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Eiro Nareth : By the way, the videos come out earlier on my Insta - instagram.com/eiro_nareth/

Max Brent : Мёёёёёрф!

Ross the Music and Guitar Teacher : Just purchased the arrangement. Amazing!!!

Aesyir : Brand... shes... out there... setting up camp...alone...in a strange galaxy... maybe right now she is settling in for the long nap... by the light of our new sun...in our new home...


brandonprows : Definitely am going to buy this tab. Stellar work. INTERstellar work. Too much? okay...

Eiro Nareth : Exactly one year ago I uploaded a video with a soundtrack from "Inception" by Hans Zimmer. Check it out - https://youtu.be/uAcALH67-2A Put your thumbs up and write something good) Ровно год назад на канале вышло видео с саундтреком из фильма "Начало" (Hans Zimmer - Time) смотрим, как это было - https://youtu.be/uAcALH67-2A

saufi zakaria : Whoever dislike this video, you are worse than dr. Mann.

Devrim özkoçak : amınıza koyim

Jan Grebe : Gear used: 'Hands'

Максим Данилов : Скачал на флешку и слушаю ночью по трассе, это нечто восхитительное! просто шикарно

Ricky januarsyah : Dont let me leave murph .!

Evil Kage : Am i the only one having Goosebumps here...!!!

Lezzin Leiva : One of the best videos on youtube, thanks for sharing it

You are soul : OK. This is fantastic playing. It reminded me of the first time I'd heard of Candyrat records; it wanted to make me watch Interstellar again. It even made me search for the tabs and try to play it on my guitar (it sounded like a rubbery abortion stretched over cheese string and vigorously vibrated to try to make a sound). But can you PLEASE stop recommending it to me. I could be watching the divorce rituals of hermaphroditic cane toads or the ISS on continual loop and it'd be there. I've searched for grade 1-3 stories and it was there. I searched relaxing music and it was there. I even let my wife choose her music to play (and I hate that shit) and it came up on the recommended list. Leave me alone, you Jehovah's Witness of a video, you.

tanaim shareeb : 1:20 best part!!!!!!!!?!!

VEANDAN : Комментарии излишни, лайк. Запилю на флешку в тачку, буду крутить пока не надоест, очень как-то философски звучит, есть о чём подумать под тему. Молодец Эйро. Для меня ты вечно в топе лидеров среди фингер-ассов. Твори дружище, всех тебе успехов.

Debangsu Sarkar : This music transcends every boundaries, religion, nationality, species, natural, supernatural.... Everything

Andrea Salwyn : Okay this guy is amazing like omg

Paul Horn : Wow! That was great! You captured the essence! Just wow!

Sudo Hyde : Some white things are floating in your room o.o

Tanvir Hasan Hridoy : Lost my breath at 2:10 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Mercurio Rojo : Simplemente fantástico!!!

Bleedingfist : This sounds 10,000 times better than the original

WolfieBlitz : How are you so good

nkyryry : One of the greatest pieces of music ever written for a film in my opinion. The almost clockwork feel to the song fits so flawlessly. You can feel every precious second ticking away and the underlying sense of climax. That this is the turning point for everything. The human race lives or dies with every decision they make. You can feel the weight of the world on them. It’s a prime example of a perfect score for a movie. I would’ve delayed the movie 20 years if it meant getting that score.

Lucan Feliciano : C'mon TARS! C'mon TARS!!!!

Jihadul Islam : S.T.A.Y

andreisabe : Oh man, thst sounds beautiful, thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

Topp Cuzz : Murphy: but i knew that you’d come back Cooper: how ? Murphy: because my dad promised me !

Darrin Daw : Don't let me leave Murph!!!!!

Mr.Mister : Fantastic.

Change your Password : MURPH

Sean Christopher - Music Composer : Beautiful! God has definitely blessed you with some playing skills. :)

Yunus Pancar : great work

Alana e Max Schwoelk Fotografia : VERY COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

EPguitars : потрясно, снимаю шляпу!

Aazim Sohail : What tuning are you using?

Steen Punk : Who the hell hangs a bicycle over their bed?

Bojingly 67 : Time to put down the electric for a bit. I am so inspired, wow.

nitramyar : Absolutely beautiful! The use of the harmonics is stunning.

Максим Сидяев : Потрясно, на 2:10 аж муражки пошли, ух, хочу от тебя детей! Давай requiem for a dream уж тогда еще)

Reauman Chef : truly stellar playing

Mai : You're amazing!

Javier Herdz : Precious😍😍😍

JUAN ALONSO GARCÍA CARRILLO : awesome! heavenly present.

Jeff Howell : AWESOME

StardustMelange : Beautiful!

Alex Vannini : I can't quit listening. This performance is far above everything. Absolutely stellar. Much more than the original soundtrack piece.

Gokul Dinesh : What is the tuning?