Viggo Mortensen Speaking 7 Languages

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Rifqi Main Gitar : I don't know if you have watched one of the best trilogy ever made in human history or not, but this guy speaks elvish too, :D

nudle90 : I wonder in which language he thinks in, must be hard.. =/

mr zed : Viggo is scary intelligent. What a renaissance man

Cristina Príncipe : His Spanish is absolutely perfect. I thought he was Argentinian the first time I heard him.

ELN calls : True king of Gondor knows everything 😀

Mustafa Uğur Etike : Why do I feel like he's speaking every language he knows with a strong Elvish accent?

dianateabag : Wow his Spanish has absolutely not one hint of English accent. He could sound 100% local in argentina

Don : *8 languages, he can also speak elvish

Eckhart V : His Argentinean spanish sounds like he actually thinks in spanish, but they all sound impeccable

Virgilio Tagliaferri : Of course he had to wear THAT HAT while speaking french, ahah

soulonfirexx : He speaks fluent Danish, English, French and Spanish; he is also conversational in Italian, and understands Norwegian and Swedish. He has stated that he was raised speaking English and Spanish, and sometimes feels more comfortable expressing himself in Spanish.[27] He also has some knowledge of Catalan; twice, when receiving a prize in Catalonia, he made a short speech in Catalan. - Wikipedia.

Trainkill S : 7 languages, nobody put an effort to edit a clip with Elvish

MonaFabuleux : That dimple, the flawless control of multiple languages, those bedroom eyes... Why isn't he everywhere???

amazingFAIL : i'm at a loss of words he's just surreal, that's impressive : If you are born Danish and manages to learn that language then I guess it won't be difficult to learn new ones... regards from a Swede.

Nature Boy : He speaks so many languages because he's Danish. Most Europeans know more than one language, in fact they generally speak 3

Aquoiboniste Aquoibon : what a smart and cute man

leftyfourguns : You forgot his Sindarin!

laki74 : Yes, but is he a cunning linguist?

InvisibleMan95 : What an amazing human being. I have so much respect for Viggo. He's one of my favourite actors.

Abc 123 : Hope they make a Middle Earth movie of the life of Aragorn

miss birb : My captain, my king <3

Sebastian Kleinod : hrmm hrmm, elvish?

gurucarcar : Wow! Viggo is super gifted. He should go back to school and become a linguist. I bet he is a spy too.

Coverface : He could easily learn to speak Norwegian and Swedish too, but that would probably only be for bragging rights.

Juve Peña : Long live the King of Gondor! And Arnor.

Semáforo Verde : habla español perfecto O.O

missthunderstormable : he speaks these languages fluently and with an excellent accent!!

Suzanne La Force : Actor, artist, poet, --- Renaissance man... He's fabulous.

Aidan Wotherspoon : No Maori or Sindarin? He speaks both of those

YTfancol : El Español de Viggo es perfecto.

Ismail Manaf : What i like about this man as well , are his role choices which are completely meaningful , with strong messages criticizing modern society and much more other interesting things , hats off to you sir.

Lotte Larsen : He also speaks elvish 😉😉

Rupert Migtau : No Kantonese ?

BeatlEPMJo : He just became my role model!

The M.K.M. : i didn't understand one word of his arabic

Julie Enslow : That is so darn sexy!!! Who agrees?

bitxuro : He doesn't speak basque yet... i'm not impressed.

Nina Nina : wonderful ! i didn't know he came to my country Ageria and he even spoke some Algerian. he's awesome !

Agnese Sztojka : And he has no accent at all, just like all 7 would be his native language 😊

Marcelo Soto-Quiroga : He speaks Spanish with an incredible argentinian accent (he could pass unnoticed as being argentine or uruguayan) because he lived in Argentina for more than a decade since he was 3.

Avinaash Badal : One of the best actors !! If not the best !!

1972aeoris : He does not speak 7 languages, he is fluent in 3, has an intermediate level in other 2 and knows several sentences in the 2 remaining. That being said, he is a very talented man.

Callan Jessiman : Pretty sure you could find a clip of him speaking Sindarin too

thinkingofyouto1 : Dude I struggle to speak English

playermartin286 : He speaks some german as well


Mr. Dog3 : Well you have to know these things when you're king you know.

Kate Pittman : At first I was like "wow that's awesome, I wouldn't have ever suspected that" but now I'm like, "it's Viggo, I shouldn't be this surprised."

Elessar : Is there a thing he can't do?!