Lucas the Spider - Captured

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Puddi Panda : Oooh... hi... *waves back*

Carrot Man : If only real spiders looked like Lucas...


Chipettes eat Chips : Which ‘hi’ is cuter tho??? *0:02* or *0:20* Now THAT is the question (ps like if u think it’s the 2nd one)

FNAF Adventures and more! : Lucas the Spider is the most poisonous spider of all time!! His poison is called, "Adorableness."

Cute_yandarechan 11 : I yelled at my brother for swishing a spider and I smacked him and scream "THAT WAS LUCAS!!"

Yilian Jiang : If the person who voices Lucas does not become an award-winning actor when he grows up, I will be seriously disappointed.

Kofreaky : 0:20 that "hi" make my heart frozen aawww

Bruce Wayne : You guys always wanna kill spiders when they're on your wall but as soon as they're put into cute animation yall want to pull out your heart emojis.

Midnight Playz Studios : This. Is. The. Cutest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen. *WE NEED MORE!!* Also, glad he survived the sink!

Iqra and Wishmah : " ESCAPE" * runs to escape with the world's most adorable walk

Hitodeman. : "Playing hide and seek" "I ran up to him and then said *T A G Y O U ' R E I T* " Its ok Lucas Only u can maek mist3iks


Emotay Productions : With the mess YouTube has been recently, I think we all needed this video. Amazing as always!~

Angel Grace : Now peeps know not to kill spiders

SGTJenn : I've been captured! Oh, who'd a thunk it? This adorable little spider is melting my heart. 🤔

Sparkle Davis : I've been captured..... I was playing hide and seek Then I ran up to him I was like "Tag you're it"..... then *G A S P* There he is he's looking at me....... H A I Nows my chance to E S C A P E


Kali Primp : This is the type of thing on trending I'm tryna SEE

Lauryn Wheeler : Lucas : The guy is coming Guy : Is that spider speaking ?! Heavens no , that's impossible ! Lucas : adorable wave and little squeal Guy : 😮😲😨

Jem10009Yt : (sees lucas and then sees cats trying to get him) (immedaintly protects lucas with glass bottle over him) MUST.PROTECT.SMOL CHILD-

Demi Quinx : Now I know why spiders crawl up on me, I should tag it back!

Donnatjuh2006 : I’ve been captured! I was playing hide and seek and I ran up to him and i said: tag you’re it! Oh! There he is... He’s looking at me! Hii!👋🏻 Now is my chance to escape!

Gaming Moments : *HE’S BACK* 😂😱

1ts2EZ : When the add you get at the beggining is longer than the video itself

Hunter Spencer : Lucas is so cute i would cudle with him and live with hime hes a cute spider

Emma : Who ever knew a spider could be so cute lol

Danish Jamil : This video will be banned in Australia XD.

UnPhayzable : Don't worry Lucas you can keep the house just don't harm my glasses

MAYSAB Gaming : Lucas: he’s looking at me Me: ahhh the spiders looking at meee!

טום בוקר : How someone can dislike this🤗

Isla Axtell : Lucas the spider has made me not be afraid of spiders he's cute

al qu : Nooo, comeback! I want keep you forever!! 😭

Isaiah Daniel : Who died of cuteness when Lucas said "Hi"?

dreåming dølån : 0:20 OMG MY HEARTTTTTTTTTTTTT

it crafting time : I think lucas took the love out of everyone becuase hes so ccccuuuuuttttttteeeeee

Captain Qwaz Caz : 0:29 *dies* *MISSION COMPLETE*

Hitodeman. : Su coot. Su fuzzy. Must huggie!

menslady125 : Yay! Lucas got away!

ItzMaddieStudios : It’s so cute, that I need to puke. I have not seen anything this innocent in years and I don’t think my body is handling it well.

ayush armarkar : Starting hiee awwwwwwq😍😍😍😍he is so adorable i love lucas

CJ GAMING AND BLOGS : This has changed my opinion on spiders.

Pefi Ruiz : Que kahuay

Rogers Animated : Captured for being too cute.

Mariah’s Channel : dose lucas the spider have a movie. he is so cute!

wikaPIKA G : I love spiders!!!!lucas....

FoxieMoonlight120 YT Gaming And Animations!! : "Now's my chance to..... ESCAPE~!"

anders mikkelsen : That hiii in the beginning😄😍

Nightmare the Nightwing : Be Free Young One!!