Viggo Mortensen Speaking 7 Languages

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Viggo Mortensen speaking English, Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Catalan and Arabic

Comments from Youtube

dianateabag : Wow his Spanish has absolutely not one hint of English accent. He could sound 100% local in argentina

Jack McFarlane : Viggo is pretty high on the list of most interesting people in the world.

neumi107 : He speaks 7 languages and looks 15-20 years younger, than he actually is ( 61 ) ...

Edainboy : What do you expect from Aragon the heir of Isildur, king of the Dunedain, aka Estel aka Ellasar.

mr zed : Viggo is scary intelligent. What a renaissance man

Xetoi : Hijodeputa si habla español mejor que muchos españoles JAJAJAJAJ

Rayyan Ali Khan : Also he can pick up any accent of English. He's a genius and a great great great Actor. It's true, There's no character that he can't play. Such an interesting Human. Love him so much.

M : He should've won best actor in Oscars 2019. He's amazing and did a wonderful job in Green Book

Brett : Definitely a real life spy.

ELN calls : True king of Gondor knows everything 😀

Luis Fonsi : Habla muy bien el español, el que no sabe realmente de donde es pensaría que es de argentina

Malcolm Reynolds : WTF !!! Seven languagues . With the dwarf and elven languagues are nine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

M C : Bruh... Crazy to think that je probably understands most portugese, german, swedish and dutch from these languages as well!

M_S_B : Je suis d'Alger et on te remercie pour la visite et les compliments ! Au plaisir incha ALLAH 😉

Cristina Príncipe : His Spanish is absolutely perfect. I thought he was Argentinian the first time I heard him.

R C : It’s a beautiful thing to be that smart.

Obesmal : Wow... I can't even remember when the last time I was so impressed. It was already 100% respect to Aragorn... I guess now it's 200%..?

Victor Sandoval : M.da boludo si q hblas varios idiomas...aguante virgoo m..

Thomas DiPrima : Also, what about that Bronx wise guy slang from 'Green Book' !! wow

Caro Felina : Este hombre es tan hermoso y tan inteligente.... ¡¡Debió ser mucho más famoso!!

* : Omg, the most beautiful man! Horribly underrated!

Gabriele V : He speaks Italian with a southern accent. Kinda funny and definitely remarkable

Natalya : OMG - I was madly in love with him BEFORE this. OMG he is effing perfect!

nudle90 : I wonder in which language he thinks in, must be hard.. =/

!!!A!!! : wow. mad respect. I had no idea

Jack Shepard : Didn't know that Aragorn, son of Arathorn is polyglot

Nathalie Rabearijao : Viggo is a genius of human being... He also speaks elvish and the dark language of Mordor... hahahaha... I wish I was his friend

bye bye : I'm italian and I can say his italian speaking is perfect.. and french, that's impressive!

pavo750 n : Wow perfect Spanish, English and Italian , the rest I can't tell

Kate Pittman : At first I was like "wow that's awesome, I wouldn't have ever suspected that" but now I'm like, "it's Viggo, I shouldn't be this surprised."

Leonardo Vinicius : In Brazil there lives a naturalized Brazilian Arab who speaks, 54 or 56 languages ​​I'm not sure but is among that amount. He is in the guinnes book, but there is a very important detail, he learned all of them alone, creating a personal method of didactics . He said that he was once called to the federal police in Rio de Janeiro to try to get information from a clandestine from the African region on a Brazilian ship. Arriving there he realized that the person spoke a dialect of an island near Madagascar, Then the questions began. The citizen is not of this world.

Clare- Claymore : Vigo es mas argentino que la nariz de di maria ...

Virgilio Tagliaferri : Of course he had to wear THAT HAT while speaking french, ahah

Marcelo Soto-Quiroga : He speaks Spanish with an incredible argentinian accent (he could pass unnoticed as being argentine or uruguayan) because he lived in Argentina for more than a decade since he was 3.

Alicia Cardenas : Además muy buen actor. Me encantó en Green book 👍🏼😃

Bethy Cornejo : Guauuu excelente actor y además poliglota 👏👏👏👏

Bienvenido Batista : Damn!! His Spanish is perfect from the argentinean point of view of course!

Don : *8 languages, he can also speak elvish

Nicolás DS : The spanish in Argentina has a big italian influence, with a strong accent heritage and lots of words.

Vicky 12 : Two things: He speaks some German, too, and that's not Arabic! I just feel like you should know that before posting this!

AnibalTV : His main language is Spanish guys... he was raised in Argentina most of his life

Sammar Anadar : ممثل رائع وجدا احبة وخاصة في سلسلة the lord of the rings ، وفيلم green book❤

A9je Chidorigafuchi : I am convinced this kind hearted soul is also a high level genius.

The Notorious : Once someone grows up speaking Spanish you can Learn French and Italian very easily, My family are from Argentina and my dad can speak fluent Italian as we’ll. 🇦🇷💪

Sooah Sun : He speaks Perfect french♡♡

greg wx : So fluent amazing.

Mustafa Uğur Etike : Why do I feel like he's speaking every language he knows with a strong Elvish accent?

Edus : He could easily be the pope

Berenice Morales : Debe aplicarse para aprender japonés, ruso, chino y portugués.