Hellacopters drummer trashes ice drum set - Part 1/2
Hellacopters drummer trashes ice drum set

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Hellacopters drummer in Icehotel Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.


Inebriated Individual : I'm impressed with how good those drums sound.

Some Guy : lmao I love how he hits the cymbals and there's no crash just the quiet cracking of ice

Ryan Zarmbinski : This is why we can't have nice things.

krato27 : One of those rare scenarios where it may have been more metal not to smash it.

Ties Jehoul : Those cymbals sound delicious man, congrats

stealth combat7 : Still sounds better than my cymbals.

Subeein Suresh : This kit was used to record St Anger.

George Hamilton : I wish that his playing had destroyed the set.

Ricky Payne : You know how some people they smash their guitar at the end of a stage performance? it doesnt work with drums dude.

Iván Zamani : those are high quality cymbals

tbaker_ 8513 : I would love to see John Bonham go on it

Danny Herlihy : Came here for cymbals

Lincoln Burrows : How to basic and his drums. :D

KaijuMK : How can he keep a straight face when playing ice cymbals?

common jones : is that a Lars Ulrich impersonator?

Sherbert The destroyer : Well did you expect from. The cymbals when it's just ice. A big huge sound?

KL : Dave Grohl would have broken it a lot sooner.

Nev3M16 : What did that drum set ever do to him? Geez.

Wodinn : Interesting, the drums themselves sounds REALLY good.

Ian Anderson : Who's been recommended this nine years later??? Algorithms

Figglebob High : that was just plain cold..

Usman Qureshi : For a moment i actually thought the cymbals would make a sound but they just frigging crumbled

ZGN- Lilreds08 : 1:02 Thank me later.

Jamie Fitzpatrick : What a *COOL* drum kit.... I'll show myself out.

Wendel_WM : ????

Handsome Squidward : Why are you touching Mr. Freezes drum set?

Daniel gallagher : Sounds Like Sylvester Anfang (Mayhem)

Deathshuck : "Hellacopters drummer" So, does he have a name or?

H goyam : Very cool love it rock on!! ;)

THE WRATHCHILD : Talk about melting the kit...

Toxiclaw_Games : 10 years later Youtube recommended:

Arctica The Fox : How did he not get injured by the flying sharp ice chunks?! True drum god XD

Matt : What it feels like to chew 5 gum

RobotBerries : i love that drum set

Agent J : When you run through the jungle with a spear.

It's ya boi : *stares at broken symbals* -my OCD is dying-

Thefunpep : The cymbals are my life crumbling into pieces

itsMARKy : But.. there's a question that we all wanted to ask. Does it Djent ?

scylla019 : With the cymbals I don’t know what I expected but I was still disappointed

Kimokeo Keahi : I would have anger issues, as well, if I played that badly. Rudiments, man. Work those "rudies"!

Anthony Fournier : God, it would be such an amazing Vikings/GoT battle intro !

Nipps Welmactt : You're as coolld as ice! Willin to sacrifice those druhms!

maru chan : If you ever need an icebreaker...

Alexa Rivera : This was pretty cool,but I liked the part when he was destroying the drums the best.😆

A guy with random convictions : My heart shattered like those cymbals when he hit it. I don't know what I was expecting.

mike stang : Pass the Grey Goose Vodka, Thank you, Kieth Moon, where ever you are, you inspired another drunken drummer.....very cool!!!!!!

Music Passion : R.I.P. Drum :'v

Goku Black : This feels like a happy Gilmore sceen🤣😂😂😅💣💥

zerosoma33 : Thanks for the video. I was looking for a conversation icebreaker.