Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

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Nerdforge : I've got to admit, this is absolutely marbleous...

Timewind dniwemiT : I still can't believe, such thing exists

Joe Blow : This guy has balls of steel.

So Dhahri : How complex is your brain to create such an incredible machine? impressive !

Sanjeev Chandra : Umm..Its hard to believe..A human made this...looks like some instrument from heaven

DMadHacks : This is the type of content that YouTube was made for.

K McKinlay : It took a lot of balls to make that tune.

Bruce A. Ulrich : Oh. My. Gosh. This is just jaw-droppingly awesome! Bravo!

Emperor Reign : This guy is doing all this and I still can’t operate my microwave!

Kamil 007 : December 2018 ?

GravitySloth : I love that "breakdown" is spelled "brakedown" because its literally a brake mechanism

9Volt Productions : “What instrument do you play?”

庭の鳥 : 神がかってる… あ、日本の人〜いたら👍してな! 👍した分…俺が喜ぶぞ!


joe shmo : Whoever disliked like this go stick your head in a lake

GingerPale : How many marbles hit the floor?

Annae Ignis : Construction worker: Hey, where did all the wood and supplies for this house go?

Roberto Tirado Magallanes : Who is still listening to this in 2019?

Isaac Steveson : This guy can multitask!!

peach-chan star : This is stuck in my head 1 like one friend!

John Dubuc : The only thing brighter than the background is his future as a musician.

早田優寿 : 凄すぎます...! 日本の方みえますか?

Michael Sørensen : My faith in humanity have been restored.Wow.Respect from here.

Kamikaze Yamamoto : This is magic. Sometimes, there are extraordinary humans who think so far outside the box that we mere ordinary humans can just "marble" at what we see. This looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie. This is what YouTube was made for. Thank you.

The Voyaturner : Musicians use one instrument legends use marbles!

DEO : Can't wait for the portable version that I can strap to my back and listen to music while I jog.

綾瀬絵里 : なんで低評価があるんだろう……こんなに凄い綺麗な音出るように作られてるのに…

junior fio : This guy must have lost his marbles to create something like this.

Peter Parker : That happen when your dad want you to be an engineer and you want to be a musician XD

ヘモグロビン : すごいけど1曲しか演奏できない...

TechSource : Happy 1 year anniverasy Marble Machine :)

PerTehDoh : when your parents want you to get a good job... but you still wanna persue in a musical career

Dick Brett : 25.757 people prefer marbles in their anuses instead of composing.

Christiaan Kruger : Why this man only 1.1M subs!? Everybody sub *NOW!!!*

Mario Voinov : Супер машина. Перфектна мелодия. Браво на теб.

The Maestro : At first I thought its a time travel machine

Jonathan Falix : I’ve watched the video maybe 100 times never gets old

Shvji : Marble Machine X is coming my dudes <3

Raol F : Who is still litening to this in 2020?

Sharky Gaming CZ : This man is pretty weird, but great :0

Kevin Yeoh : Imagine what our portable music devices would be like if someone had invented this in the 1600s.

Snifferdawg 360 : That is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen

Juan Zapata : O Dios mio es chula la canción ... es to es musica

Nic Knack : I literally love this!!!!!

Aloysius Scrimshaw : Exquisite work Please visit us at The House of Scrimshaw... The Dead Musician was here 🦈👁

Joseph Saxe : It takes a lot of balls to play an instrument like that....

Clemons Kunkel : Wowing. Such a cool idea. Sounds awesome also. That is a super artist at work for sure. Thanks for Sharing

AnduinX BYM : 2:34 - Here is where it starts to pick up again.

busara 45 theVillain : It has a breakdown lever? I need rhcp on the vocals. Put wheels on it and take the show on the road.

yunotastic : I swear to god why would someone unlike this video?