Man of Steel - General Zod's final battle speech

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XboxDCG : Zod was so good.

David Walker : One of the best quotes from this film. Whatever people may feel this movie got wrong, it most certainly got Zod right.

srawa dernam : i know hes a mass murderer and all but in this scene you really cant help but feel a little bad for zod

lolipedofin : And now.... I have......... No people. Best line ever... *clap clap.

Kpro_TM : Kal-El: The only superhero in cinematic history to have committed genocide.

American comic Industry : This scene was great

boudicca storm : Powerful scene, I actually teared up a bit.

raisingfalcon : If you destroy this ship, you destroy krypton!

Brody Collier : Damn it I know people hold Terence Stamp close to their hearts as General Zod and I'd be lying if I said I didn't but Michael Shannon is just so god damn awesome and damn it EVEN I WOULD KNEEL BEFORE HIM!!!!!!

Divus iulius : I guess I'm the only one who happened to notice the 911 WTC debris on the left side of the screen to Michael Shannon's right. What a coincidence that he sounds just like Dick Chaney justifying killing people from another country, just for their oil. "What I do no matter how cruel, I do for my people." In other words Dick Chaney did it.

TaVardricke Adams : Ikr because he was born to protect krypton and without krypton he has nothing it may seem evil to others but to him it was the right thing Zod is really not a villain

erich84502ify : Madness? This IS Sparta!

Cynic : Do people honestly think we wouldn't invade the planet of another species much weaker than us, and eradicate the vast majority of their race, if we had the power to? Sure, we'd keep some as pets and trophies and not kill all of them. Look at what we do to animals in our own planet if you doubt that. Either the writers don't understand survival instinct or they do and this scene was put in the movie to make people question their humanity.

Grunthos The Flatulent : Better than Terry Stamp. Shannon is electric

Chris Whited : for right or wrong it get's no deeper..............."now i have no people"...............

maniacal1 : The sheer difference in the two actors in this scene is just pathetic. Michael Shannon, even as a bit villain, had so much raw emotion and believability, so much FERVOR for the role....meanwhile Cavil stands there like a goddamn jackanape looking like he's taking a very long, boring shit.

Calvin : That delivery👌🏻😭..."my soul...that, is what you have taken, FROM ME!"

Briseur De Lance : Yeah, because the greater good of your people automatically goes through genociding an entire planet? Zod, you nazi-like lunatic.

CavemanJesus4Life : That's the best villainous speech in a film. It clearly shows who he is and what he stood for. In his mind he isn't a villain, he is doing what he was bred for. So far no MCU villain other than Loki and possibly Vulture got right. He was never a villain to begin with, he was a Kryptonian hero and leader who chose to save his people from themselves. Had he succeeded he would have died with the rest of Krypton. And Kal-El would have never had to worry about him. He was made into villain at this very scene. His own line, "I'm going to kill then all", or "This ends one or two ways, I kill you, or you kill me" When Kal begs him to stop his response was, "never"


minto smith : Zod an the butcher speech from gangs of New York best I've heard

Martìn Riveros : el fin justifica los medios; everything in order to protect Krypton

Spidersapien5 : am i the only one who thinks zod looks like the doctor from the human centipede?

Batonga VIlle : Funny how people can "feel" about fictional makes me think about history and real life. Zod was perfect, and he was right in this instance. Hitler did the same protecting the German Volk and the Jewllywood brainwashing Propaganda and the Holohoax bullshit is strong against him to this day, like he was actually evil. The Mad Drunk Dog of War, Churchill, who ordered Napalm to be thrown in civilians is somehow a "hero" and better "human being".

Math Blaster : Michael Shannon should be cast as Dr. Octopus

jorge ortiz : powerful writing and acting

CommanderX881 : Don't let Eminem hit you on the way out

Terry I : And this line basically tells you all you need to know about Zod.

Jordan Hollins : Soundtrack name in this scene?

TheMovieDoctorful : ...And people ACTUALLY question why Superman couldn't just "move the battle to a more remote location."

Robert Warren : 0:54 - That expression! The sheer apathy. Come on, Clark. That's just rude. XD

playstationsteve : Best villain speech ever 

More Tgb : Love the music

ashton wright : :0

More Tgb : Brah

Young Mcconaughey : Excellent acting by MIchael Shannon. Perfect delivery! 

Labo : Literally the only good casting choice D.C. has made in like 15 years

MrNateGate : This is what it feels like to be a white male in today's society.

vjreejr : This is the best scene in the film.  This movie was not really all that good because 1) Superman and the Kryptonians powers are purely ridiculous and 2) the fight scenes were equally ridiculous, but the story was good and this speech by Zod is, by far, the best part of this film and warrants an extra star in ratings.  Michael Shannon was very very good.  Zod's speech here is interesting.  Is he evil?  How is he any different than those who committed torture at Guantanamo and elsewhere in the wake of 9/11?