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Not In My World : imagine if this was a man at the door telling a woman that his girlfriend or wife can not go to an event or club? There would be outrage!

Nico The Rabbit : My girlfriend almost left me at the store because of this one. ------------ Her: "Aww, look at these cute coasters!" Me: "They'd be better if they had wheels." Her: "Why?" Me: "Because then they would be rollercoasters."

[Insert Name] : "She's like Hitler she is. She always has me in here" Never a good comparison

Thomas McDermott : "Joe she's countin Joe." I'm dying, lmfao!

Captain Claire : Love their accents! xD

XplosivCookie : I'd consider moving just to hear that accent all the time.

LordSlag : Reverse genders and this would be domestic abuse. Double standards indeed...

RJ M : now lets reverse roles

Feluto : Joe the real mvp

JOESIE.16 : Brilliant!!

Jasmine Dale : Way too funny

Erşan Kuneri : without subs, i won't understand even a word..

Yarpy : Good shite mate.

Laughing Achilles : RIP Darryl.

eie A : Come on, I'm a female and if the guy wants to go out let him geez. I would not allow my partner to dictate if i can go out or not , he isn't my father and I'm grown so why would I dictate if he can or can't go out, I'm not his mother. Those that let themselves ve treated like this need to reevaluate their freedom

Gabriel Esteves : what kind of german is this? lol

DK In Da House : Half Pints 😆😆😂 Gaybo 🤣🤣🤣 Cant wait to see those two return home 🤣😂😁

Bob Cook : Why i live alone. lol

LMFAO : Why do the lads look so rough?

Hope Hurteau : just walk past her and squeeze her bum on the way by

Zombies City : That's what's happening to me right now😓😓😓

petev23 : darryl has herpes

elliot dusk : Or just do what you want since you're a grown man

Niamh Andrews : She is brilliant, seen her videos before anyone know her name to find her videos?

Miccio Mera : I love her xxxx

Jocular : I just give me wife money and a bunch of flowers when I go out with me mates.

Duane Daily : If she was a mute, she'd be hot.

yyv aasd : if they had a kid it'd probably have a perfect jawline and normal levels of testosterone. so it all works out.

Priscilla Parisi : lmao

Fiftyy : Jesus Christ her accent is disgusting.

cheatyface01 : When you add stroke to text, there is an option to change the cap & corner of it. Adjusting that will get rid of those odd pointy bits of text you've got.

Ladislav Žitný : Poor guys ;(