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Eiro Nareth : Exactly one year ago I uploaded a video with a soundtrack from "Inception" by Hans Zimmer. Check it out - https://youtu.be/uAcALH67-2A Put your thumbs up and write something good) Ровно год назад на канале вышло видео с саундтреком из фильма "Начало" (Hans Zimmer - Time) смотрим, как это было - https://youtu.be/uAcALH67-2A

Tanvir Hasan Hridoy : Lost my breath at 2:10 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Harsh Singh : I've destroyed the replay button.

Lucan Feliciano : C'mon TARS! C'mon TARS!!!!

Rodrigo César : Because my dad promised me 😭😭

VEANDAN : Комментарии излишни, лайк. Запилю на флешку в тачку, буду крутить пока не надоест, очень как-то философски звучит, есть о чём подумать под тему. Молодец Эйро. Для меня ты вечно в топе лидеров среди фингер-ассов. Твори дружище, всех тебе успехов.

Bruce Davis : I want to give this an additional thumbs up

Fenrir Kveldulv : CASE: Endurance rotation is 67, 68 RPM. Cooper: CASE, get ready to match our spin with the retro thrusters. CASE: It's not possible. Cooper: No. It's necessary.

Мария Константиновна : Это невозможно не пересмотреть тысячу раз! Лучшее исполнение, невероятно проникновенное и вдохновляющее. Спасибо за это)

Panos Sigalas : Interstellar, is already one of my favourites movies, and I know the soundtrack, and from the first time I heard it, I loved it. I also play guitar, but you man, you took the song to another dimension. The harmonic dimension. You are fantastic, and what you made is bigger than you. Thank you man. It is a masterpiece.

Ricky januarsyah : Dont let me leave murph .!

yuri poika : Make an account on Spotify, and upload your beautiful music out there so the rest of us can listen to it and follow your music initially. Thanks in advance

Un koala créatif : Beautiful cover, nice job ! Sounds of interstellar are my favorite and Hans Zimmer is a very good composer ! Your cover makes me cry...😢 Thank you for this sound (Sorry for my bad English I'm French 🇫🇷)

Hingle McCringleberry : his right hand is where all the magic is. That absolute control over his picking is incredible

Виктор Пестов : Миллиард подписчиков тебе и здоровья побольше, чтобы радовать замечательной музыкой нас дольше ;)

Mr.Mister : Fantastic.

Solowinged : that powerful chord at 0:50 stole my breath, and everything that followed stole my heart. Wonderful performance, thank you so much for sharing with us your talent!

Alexandre Lopes : Thank you, Eiro Nareth. Thank you for posting such a beautiful play of the interstellar suite. Your mastery of the guitar chords makes it shine as few dare to even try.

Jose Villareal : Dude I need this track in spotify 😭

Сергей Пан : я, бл..ь аж преисполнился в своем познании на сто триллионов миллиардов нот, бл..ь

EPguitars : потрясно, снимаю шляпу!

Satanminherre : 328 people went gentle into the night

Better than telly : Stunning version of a stunning composition. What composed us?!

Миха Данилюк : Я аж слезу пустил...

Sumrit Chamber : The power of Pauses at the right time and the dynamics of the notes.. Damn, that is some sick playing! Glad it showed up on my recommended list.

Oliver Papke KOMPONIST : amazing track!!

Sviatoslav Petrov : Фантастическое исполнение! Раз 10 прослушал - всё не отпускает :) Спасибо!

SHADE : 한쿸인인사람 !!

Vishal Kaushal : this was the power of 12 string guitar ....felt it very nicely.....so amazing......goooooose bummmmmmmmmmsss.. when the bass arrives....

Talat's World : Wow... wow wow

Max Brent : Мёёёёёрф!

Aesyir : Brand... shes... out there... setting up camp...alone...in a strange galaxy... maybe right now she is settling in for the long nap... by the light of our new sun...in our new home...

Knight Falco : incredible

Ahmar Khan : The way he shakes his guitar reminds me of docking scene😣😲

Joe Lonsdale : Amazing.

Benarist 98 : Holy sheeeeeeeeeet

Piso Brilhoso : Sensacional, amazing

Zio pè : great guitarist!

Attila Felföldi : When I clicked it I thought it was gonna be good, but holy shit, I didn't expect this

4ePTeHb : я первый кто залил её в вк,а еееее!!!

kaputasri : That pause is powerful damn i got goosebumps. This is so beautiful what a masterpiece.

ERRON BLACK : here is free replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00

Menomo : Amazing

cameron jackson : My favorite thing on the internet right now

shpaQu 91 : you deserve all the credits in the world, I am dissolving. Simply brilliant

Michael Pacheco : 3:34 best part

dosi-v-sodi : Это очень круто! Попробовал пробник табов сыграть, тональность вроде не совпадает. Здесь нестандартный строй?

Nathan Ferocious 2.0 : Level Incredible.

Siti Zulaikha : greeting from Malaysia! 😊❤

Paulette Schraps : ♥️Wow, Way to master the instruments true vibrational resonance with Raw Passion!!