Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

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my2cents2u : There are YT moments when I just can not believe what I am seeing/hearing. This is one of those moments. Mind blown. =:-o

Andrew Jatib : I always love it when this gem makes it's way back into my recommendations

Justin Y. : This is magnificent.

oburi85 : This is what youtube was made for, not that shit that's in trending the last years.

alamcho : this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. 2018 and still listening

TechSource : Happy 1 year anniverasy Marble Machine :)

NicoNoFace : Incredible, what after just a few months is possible with Nintendo Labo...

Jay Dutta : This instrument should be in *Doctor Who* TV series. This is a next level engineering 0_0

Nikitos Craft : Awesome!

Mr SauceyTentackles : This is the single most Tim Burton thing i have ever seen

The Maestro : At first I thought its a time travel machine

Günther Klausen : This is just marbelous.

Here Andrea : A combination of engineers and musicians.Are you a genius?

Chitraksh Negi : DJ from the 17th century

jeff8565 : thank god for people like you because you make life better for the rest of us dummies

JP FPV : I honestly don't know how many times I have watched this, it is truly amazing

FrenchFriez : What instrument do you play *Marbles*

Turbo Twinky : Engineering degree meets musical genius

gummy nod : Omg is this like a new instrument they created!? That's amazing!

ニヤエもん : 曲のセンスよ…

AlphaIkaros : Engineering at its finest :D

Russian Blue : It's interesting going back to this after seeing the Marble Machine X being worked on. Even some of the greatest pieces of art have their flaws.

Xhroria : Still genius

shazboz : Something about this makes me happy beyond belief.

郭阿達 : OMG 👍👍

uncle hank : Wow. I have no words. Great job, this is absolutely stunning.


park jongmi : 1960 in 2016 I bet we'll have flying cars 2016

A M : スクール革命から来ました!!

ヤミ : 見ていてワクワクする。ずっと見てられるわ。

Prozure Official : Masterpiece!

たけぞう : 凄すぎて言葉にならない

。ホムラ : 奏でるピタゴラスイッチみたい、音が綺麗…。

J R : Steps to make a viral video: 1.Record something extraordinary 2.Make an awesome soundtrack 3.Post it on YouTube. this video is exactly that

arisu アリス : The sound of the machine as he is cranking stuff is so soothing

Pianos'n'Pipes : What a legendary video and a legendary machine!

Turbo Twinky : How has this not been retired to a musical museum as masterpiece of an instrument

Jérémy0071 : Tu mérite tellement plus de vues soit minimum 500M You merited 500Millions views


Petroshock Pictures : Medieval DJ’s be like...

Matthias Wandel : Wow, totally amazing!

anastasia bolsun : But can you play Smoke on water?

DJ RS : Wow. This is Amazing. Just Wow.

Alyxia Johnson : It's like animusic in real life :o

Alex Thotse : This song has changed my life. Thank you!!🤗

Sprennard87 circus baby : Can I have his coat?

dgamerboi killer : Ill pay $50,000 for that thing

Kor_ Gorgeous : I want to download this music. But i don't know how...

Joke De Backer : i love this thing so much

Iken Villarta : memories