My LSD Microdots Experience! What was Acid like....
My LSD Microdots Experience What was Acid like

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My LSD Microdors Experience is my personal experience from using this drug. I have been sober since 7/25/17 and have found sharing my personal experience on topics like this help bring awareness and let others know they are not alone if they are struggling. Addiction is a battle like no other and it is one day at a time. Please visit or if you are struggling to get sober. Like what we are about and want to help us with everything we do? From outreach to coaching, to support, to our mental health discord peer to peer support? Become a Patreon Member today! You Help Make A Difference in the Lives of others and special Benefits to all members! Your Support Means the world to us and others! Please subscribe to our channel and check out our other videos and daily uploads, your support is everything to us! Make sure to check us out online at for blogs, resources and more. For Real-Time Mental Health, Mental Illness, Sobriety support join our free Discord Chat room it’s people helping people get through life! Someone is always on for your support! Check us out on our social media sites and be a part of this with us see more of what we are about! TikTok ID: Dr1ven8 Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: It’s about people helping people and together we can do this, you can do this!