Hellacopters drummer trashes ice drum set - Part 1/2

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ScoffSlaphead72 : the drums are me the cymbals are my dreams the drummer is my uncle

Andy Brice : Conclusion: Ice is a surprisingly good material for drums. But terrible for cymbals.

Tombro : Not quite my temperature...

Wodinn : Interesting, the drums themselves sounds REALLY good.

THE WRATHCHILD : The bass drum sound was a bit cold.

Michael B. Porter : Q : do you know what a metronome is? A : A little short guy from the big city. God bless Y'all.

Matt : What it feels like to chew 5 gum

Some Guy : lmao I love how he hits the cymbals and there's no crash just the quiet cracking of ice

Commonwealth96 : I don't know what I was expecting when he hit the cymbals... but there was a tinge of disappointment.

Ryan Zarmbinski : This is why we can't have nice things.

Lincoln Burrows : How to basic and his drums. :D

X Harmonic : 0:25 That's why you don't buy Zildjians kids.

Lucifer Gates : Should've have double pedals lol

George Hamilton : I wish that his playing had destroyed the set.

Josh Eckman : Are those Zildjian cymbal 😂

common jones : is that a Lars Ulrich impersonator?

Inebriated Individual : I'm impressed with how good those drums sound.

Iván Zamani : those are high quality cymbals

Danny Herlihy : Came here for cymbals

krato27 : One of those rare scenarios where it may have been more metal not to smash it.

gregorywayneadams : Those crash cymbals though...crisp! Must have been Sabians

Charlie Miller : traped under ice

Ties Jehoul : Those cymbals sound delicious man, congrats

tbaker_ 8513 : I would love to see John Bonham go on it

McAlister's Motovlogs : pretty good sounding cymbals there bro

Family-Friendly Felix : This was very satisfying.

Sherbert The destroyer : Well did you expect from. The cymbals when it's just ice. A big huge sound?

Itai Arad : "I don't know man, the kick sounds kinda cold.."

stealth combat7 : Still sounds better than my cymbals.

Lucas Galvin : That was cool........... Get it... cool

KaijuMK : How can he keep a straight face when playing ice cymbals?

Subeein Suresh : This kit was used to record St Anger.

Gold : when he hit the cymbals I started dying

Darren D. MacDonald : thats how all my drum solos go...

Edvin : SO COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah Simpkins : uh that how he transports it

Fiend S : Pearl cymbals?

itsMARKy : But.. there's a question that we all wanted to ask. Does it Djent ?

Wendel_WM : ????

Cory Pelizzari : Black Metal drummers should use these kits.

THE WRATHCHILD : Talk about melting the kit...

Ian Anderson : Who's been recommended this nine years later??? Algorithms

Jamie Fitzpatrick : What a *COOL* drum kit.... I'll show myself out.

H goyam : Very cool love it rock on!! ;)

Usman Qureshi : For a moment i actually thought the cymbals would make a sound but they just frigging crumbled

Daniel gallagher : Sounds Like Sylvester Anfang (Mayhem)

shape shifter : It's too cold for his bandmates anyway

Dan Motovlogs : ... I thought the drums were plastic because they weren't breaking.... the end tripped me out! lol!

RobotBerries : i love that drum set

Corncob Johnson real : the drumsticks should have been I've also he should have been ice