Slice of Wednesday

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Nomicro4u : And to think I used to hate Wednesdays.

Dingus : arguably the most important post of the week

Sive : wednesday

Cyranek : my favorite part was when it was wednesday

Natalie Alfera : I was waiting for this all day

Samsid : I cried.

Travler Simpon : On your way to 100K😁

Alice Walls : I’m more impressed by the variety of music genre’s you remix this meme into. Seriously impressive.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Is it pronounced "wensday" or "wed-nes-day" ? 🤔

Çalıya Dikkat : i knew it.. the frog is real

The Spanish Inquisition : I want a special alarm clock shaped like a frog that only goes off on wednesdays

Danker Beef : *these edits are **_extraordinary._*

stupid fucking idiot : Det är Onsdag mina bekanta.


Kolordigaunt : Replay button 🅱️roke Understandable have a great Wednesday

Sebastian Nielsen : I would love it if you made "wednesdays plan". A gods plan parody.

Chweaw : Är du från Jönköping din lilla groda?

Ani's Trash Can : Wednesday + Resonance?

Valcgo : No Wednesday is complete without these. You should consider doing Patron.

kamikazeHND : Song plz

Wowza Bowza : Inb4 Cyranek gets here.


Toucana. : But tbh that remix is just 👌

Poket Gaming : Notification squad my dudes

Aironas Koliasnikovas : It's thursday my gals

ΛTLΛS \16\16\16\16\ : this was uploaded on thursday

Francisco Moronta : I'm saying fad "The Interlude" (Prod. Only1s) , youre welcome

BioMutalist : The meme that will never die It is Wednesday my dudes

dakotaaa : yo whats the song

Kirbongo : usually i hate Wednesday, but when I remember that Zimonitrome posts a new video every Wednesday all my anger disappears

Ninjaheim : it amazes me that in 6 mins there are 140 comments

SpaceFlye : Oh no, it's Wednesday O'clock and there's no new video out yet! edit: never mind, all is sound for yet another Wednesday.

VelociraptorJW : Beautiful. I think I just shed a tear just now

PuffiN : Video: It is Wednesday my dudes Me: looks at calendar *WEDNESDAY*

Louie Salmon : I watch the NLSS, and sometimes I forget that the show is on Wednesday, so thanks for these. They give me a good feel for when the week is half-over.

espre : *Animals - Recommended videos for you* Okay, Youtube... okay...

Paper Yoshi : *w ░ e d n e s d a y* a n o m o l y

Grathakar : *C H I L L*

Josh Walker : Hey it's Wednesday my dude, where's the vid?

slav god : The name of the song on YouTube

Snivy the Vampire : A Wild Wednesday my dudes Appered

Rock Candy : Fun fact, in Russian you don't say "it is wednesday my dudes". You say " Wednesday, dudes"

Some Random Guy : It is currently the fourth day of the week, my fellow male friends.

Nate KANG : These videos almost make me want to get a Budgett's Frog as a pet just for the heck of it. Only problem is that I might neglect it every day of the week but wednesday

Dragon Blaze : I am currently watching this on the day after Tuesday and the day right before Thursday. *WEDNESDAY*

WolfieDoesYouTube : I can't be the only person who thinks the wednesday frog is kinda cute

Gnotter : FINALLY!!!

Magnolia : I can watch dank memes and find great music all at the same time.

ipp game : Егор,Гоша,Кирилл,Женя - пуськи

Don Johnson : This is the meme that keeps on giving.