its SW so will make a crap ton, I just assume its damage control and hope it breaks even. Mind you they have given the person who has done the most damage to the franchise his Trilogy, so maybe they aren't that smart until it really hurts their wallets, which I hope soylo does.

hr1meg : 40 is an old man? LOL you’re going to be dreading turning 40. 😃

Anthony : Feminism is failing! their agenda is based on delusion and hate and is therefore doomed to fail...

ViperGaming : This was hilarious and necessary

Nathan Martinez : Alex Becker Video> Improving my life by learning Python

chucknorris202 : Amen. I started my own boycott the day after The Last Jedi after I got done analyzing it and working past the denial and seeing it for what it was. These are straight up bad people. Dont give them your money. Dont buy their products...nothing with a lucasfilm or disney logo on it. We need to show them exactly what we think of those motherfuckers. And the most effective way we can do that is by killing them financially for as long as it takes.

NapFloridian : This is the first time I watched any of your videos, but I ha r to agree with you 100% Disney killed Star Wars for good... The last movie was so full of shit I felt asleep during the movie, and that means something when talking star wars

Michael Cass : I did not go to force awakens or last Jedi more than once. I WILL NOT pay to see solo. I will watch a boot leg a day later. I was hoping for great movies, but it never happened. So, I decided to not pay for a star wars movie ever again.

Obscure2099 : Rotten Tomatoes doesn't count half star reviews from their users in the total rating. If they did, the rating for TLJ would be....24%.

EDM Nomad : Wow. Thank you very much, you're the best 🙏🙏🙏

Leon Carr : Last Jedi sucked! I should have asked for my money back.

Stourport tropics : I'm not even a meager fan. You guys hold the power you just don't know. Boycott simple till you get you star wars back

Dyav BBall : As this new trilogy no longer exists in my brain. And books are far better. Who can recommend EU book to read to help erase tfa and tlsjw? Great comments below.

Dare To Entertain : Not counting last Jedi (even tho I liked it) they have made 2 really good films and a really good tv show, they payed like $4billion for the rights and force awakens alone made like $2.1billion it’s not a financial disaster. They are not losing money from Star Wars. Yes they could be making more money. And the amount that goes into a film every is traceable. Around 200mill for the film and same for advertising they make that back quite easily. Rogue one over preformed in Disney’s eyes. And last Jedi underperformed because people were outraged and boycotted reseeing it. I agree with your points but it’s the way it comes across that’s the problem. I agree that spear heading yhe franchise to satisfy women is not a good idea. I just don’t agree with the approach u took with this. But the fact that no matter what they do next u gonna boycott it then what is the point to try satisfy u. And I just want to reiterate, I do agree that focusing on a minority demographic (females) is idiotic, but going by the fanrotten tomoates isn’t a good idea, people were organising mass people to giving it 1s make the score lower to make a better story and to fit their opinion. People who liked the fil. Aren’t going to put that much effort in, only hate does that

The King of Nerds : When the force awakens came out I waited in line for an hour and a half for the best seats in the house for me and my friends. They flew in from out of town just to see if with me. But as the movie went on I said to myself, *"OMG, are the prequels better than this!? Gr8!! Now all this sjw shit has even reached a galaxy far far away."* 😒 I gave it a personal rating of 7 out of 10 & 3.5 out of 5. And that was me being nice!

Troy BLARG! : when Luke took his fathers lightsaber in his hands and tossed it over his shoulder like a piece of garbage, that pretty much summed up the rest of them movie. and they they made him say LASER SWORD!

johnny lopez : Lol i loved that they could drop bombs at the beginning of the movie but made Leia float. Whaaaa? Terrible movie..

arklanbk : rey couldv teamed up with kylo, knocked him off and made it peaceful

Lukas R : I'll watch star wars again when Kathleen Kennedy is gone.

GOD : I thought TFA was bad but then I saw TLJ and I realised TFA was actually not a bad remake. Kathleen Kennedy should be fired instantly by Disney. I feel bad for people who have star wars tattoos now they will be prejudiced as sjw's ...