Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

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Nerdforge : I've got to admit, this is absolutely marbleous...

Supr1me : What your family sees when you're fixing the router.

Lifia Niala : Genius, I am dreaming ? Awesome 😍

Andrew Linn : He made Animusic into a real thing.

Majique : Who cares about flying cars, this machine is MARBLE-lous

DMadHacks : This is the type of content that YouTube was made for.

[여우]fox : 2019??

Mauricio Tedeschi : 27K marbles who didnt participate disliked this video

Dia 7 é 17 : He is like a mad scientist trying to create a frankenstein, but musically.

Juno Wilson : That guy's got balls

John Dubuc : The only thing brighter than the background is his future as a musician.

Savage Drummer : I have watched this very video over 100 times no exaggeration

DarkRaiser982 : The engineering of that machine is MARBLEous

久保さん : 日本人で聞いてる人いるのかな… 定期的に聞きに来るんだけども

Ertt Sfgh : Almost forgot to watch this today

GravitySloth : I love that "breakdown" is spelled "brakedown" because its literally a brake mechanism

I Have Broken English : *Satisfaction: 100*

ウユ : 初盤:ん~ギリダサいなw 中盤:お、ドラム入った。ええやん🎵 終盤:(゜-゜)(。_。)(゜-゜)(。_。)

Leo_k : Even if this wasn't a marble machine, this song would still be great.

nouseforaname : And to think, I feel accomplished when I build something from ikea...

DEO : Can't wait for the portable version that I can strap to my back and listen to music while I jog.

BananaMan : I cant even build a lego tower what the fu-

Blue Shadows : Finally 2018 finally ends its time to watch this video again and remove all stress from my brain. All the memes and terrifying stuff.

Porter Sorensen : When Neville learned the accordion.

nanrob : Mechanical Mozart 👋

TechSource : Happy 1 year anniverasy Marble Machine :)

That Dangerous D-Pad : 2019 anyone?

Krisna Rio : Collab with netmarble ?

Héctor Freeman : Hey!! No busques más, soy el comentario en español que querías ver.

Chase Xia : Notice how many marbles are on the floor at the end of the video.

GingerPale : How many marbles hit the floor?

Noobify : Isn’t this guy the person who acted as Lex Luthor’s Son?

Ross D : Rage Against The Marble Machine.

KKSniper138 : Love the use of Legos.

Lambert Holtland : Hey 27k people. I forgive you guys for mis clicking the dislike button. 😁👌

William Zuk : No matter what how many times I watch its always great

Justin K. : How music was made back then but more harder

SPECIMEN 6 : Can he make the meglovia / sans theme from those marbles?

奥田喜昭 : 人類の文明が滅びて工業力を失ってもなお美しい曲を作ることができることが証明された瞬間!

YUNG PIRATE : I've got to admit, this is absolutely marbleous...

Kevin Genocchi : It's finally the end of 2018.Watching this should clear my memory of everything cancerous this year.(fortnite,memes,tide pods)

Demonetization : I like the sound of the wooden gears spinning in the beginning, it’s like asmr

Aegius_X3 : Ok this is Marbelous

Orintas Vilkauskas : Omg nice is soo good machine

Die Bros Zocken : Ich liebe diese Melodie!

Kevin Yeoh : Imagine what our portable music devices would be like if someone had invented this in the 1600s.

のこのこののこ : 日本人( ´ ꒳ ` )ノ

Zakuro Kuro : 3:18 パチンコ玉一個外に零れ落ちとるな。

Walrider : 2019?

Sintacks : Every time I see this in suggested, I have to listen to it again.