Hellacopters drummer trashes ice drum set - Part 1/2

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Andy Brice : Conclusion: Ice is a surprisingly good material for drums. But terrible for cymbals.

Iván Zamani : those are high quality cymbals

Gold : when he hit the cymbals I started dying

itsMARKy : But.. there's a question that we all wanted to ask. Does it Djent ?

Commonwealth96 : I don't know what I was expecting when he hit the cymbals... but there was a tinge of disappointment.

Dan Motovlogs : ... I thought the drums were plastic because they weren't breaking.... the end tripped me out! lol!

Wodinn : Interesting, the drums themselves sounds REALLY good.

maru chan : If you ever need an icebreaker...

Michael B. Porter : Q : do you know what a metronome is? A : A little short guy from the big city. God bless Y'all.

[FaZe] Xx_SaNiC420_xX : Must be Paiste cymbals

ATMAtim : There went 1:20 of my life.

Nelson Hernandez : I would love to have a drum set that's looks clear but not made of ice lol

Matt : What it feels like to chew 5 gum

Itai Arad : "I don't know man, the kick sounds kinda cold.."

Some Guy : lmao I love how he hits the cymbals and there's no crash just the quiet cracking of ice

George Hamilton : I wish that his playing had destroyed the set.

Ryan Zarmbinski : This is why we can't have nice things.

Average Jack Media : Well at least breaking it down after a gig is quick.

THE WRATHCHILD : The bass drum sound was a bit cold.

Landon Balk : No, you did it wrong. You're supposed to record an album using that kit, then smash it. The album would be known for it's icy cold drum sound, and send producers and engineers on a wild goose chase of recreating that sound that was just so damn cold.

Chandler Brown : That's the trvest and kvltest drvmset ever, made from eternal dark winterfrost

jhhwild : Now do the same with a glass drum set.

Ties Jehoul : Those cymbals sound delicious man, congrats

ScoffSlaphead72 : the drums are me the cymbals are my dreams the drummer is my uncle

Josh Eckman : Are those Zildjian cymbal 😂

X Harmonic : 0:25 That's why you don't buy Zildjians kids.

common jones : is that a Lars Ulrich impersonator?

Jamie Fitzpatrick : What a *COOL* drum kit.... I'll show myself out.

timtim 8513 : I would love to see John Bonham go on it

Family-Friendly Felix : This was very satisfying.

Carlos : How can he keep a straight face when playing ice cymbals?

Wendel_WM : ????

Sherbert The destroyer : Well did you expect from. The cymbals when it's just ice. A big huge sound?

Lucas Galvin : That was cool........... Get it... cool

Charlie Miller : traped under ice

gregorywayneadams : Those crash cymbals though...crisp! Must have been Sabians

Jeremiah Simpkins : uh that how he transports it

stealth combat7 : Still sounds better than my cymbals.

McAlister's Motovlogs : pretty good sounding cymbals there bro

Fiend S : Pearl cymbals?

Zubin Hathi : "You guys are going to hate me, but I forgot to turn the camera on..."

Inebriated Individual : I'm impressed with how good those drums sound.

Cory Pelizzari : Black Metal drummers should use these kits.

_Lucifer Gates : Should've have double pedals lol

Usman Qureshi : For a moment i actually thought the cymbals would make a sound but they just frigging crumbled

Danny Herlihy : Came here for cymbals

Corncob Johnson real : the drumsticks should have been I've also he should have been ice

Edvin : SO COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darren D. MacDonald : thats how all my drum solos go...

465marko : Oh no, far too cold for my liking... maybe he could be Bjork's drummer (cos she's from Iceland) but apart from that, I really don't see this taking off. Oh, no I don't think so....