The Best Street drummer in Vegas Hands Down !!!

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MAGIQUE : this would be a great AD for Henessey haha, great skill :)

Ashley Sosa : Did I just see him owning that song, and taking a sip of Hennessy? Are you serious? He has that kind of talent and he's drinking? Best wishes to him. We got all of these people becoming famous and they can't carry a tune or play a beat if their life depended on it. We need to bring back real talent. True talent. And get this little wanna be super star pretty boys out the damn way. Incredible! Come to New Orleans Hun, well hook you up. ;)

Sidd rekt : i dont usually comment but this dude is raw talent

Yamaha.Rider 2001 : This guy should be on America's Got Talent, don't you guys think?

Benny not : when he sings along, he makes it 100x better

James Boaz : wow. that song make me tear up every time. makes me miss my homie Nick. love you bro. RIP

StanceTV : Who the hell disliked this video??? Y'all some damn fools...

Sila Manukeu : YOU ARE THE BEST.

Alex : duuuuude thats killer, someone make this man a gofundme page

PhlyDaily : Sick!

the one terracil : Someone needs to make this guy a go fund me page or something, seriously, this man deserves to be famous and wealthy.

Harold BeaumontFinns : How do you keep tempo and drink something without it touching your lips nice!

Terrell J : Does this guy have a go fund me account. Where can I donate

domee45 : Hope you can earn some money with that, cuz its wonderful ! Greetings from germany

Steven Moore : dude has a gift. enjoyed watching this.

Kimberly Butler : Saw him in Vegas playing bass guitar and singing. He had a great mid-range voice. More than that, I FELT his music. He had a huge crowd, but had to stop because of another band playing nearby. Honestly? They weren't as good as him. I would love to see him play at a restaurant or bar.

Dragon Wen : damn where did this guy learn this awesome one of the best stree drummers ever.thumb up....

KingBongHogger : He's near a spot where I saw a guy singing with a guitar that blew everyone away. There's a lot of undiscovered talent on that strip.

Atomous : An excellent drummer, but a lot of the stuff he was playing was way easy cause the sticks he was using were extremely light weight. Still owned the song and i love his heart and attitude!

Jefferson Cochran : Simply amazing, wish I had been there to drop a hundred dollar bill in.

Brapnation25 : And this is where I subscribe! You are very good and got true talent keep doing more videos man I enjoy them!

lovejago : I would like to see him on a real Set of drums!!!

Mark Laput : ur so cool bro...

PINNAPPLE GANG : he killed it

Toy Soldier : He killed it. That stuff was fresh. He made it look easy.

ricky esprit : I had the golden opportunity to teach this kid at Castle Bruce Sec. There was always something special, musically, about this kid. I remember when we needed instruments and had none. Well, Darion disappeared and came back with drums, amplifier and speakers all on a wheel barrow.

Junaid 4real : I hope all the money this video got goes to the drummer not the cameraman

Steven Garner : It would be nice if you gave a brother props for making the video that you've received over 100k views for. Just saying. At least my boys getting his name out there.

Justin Verhaegen : not my tempo

Yes : This guy should be in American Idol

Carneatha Davis : I would love to hear him do another cover...I liked the song but never listened to the full version before, but "this dude" made me love the song...probably listened to it 20 times now...just awesome talent...I smile every time I watch video

sean byrne : he's good but he isn't The Best Street drummer in Vegas Hands Down !!!

iiWolfpaq : Give him 20,000$ He looks lonely.

Dan McCoy : Lolololololololololpl Lolololololololololpl so sloppy tighten up or give it up !!!

SHED : Respect Bro :p Very nice it's <3

Klewang KalimahHak : Superb!Bro.. hope you play Grindcore or D-Beat after this!

AM-PM Cuber : He’s really not that good, he’s playing sixteenth’s and keeping beat on the snare in the begainning, and then he’s just ghosting throughout the second part on the snare, plus he’s using no bass drum.


Vincent Staats : This guy deserves an award and he should be given a contract by the best record label! He is so great! I hope you'll have a great and prosperous life! (excuse me for my English, I'm not a native...)

MysticEye : Lol, i absolutely love these kinds of buskers. Loads of skill and looking like theyre having an absolute blast.

Adrian de Silva : "Hennessy player!" - Gabriel Iglesias

QuazyXD : 1:35 😍

Brandon McCants : u have straight talent keep it up

Royal Stevens : the part where he was drumming but it looked like slow motion and then tossed the drumstick up and caught😍 damn good

Nathaniel Stringer : COMON guys, don't give away his secret, he makes money honestly and I strongly dislike all the haters

Michael H : This guy makes good money, guaranteed! Say there are 50 people watching an every other give him a dollar that's $25 in under 10 minutes or however long the song is say I stays out there 6-8 hours you do the math, that can be several hundred dollars a day atleast $100-$400 easy depending on the day damn good to have a talent

Matthew Livingston : Any average drummer can play this. 😂

PT-WaRRiOR : Im going to vegas, and im going to find you, and im going to make you famous.

Brok3nsGT : wow...... I wish i can saw him in real life HES MY IDOL! I WANT TO BE DRUMMER LIKE HIM!

TheLoudGamer 9 : HE STOLE THE BEAT OF COOPERDRUMR!!! But not to blame hes pretty good