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Eiro Nareth : By the way, the videos come out earlier on my Insta - instagram.com/eiro_nareth/

Red Squirrel : "It's impossible to play this on a guitar!" "No it's necessary"

Aqn Guitar-Fingerstyle : I have watched this too many times, one of the best covers ever

Ordo Seclorum : А вы тоже заходите сюда снова и снова, чтобы ещё раз послушать этот шедевр?)

Xargul : This is so amazing, I could imagine it being an actual scene in the movie... Imagine an old person playing guitar, sitting by a field near the spaceport where the ships are departing, looking up and knowing that his children and grandchildren are now safe. Tears running down his face, he breaths the blighted air knowing that he stayed behind to safe a younger generation, but in doing so he sacrificed himself. He will not die surrounded by his loved ones like murph did, but instead will leave this universe alone, on a now hostile planet that was once his home...

Black Lotus : this should be listened with a headphone in a dark room...

Rezky lydian : Dont let me leave murph .!

Hamid Rezaie FBF1 Filbornaskolan : The best movie i've ever watched. One of the best movies of all-time! (in top 5, of course) The best science movie of all-time! The best music on a movie ever! I'm never get tired of watching this fantastic movie with this amazing music!

Зелёный Гитарист : Я не знаю как тебя по настоящему зовут, но играешь очень классно, спасибо за такие аранжировки, Респект!!!

HardRockMiner : That is a very haunting piece of music.

Edi D. : Эпически исполнил. А темку душевную с фильмеца "Высоцкий, спс. что живой" сбацать как-нибудь получится?

VEANDAN : Комментарии излишни, лайк. Запилю на флешку в тачку, буду крутить пока не надоест, очень как-то философски звучит, есть о чём подумать под тему. Молодец Эйро. Для меня ты вечно в топе лидеров среди фингер-ассов. Твори дружище, всех тебе успехов.

Israel Ventura : How can anyone dislike this its amazing honestly

channel G : Wow....Hans Zimmer would be pleased to hear this masterpiece......

DonPetrushka : Никогда не думал, что оркестровку из Интерстеллара можно так охуенно изобразить на гитаре. Чувак, ты крут! Аж пыль сбилась в клочья и начала плясать у тебя на заднем фоне!))

Костя : Ребята которые ставят дизлайки... Дайте ссылочку, хочется посмотреть на вашу игру.

Tengu Kage : How in the world could so many people diss like this 😑🔥🎸👊🏽

DarthAmerind : Man I miss my 12 string.. I always owned a 6 string. So I finally got one. Put it in the basement forawhile.. When I went to use it the neck cracked.. Lesson learned.. Loosen the strings before putting it away.. To much tension.

Rafael Wartchow : I need this on my spotify!!!

Captain Pete : The 1k dislikes are the picks that he didn't use.

kaputasri : That pause is powerful damn i got goosebumps. This is so beautiful what a masterpiece.

Mer Funk : There needs to be more than a 'like' button that I can press. Bravo dude, love the energy you put into this.

Ahoora Sol : wow.this is the best hans zimmer cover i've ever seen this far!

Peaceful Warrior : ООО, черт! У меня мурашки по коже! 😃😉💞💫🙏👍

Kane Injected : The morons who dislike the video are jealous and sad people.

Ritik Jain : Will this english comment be found in a sea of other comments??? :)

Andrew Bauer : the power of humanity

James Spencer : Back for the third time and picking up details I didn’t notice the first time! Who is this guy!? BTW anyone notice the melody is similar to early Metallica?

Hannibal King 93 : ποιος ηρθε απ το q& a του γιωργου με τα μαθηματα κιθαρας??

Nitesh Kumar : Wow! Just woke up and This made my morning so fresh and soulful. And till now I don't ever think that the cover of this masterpiece is only possible on guitar. This sounds really amazing and true. Lots of Respect for you man.

Mr.MurrMan : Oh man, this was fantastic. God bless!

Fauxceaserdelta1 : I find it very spiritual and don't know of any words that describe what this makes me feel, anyone else know this feeling? That sane feeling you get when playing such a song yourself, you feel connected to something..

Kristine McCowan : Wow! Thank you~ this is amazing ❣️

Sergey Ivanov : На 3:55 он довел гитару до оргазма..ее аж трясет в спазмах от такой игры) охрененно смотрится..

Rodrigo César : Because my dad promised me 😭😭

emily nisbet : 1 word....... WOW!!!!

Jayant Sharma : It was necessary...

Михаил Смирнов : Звучит просто шикарно. Это самое красивое исполнение этого саундтрека которое я слышал. Готов Слушать бесконечно. Да и вообще все твои видео потрясающие. Увидев их и узнав про фингерстайл я начал заниматься на гитаре в это стиле. Спасибо что вдохновил!!!!!

The Infotainment : I love it.

Aesyir : Brand... shes... out there... setting up camp...alone...in a strange galaxy... maybe right now she is settling in for the long nap... by the light of our new sun...in our new home...

TheGeekTut : this song is beautiful but it makes me so depressed and sad ...

mugensamurai : How dare you make your audience cry! You keep onion ninjas in that guitar? Because that was incredible!

Beard Man : Dont make me feel like a loser man. You are a awsome person I bet

Muji Ari officiaL : Keren ,, from indonesia

Ahmar Khan : Youtube should disable Dislike button for such an art

Araz Davud : Much better than piano version

Arthur Carvalho : Please, please, Now we are free

Vinícius Pacheco Vieira : Eiro Naireth do a fingerstyle of the Way of Life from The Last Samurai soundtrack!

Manipulator v Pitere : Невзирая ни на что!!!

Super Viral Sick Vids : One of the greatest pieces of music ever written for a film in my opinion. The almost clockwork feel to the song fits so flawlessly. You can feel every precious second ticking away and the underlying sense of climax. That this is the turning point for everything. The human race lives or dies with every decision they make. You can feel the weight of the world on them. It’s a prime example of a perfect score for a movie. I would’ve delayed the movie 20 years if it meant getting that score.