Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

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DMadHacks : This is the type of content that YouTube was made for.

Andrew C. : "So, I hear you're a musician. What instrument do you play?" *"Marbles."*

danxhou san 晓薇 : *mozart has left the chat*

𝕋𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕪 : 2 0 1 9 ?

C0RRUPT D3ST1NY : Why is everyone coming back all of a sudden?

Nerdforge : I've got to admit, this is absolutely marbleous...

KOΛLΛ_ NET21 : Merci à Cyprien de me faire redécouvrir cette merveille !

DeputyCartman100 : It looks like something Willy Wonka came up with during a fever dream. ...I approve.

Night Star : This is one of the few diamonds of Youtube

santhanam krishnan bhaskar : Someone edit the machine out of the video so we have Wintergatan doing wierd stuff.

GravitySloth : I love that "breakdown" is spelled "brakedown" because its literally a brake mechanism

Lil' Legit : Who else comes back to listen this song over and over?

SGT Foley : Someday people will come and admire this video for generations to come Oh I’m a bit late

;-; ASMR : willy wonka's wet dream created this

Dear Me : My music teacher showed me this video along with my classmates. Everyone was in aw and I think, this is amazing and I’m glad this kind of thing and people exist

John Dubuc : The only thing brighter than the background is his future as a musician.

IsntMeLol : April Yang brought me here. Anyone else?

Newman Gordon : i didn’t knowLex Luthor is a musician

Hanshin : This piece of music in particular feels like it was made by the Gorillaz.

水谷悠 : 日本人用コメント欄

GingerPale : How many marbles hit the floor?

Elis Kvanta : Who's here before 100 000 000 and before Marble machine X?

Nelson Lonewolf : I'm waiting for marble machine x

MUGEN the watcher : Metal isn't the only thing that can have levers to make music play on it.

Justin Y. On Drugs : Beethoven Has Left The Chat

DEO : Can't wait for the portable version that I can strap to my back and listen to music while I jog.

Zisan Shahriar : Qui est venu ici après que Cyprien l’a mentionné dans sa nouvelle vidéo?

WARDV2 Play : Cyprien 💪💪

Ellande LARRONDO : Qui est la grace a Cyprien ?

Ruben K : Them old Sweeds got some neat tricks up their sleeves

TechSource : Happy 1 year anniverasy Marble Machine :)

Zero Cool : Such a beautiful machine. The new one beat it though. When making the music video for the new marble machine, please use 30 fps instead of 24. The majority of monitors have a frequency of 60 hz, which isn't a multiple of 24, and this causes video judder (unsmooth motion). Therefor, for online video, people should never use anything but 30 or 60 fps.

Isak The Potato Guy : What if one marble fell out and in to a forgein place????

The Channel With The Beats : I reallt want a T-Shirt that says Legacy and has this on it. Anyone else think that's cool?

- Kakarot力 力 口 少 ツ卜 : Cyprien est passé par la...

Kevin Yeoh : Imagine what our portable music devices would be like if someone had invented this in the 1600s.

Idido ! : ............ This music, melody, construction is so fabulous!!!

ötsö th3 g4m3r : This music... Its so good that I nearly cried because it reminds me of how lonely I am, but still strongers me because I know that future will be different.

Jason Creeper : Almost 100m views

YOLO TV : Make this video 100M views , And Give Many Like , ill be waiting the marble machine X. Your fans from INDONESIA! 😁 Sorry for bad english language.✌️

William Zuk : No matter what how many times I watch its always great

dreviscerator : Got my first kiss to this song.

Silver Panther 2000 : Accidentally finding this song was... Marbles.

Sprite Cranberry : 2:20 i like this bass part

eyyThe Biquette : Qui est la grâce à Cyprien?

Broda ty : 100 000 000 is quite close ;)

Benny Weber : If you get tricked, I win a like. *Read More*

水谷悠 : 日本人いる?

Roye Korolik : i was going to make an ok after 2 years i finally watched it YouTube are you happy but i cant be med this is beautiful

folie Folie : 🤩🤩🤩🤩💯😱😱🤩😱💯💯💯💯💯💯💯