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Yeah, he's WAY better than Michael Phelps

Comments from Youtube

ugly devon : bryanxrocco OTP

Alex Pirenis : Hahah! That was fucking awesome!

mkhpsyco : hmmm the youtube "share" link has Cok in the address

Fr3k3 : LOL!

ZombieShawn : I laughed way to hard at this video LOL


fageable : @LotsOfNine definitely, as long as balls don't touch.

Dr. Gaming : So who's Tyler?

Dewey Boymann : prove it.

lolimontheinternet : I've got to say, this is one of my favorites so far.

rameitori : What the f-f-f-f-f-fuck??

JusAnotherUTuber : hahaha

GareBear : This is kinda like a collegehumor vid i saw recently.

Manny Man : Geez XD

t : In a section separate from the Megat64 Trio, and tagged "Guy who just kinda shows up sometimes"

t : wares shawn

t : Eric isn't part of Mega64.

kope2kope : Your name is hilarious. Also Eric is the worst Mega64 person ever.

kope2kope : oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Gaming Cult : faggits did the skit

Monolith : this is why eric (and bryan) is the best..

lolimontheinternet : Love it.

iownu92 : Alright, who's suckin' em?!

JackieFuckingChan : Shawn should have been the guy to say "prove it" instead of Rocco. Eric, your casting choices disappoint me again.

Gryphon666 : As always a great ending XD I love these vids!

ealing456 : It all makes sense if you watch the video Rocco's watching in the back ground.

Ryan Chesler : lol that was prob your best vid for a while

kenneym89 : R.I.P. Michael Phelps

RainbowFission : He really is the best.

Senpai3173 : greatness

Czarewich : This never would have happened if you didn't sit next to him Rocco.

kmt 010 : no no no.... fred is the best swimmer!

Ryan Reid : I know why Rocco was okay with getting blown by Bryan. He was watching a Fred video, thus proving he's gay.

GregorioXII : I hope this is symbolism for how sexual innuendo is ruining everything.

sleepingtrinity : love you, brian

killer DLS : Thay did da skit.

ytnbsa : wow....

YoungJezus : haha, awesome.

Ciathos : oh man, i can't stop laughing from this one1

Spandam : No i wanted to see Rocco´s sticky manjuice destroy dat beard :(

Austin Darbyshire : i think thats what they were going for...

Mondos : Found it! Go to collegehumor(.)com/video:1923179

Mondos : Sorry Brain. I just saw a video a couple weeks ago that had the same premise and idea. It was even about blowjobs. This was still a good effort. I look forward to enjoying more of your jizz in the future.

bbhaver : Be careful, don't let him drown.

KubisPL : Does Mike Phelps is better swimmer?

metaleggman18 : Prove it.

lazercat1029384756 : Is that Shaun wearing a Bryan costume?

Hungerth : I love you guys. :}

EVM Productions : YES!!!!!!!!!!! that made my day turn from a bad day to a good day!