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男はラップが固まると思った・・だから包丁を作ろうと思った。 サランラップ、クレラップ、日立ラップ、ダイヤラップ、ダイアラップの各ラップで少量ずつサンプルを作りましたが、ダイヤラップとダイアラップが気泡が少なく、熱に溶けにくく、固まると硬くなるという結果となり、包丁作りに最適であると結論付けました。従いまして、この動画は科学実験ドキュメンタリーです ※十分な安全に配慮して制作しております。危険ですので 絶対にマネしないでください

Comments from Youtube

大狐 : Human history. Stone age>Bronze age>Iron age>Plastic wrap age.

Johnny : Next you should sharpen the cucumber and cut the knife with it.

liteal : yeah. I will not be surprised if the next knife will be made of sand...and sharpen.

Shadowcomet : I guess that my teacher was right when she told me anything can be a weapon

I don't deserve subs : That could get through a metal detector

Robin Holbrook : Pretty sure that this guy can make a pickle sharp enough to cut wood

Homus Notus : The motto of this channel is with enough creativity and hard work everything can made into knife.

Abdega : Plastic wrap is now banned on airplanes

marc thomas : For every video he makes is another element or substance banned on planes

Black Mercury : This guy's gonna be a suspect in a lot of really weird crimes.

JimboSlice : Make a knife out of cucumber. Then you can cut cucumber with a cucumber kinfe

Ram Kitten : This man will make a knife at oxygen at some point, mark my word.

SydDrawsStuff : I wonder what you do with all your unorthodox knives

pxeachie zhu : Ive been binge watching all of your videos i don't know how to stop SoMeonE hELp mE *why am i still alive tho*

Elite Wizard : yet again another knife losses to the god that is the pasta

Useless Reptile : The fact that this could pass through a metal detector is kinda terrifying.

crazy potato : *Japanese comment*

CARL BRAGANZA : The most fine grit of sandpaper I can find, is 2,500 and 3,000. Honestly, i didn't even know it went higher than that. 6,000? 12,000? 30,000??? You're a GENIUS dude. Love your channel. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Zoidberg : WW3 is going to come, and we are going to nuke each other back to the stone age, and this man will have the sharpest stick around

o ne : せびみなさんも考えてみてください。 ラップとは。

Freddy FourFingerz : Amazing! Please do a crab shell knife

Richard Lucas : I like your channel. The most important part of each video in this series is the creative response to the methods, procedures, and materials presented. The reason for the repetition of the same form (the knife) is to highlight the actual creative genius. Like Einstein wearing the same clothes every day so that he does not have to decide what to wear, the kitchen knife is both archetypal and practical at the same time; stable. What moves is the mind, adapting to the changing conditions, in a specific moment in time, under specific economic, sociological, political, and artistic conditions.

っフラスコの化身アルム : 削った後の粉が雪みたい ん...? 粉ァァァァァァァァ雪ィィィィイィィィ イェエ..

Anya Aliwate : He literally has a tool for everything

UrielManX7 : IDEA: Sharpest whetstone knife in the world.

驘禮髑髏 : もう誰も手を出せない領域笑

Phara Giza : Prison shank of the day

Instantaneous Nothings : Condom knife! We need a condom knife people!! Lets make it happen!

ねこ仮面 : もうね、斬鉄剣対策にコンニャクで包丁を作って下さい‼

力消州 : 関連動画に同じ持ち方でいろんな包丁が並んでて笑ったw

Rick Pires : This whole channel seems to be a guide to making murder weapons that can easily be disposed of afterwards in a fire lol

IOnceAteAPinecone : if this guy ever goes to prison, nobody inside will be safe

Avery Oz : what's next? banana peel?

ぽんずぽん : いつかこの人ノーベル賞とりそう

lost snail : This guys is training for the day he goes to prison for life and has to make a sharp knife out of toilet paper or something *oh, i might be on the watchlist now*

1 2 : このラップはチンできないな

Doffy donquixote : My god you're so clean

コロッケコロコロ : 一番最後格ゲーのメニュー画面の操作みてぇな音ww 10:19

DJ sushii : *Don't make him mad* He has a hell of a knife collection

Shiny Brow : パスタで包丁作れるなら、パンやお米で包丁作ってくれそうな気がする。

Shioru : もうなにで包丁作っても驚かない(褒め言葉)

Andrew Montague : The UK government will see this and shit themselves... 😂

kluyvert10 : 結局薄くて硬い板になった時点で勝ちよねw

Roborovski : Very cool, great ideas!

Youtube日本支部 登録者募集 : 飛行機なんかに乗っても、サンドペーパーと砥石あったら凶器作れちゃいますね!ww

【自宅警備員】シオン : 持つところもラップなのか…

press : I wanna see this guy's collection of knives.

Divyanshu Verma : Start selling these you r the only one who makes such kind of knives

リューうと : サランラップまで凶器にするなんて恐ろしい男だぜ(* ̄∇ ̄*)フッ