Lucas the Spider - Captured

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Just Some Guy with a Mustache : That guy is gonna be mad when he comes back and he doesn't find the talking spider he promised would be on Kimmel.

Lucas' Toy Chest : I thought the glass was going to fall.

George Spider : Hey Lucas, I was also captured today... I have to find a way to tell him that i never bite friends! Any suggestions?

Stanley Bedford : 0:21 so cute here you go

The Shadowless : 0:28 is by far the cutest fucking walk I have ever seen!

Destiny Gamer : Lucas is a darn smart spider

Caitlyn O. : Your father is looking for you Lucas!

the blue jellybean animation : LUCAS!!!!! ARE YOU OK?!?!

ItZJustRoseAnd Jake : Make more video that is adorable and cutest everrr awww my teacher watch this my class 😊💟

Elani Aniyvwia : He’s looking at me........ hi!!

Gaming Moments : 0:20 *Cutest ”Hi” Ever*

Music & Nature : haha funny! hey you all guys do you really wan't to be scared to watch scary face spider's video? if yes, Then watch in it...!

Can I get 1000 subs without any videos? : If only real spiders looked like Lucas...

Rebecca Garcia : I’ve been captured! I was playing hide and seek and I ran up to him and I was like “Tag you’re it!” Then *gasp* There he is. He’s looking at me! Hai *waves* Nows.... my chance.... TO ESCAPE!

Chibi Prussia : That hi tho

Kali Primp : This is the type of thing on trending I'm tryna SEE

Avatarlatte : Can we just talk about how beefed up Lucas is to be able to push a wine glass, like Lucas give me your workout routine!

Terrianna'z World : He has the cutest hi's in the world

Jaquelynne Wilson : 0:20 died of cuteness.

winterundertale HD : Lucas: hoi! Nooowww it’s time too escape! Me: lol Guy: NUu

ZagboyGamez : Now’s... My Chance... *TO ESCAPE*

Lynlyn BL : Can you please make a full episode pls

tytany Minecraft : I am crayng hi Is So cute i never kill spider again😍😇😻🕷️🕸️🕷️💕💞💕❤️❣️💟💗💖


Myoe Animations : Lucas!!!!!!!! Your dad just saw you! Hes looking for you!!

panda g : I love lucas the spider SOOOO CUUTE

secret rose : Lucus your dad is looking for you!

sasa hye : Me: My heart is of ice. Lucas: HIII I: * melts of love *

Sulji Kim : 0:21 SOOOOO CUTE😂😂😂

ですさくら : " hi !"

Butters The Bean : He is so cute!

; o : 0:20

What's that supposed to mean? : AKA face reveal if you look closely into the glass reflection

Michelle Caba : i miss Lucassssss

Jungkookies And cream : OMG I DIED WHEN HE SAID HI😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Spotastic : lol, a spider is smarter than me.

Haneen Alharthi : lusac u are so cute im dying😭🖤

Moonlight Mantids : We just had baby jumpers hatch

screeaveDestination : My favorite video! He is so cute that I always cry <3

Danyale Davis : omg he is soooo cutteeeee💕💕

Word Unheard : I died when that lil guy said, "Hi!"

Angel 3 nice gamer Gamer : Hi lucas.

MyLifeAsEmma : Who ever knew a spider could be so cute lol

Hoody’s GT : Omg so cute 😍 Awww The HI gets me

Fusion Gamer : Your father is trying to find you Lucas!!!

UnPhayzable : Good thing the spiders in my house aren't this smart or I would've been dead a long time ago

invader516 : Lucas! Daddy spider is looking for you

Miss Twinklez : Lucas! Daddy Spider is looking for you! ;w;

techno kitten : ITS SOO CUTE