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Daniel fountain : imagine if this was a man at the door telling a woman that his girlfriend or wife can not go to an event or club? There would be outrage!

Nico The Rabbit : My girlfriend almost left me at the store because of this one. ------------ Her: "Aww, look at these cute coasters!" Me: "They'd be better if they had wheels." Her: "Why?" Me: "Because then they would be rollercoasters."

[Insert Name] : "She's like Hitler she is. She always has me in here" Never a good comparison

Thomas McDermott : "Joe she's countin Joe." I'm dying, lmfao!

Captain Claire : Love their accents! xD

LordSlag : Reverse genders and this would be domestic abuse. Double standards indeed...

RJ M : now lets reverse roles

JOESIE.16 : Brilliant!!

XplosivCookie : I'd consider moving just to hear that accent all the time.

Erşan Kuneri : without subs, i won't understand even a word..

Jasmine Dale : Way too funny

Muhammed IbnMoadib : id toss that cunt out miles before id get as spineless beta male as him.

Steven Franssen : Where are the Muslims?

Hope Hurteau : just walk past her and squeeze her bum on the way by

Zombies City : That's what's happening to me right now😓😓😓

Gabriel Esteves : what kind of german is this? lol

DK In Da House : Half Pints 😆😆😂 Gaybo 🤣🤣🤣 Cant wait to see those two return home 🤣😂😁

Jack Moran : Hello, My name is Jack Moran and I am a producer for the TV show "RightThisMinute". Our executive producers saw your video and would like to feature it on the show. Would you give us permission to share it on our show and digital platforms with full credit to you and your channel? You will retain all rights to the video. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Please email me at jack.moran@rightthisminute.com Thanks, Jack

elliot dusk : Or just do what you want since you're a grown man

Jan Van Diemen : A video about three pussies.

Laughing Achilles : RIP Darryl.

FiftyHP : Jesus Christ her accent is disgusting.

Feluto : Joe the real mvp

petev23 : darryl has herpes

Yarpy : Good shite mate.

cheatyface01 : When you add stroke to text, there is an option to change the cap & corner of it. Adjusting that will get rid of those odd pointy bits of text you've got.

yyv aasd : if they had a kid it'd probably have a perfect jawline and normal levels of testosterone. so it all works out.

DEW- ME : I swear this is the land where Pirates come from! well the ones from the 1700s arrrrrrr

Paul Morrissey : Haha these are fuckin gas lads keep ir up!

Bob Cook : Why i live alone. lol

Dandre Lewis : Shit is Universal Lads.

Niamh Andrews : She is brilliant, seen her videos before anyone know her name to find her videos?