Down to earth girls are charming

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Shanece M : Omg I'm hooked on shameless I love that show! Definitely for a more mature audience lol

Linda Yaniko : Mady, I know your going through a rough time right now but I know things will get better. I don't know if you are a religious person or not but I am and I believe that "God" has a plan for all of us and he knows what you are going through. If you put your "Faith & Trust" in him things will get better, I know I've been not in the same situation that you are probably going through but I've had some hard times to and have always put him first in my life and he has always been there for me and helped me get through some difficult times. Sorry to throw religion your way but thought it might help in some way and know that I'm thinking of you & hoping things get better for you cause you are so sweet and such a lovely young lady and I want you to be happy.

oof : Love you You're way to beautiful. Honestly the nasty comments you get straight up comes from low life scums. Look how hard you work for us and we all appreciate you.

caspergee : Hi Maddy. You two ladies are awesome. Don't worry about what the trolls say, people are just jealous. Keep up the good work. Y'all are awesome motivators. Feel better.

Steff Ferra : I love these Q & A videos! I know it sounds weird, but having watched your videos so long really makes you feel like a friend. And that's a pretty good compliment to have that ability to connect to viewers like that! So thanks for being you and taking the time to film! Btw, I just love your hair color! And you don't even look fat. Some people are so damn rude. Those kind of comments would mess me up too, but please don't listen to those morons! Ya'll look great!

Tam Strong : Thanks for answering my question ❤️ I hope things get better soon for you! 💐

rachel's ghost hunting adventures : hi mady im here for you as your subscriber and friend everything will be alright. i was single for some time then i met my hubby and now im married but things will be all good just enjoy what you doing and you will find some one it just take time. but ill support you all the way with your videos and cheer you up when your feeling down. xxxxxooooxxx send my love

martin baines : hi mady you and kelsi are so beautiful and your perfect the way you are, do not take any notice of people who say horrible things, i would have you mady as my gf i would worship you like a queen, keep up the good work with your vids and volgs and take care

Heavy-Duty Smokes : You girls just keep doing what you do, F the haters, you do you 😁😋

Champower Games : I Think u Should take back to School cause what your doing now u Can do it in your spare time

Buffalo jay : Love you you are so down to earth and real and beautiful such a great woman and person

rrbluedragon : I love Shameless and the Stanley hotel!

Jesus el bebe Vera : All ways keep your head up mady it's just the beginning you have so much ahead of you..Much love always you have a friend here 😀❤

samantha mendez : Yea Q and A💕💕

htownshawn : Ugh! you're too gorgeous. & don't be depressed, leave that for the terminally single ones, like me. anyway~ keep up the good work lady ♥

Royce_ Ryder : What app u used to edit your videos from your phone to youtube

darrell hardeman : Hey MaddyI love all of your videos. Don't let anyone bring you down. You are a very beautiful woman.

daja283 : Just keep swimming... :) You're strong - you got this ❤

Ricky J : Your honesty is really refreshing, love that about you! There's so many fake people out there.

Allen Sarinana : Mady you have me

Timothy Minton : Get real with Jesus and he will direct your paths