What happened to Dubai's Princess Latifa? - BBC Newsnight

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Dorothy Rosegreen : I don't understand why people still visit there. This is evil

nothing : Don't ever envy people, you never know how shite their lives really are. I hope the girl is alright.

Hamish McHarg : Now that Princess is back inside the iron cage, she will never see the light. Her life is done. This is such a tragic sad story.

Maxmud Xareed : It's ironic how western governments work with these filthy monarchs to reach their goals and interests and then the same western governments claim to care about democracy ,freedom and liberty #hypocrisy

The Doco : I lived in Dubai. If all the foreigners left Dubai would be nothing. The Emirati people are lazy. They don't work. All the expats should leave and bring Dubai down. It is an evil place. SO many people are trapped there unable to leave. It's the ignorant Brits brunching every Friday you need to convince.

Nadia s : Latifa, the whole world stands beside you👍

Ally Khan : It is the West that supports this immoral, corrupt autocracts. The reasons are obvious and historical.

peace4planet : I did not know this man Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum so brutal.. I am so sorry , wish you the best and the peace and freedom that you desire and deserve.

Nidhi Krishnamurthy : She bravely confronts death than endure her cruel dad's whims

K S : Boycott Dubai and the UAE hellhole.

MICHAEL ANGELO : The french guy spy double cross this poor girl. This girl paid the french guy to save her but without her knowledge the french spy guy a wise man sold her for larger sum of money to be returned to her father. Just look at the that french guys lifestyle now and fake scape videos online. Only a fool would believe he is an expert in escapes and everything. Poor girl got fooled.

Alpha male : Why is everyone abusing only the Dubai king, when real question should be asked to Indians who absolved all the moral compass to deliver caged parcel to the king. INDIANS SHOULD ANSWER WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT GIRL.

Anne Goodwin : I will pray for her.

Ken ibn Anak : This woman's disappearance after making this video sounds like an excellent reason to suspend, cease or simply not have any contact or commerce with the UAE or Dubai.

Michelle Harding : I hope she has not been honor-killed. I was actually deceived about Dubai and the UAE's rulers...they seem so modern. It would seem that the vast majority of Arab men wear masks to deceive people about their 'tolerance' of modern values, but keep their women locked up at home. Makes me feel so sorry for Jordan's Princess Haya (current second wife of Ruler Makhtoum) who was educated in the West, and when asked by nosy reporters always swears up and down that her polygamous husband is sooo wonderful. If he can do this to his own daughter I can't imagine what wife no.2 goes through behind closed doors.

Irina Bustamante : If the queen of England was slightly connected to anything like this ( even if it was just to keep appearances) they’d come out with some sort of statement.. the monarch and ruler of Dubai should come out and explain where is his daughter!... a woman cannot just disappear and nobody asks or puts pressure on the people who say “she’s safely back with her family” to come out and explain!! This happened back in Mar!! It’s time the world knows what happened to her! Regardless of her being a princess.... it’s a life! Who seek help!

Edwin James Gilani : Arab rulers in history always been violating human and woman right .they love killing torture.lying to their own people get married to 10 or 20 woman

Ann Black : This is not a case about wealth as much as it is about a father with an enlarged ego demanding control over his children's lives.This is a huge problem in the Muslim world and the problem goes much deeper than Latifa and her siblings unfortunately.On one side u have parents demanding loyalty to them and on the other side u have the children dying for freedom and change from the old to wanting to have freedom to choose their own life paths.The struggle is real and both sides have valid arguments.

GetYour Fix : I hope she's okay, wherever she is.

MJ Faria : Thank you so much for covering this very concerning story. Thank you for your bravery, as anyone who goes against these powerful people are never safe. Thank you Radha, David, Tiina & Herve. We are coming for you Latifa!

Saida Sarika : please everyone make sure to hit the like button on all videos related to Latifah to have them get as many views and as much attention as possible to get help from the right people.

Jake Harrison : Is this issue finally too big for the UAE, and Dubai in particular, to sweep under the carpet? The problem with these Gulf royals, is they think we are all more ignorant and stupid than they are. I hope this is shines the spotlight clearly revealing what these people are like, and strikes another nail in the coffin for political Islam.

fanda professional : Human values are lost in Arabs

leila rezazad : why nothing being done to find her. demand her father to come forth and prove she is alive and well

Ritthaye Vajra : She is Dead for Sure, NoDoubt. Sad but True.

tubento : #HelpLatifa #FreeLatifa

ZAK Karia : MONEY has nothing to do with Happiness. Yes, it doesn't help being a liberal girl in an Arab world! (Especially in these Gulf countries)

Ragheed : UAE rulers are monsters!! FREE LATIFA.. I hope they haven't chopped off her head already..☹️

lisa costa : This is very disheartening, i hoped she had got away. Im praying for her, how do you deal with ppl like this, with such power and wealth so, so wrong !

Mehran Khan : How barbaric !!

nothing : He escaped in a black burqa 😂😂😂

diane mitchell : Probably in a dungeon or dead

Dr. Elizabeth Martin : Very sad..........probably murdered by now. Nobody should visit Dubai. cheers

gast128 : Sad story. Not sure also why a father with 20+ kids would force this one back. In Saudi Arabia something similar happened with locked up royal family.

E. K : i hope she's alive and well damnnn.... she's beyond beautiful

fairfax : Being half Algerian she should get help from the Algerian government

Farhan : this is what happens when you focus building more western culture and forget about your children.

KKK : Wahhabism and Zionism have so much in common. These are both evil systems that flourish by fear. The moment people overcome their fear, the world would be rid of all evil.

Sergekow : Ахренеть

Alim : There are 3 countries in the world that are keeping off the rest of the world from peace. UAE, Isreal and the US. This triangle of death and war are always causing mayhem. They love to see dead bodies on the streets, in fact that's their fetish. These three countries are like a disease tho this world, like a Virus. A cancer of this planet. They are a plague and we finally need a cure. The faster we can wipe out those crockroaches from the face of this planet the better we will head to the next level as human species, but before that those Countries needs to destroyed. With them living in the world there is going to be no peace.

Nancy Tucker : This story smells like fish all around

Jose Duran : These little dictatorships are nothing more than mafias in robes and riding* camels

murfy murf : She is literally the most fantastic woman. I pray she’s ok.

bestlions : Pray for u and all the women in need for help.

Vane Fal : How can anyone escape from a billionaire? Anyway where's Jimmy?

Senior Local Guide : Very simple. Let 'very safe and happy' Sheikha Latifa go to London as a 'Free woman' and meet with her lawyers... Not so hard... #FreeLatifa #HelpLatifa

M Chiao : I had a girlfriend from the UAE who was going to university in this country. Back in the late 70s I wouldn’t have been able to find it on a map much less the oppression that women faced. I often have thought of her over the years, being able to live freely in America and enjoying all that comes with it, I couldn’t imagine all the women who’ve experienced that kind of freedom having to go back to that oppression. Slow as it may be, I believe the women of my friends generation has gone on to raise strong women who are affecting change and finding their voices.

Shawki Al Sakkaf : It’s really so sad to know what happened to Latifa. Even if she lost her life, she will be remembered as a Breva and honest princess who chose freedom and paid her life for the solidarity and fighting for her sister’s rights to live free. Latifa won the battle against Almaktum brutal rule. God Blass you. Free Latifa

Fereydoon Parsee : I am really sorry. I have been deep touched by Latifa`s history. I wish, I could help her. It must be someone who can help.