The Balvenie Honors Anthony Bourdain
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The Balvenie was fortunate enough to work with Anthony Bourdain on our YouTube series “Raw Craft”. He challenged and inspired us every day and we miss him greatly.


AZ Dean : Rest in peace, you have changed the way we see the world and ourselves.

joshua pollock : 🙏🏼 damn... I watched him religiously... still sucks and I still can’t believe it

Kevin Almeyda : You are missed, Anthony. Thank you for exposing us to so much we’d never experience elsewhere.

SC457A : I really enjoyed the series with him. As a matter of fact, watching them again.

birddog2017 : Simple and dignified. Nice.

pchewi : Rest in Peace chef. Love from Portugal (O Afonso is still crying you)

Jaime Morales : I miss this man RIP

Sai Skanda : We miss you!

xxacidmv : Thank you for (re)posting this.

Garrett Janssen : I may just have to grab a 12yr Single Barrel

John Smith : We lost a good one.

Czr S : This was simple. Just like Mr. Bourdain's favorite dishes.

Chris Dutton : Thank you! ✌️❤️😁

TechEdFireman : Please find someone to continue "Raw Craft" . It was an informative series, most of which I could show my students.

Linda Van Veen : Love him

Mac McGuckin : Balvenie, you are a class act. Well done and thank you.

ChrisQDinh : Love this commercial! Mad props Balvenie!

Il KS : We miss you Tony 💔