Can A Gay Man Be An Alpha Male?

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Anthony DelucV : Alpha in my opinion is a state of mind, not a state of being. So own who you are, in every respect. Great video on so many levels

SKB : i see the passion in your eyes and it is the reason why people watch your videos..great video, we love you alpha!

Another Geek : I'm not gay, but I appreciate this video. Seriously, it pisses me off when people are discriminated because of their sexuality, race, etc. This is a damn good video!

Jay Bartgis : What if you're a woman.

Memo Lunar : Can gay men be alpha males? Damn right. I'm one of them.

Brett Larch : As a gay male I have two words, THANK YOU. You would be amazed the amount of LGBTQIA+ people who believe they cannot be this or that because they are LGBTQIA+ I will say one thing, You can be a feminine man and totally muscular. You'd be surprised the drag queens I've met who are buff as hell! Thanks for this video. Simply due to insecurities within myself, I've always felt disinclined to feel included in masculine anything however it's better now that I'm 22. Again, Thank you.

driverain2 : I'm 60 yrs. I'e been thru so much suffering because of my gay sexuality, I became very angry and combative the last 35 yrs. I had no one to lean on as a sounding board to become a good man .In my waning years, I can say that I overcame anyone who showed me malice over my sexuality, both physically and mental, but I realize after seeing this vid, I am a man who lives with a profound sadness over what could have been. I did not reach my fullest potential by a longshot. My guitar gently weeps..........

Matt Moore : When I tell people I am gay they treat me way less like I am going to rape them or something. I hope we all "evolve" past sexual orientation. :-(

jasper : I'm not even gay but this is dope! I feel empowered haha

tejas bhosale : admit it...hez still better than presidents of some countries....#respect

Drew Peterson : If anyone unsubscribed for this video they are douchebags and should not be able to enjoy your videos.

Alex Blue : You're very intelligent, and I like your personality and how you view people and the world. You are attractive inside and out, which it's very rare to find in this world. Keep up the good work. Peace.

Elsa Lee : You sounded totally alpha here, alpha. Thank you for making the world a better place!

Jesus Herbert Christ : I've gained so much respect for you today Aaron!

eddyawesomes : Great video. Respect. I'm gay and I know I'm an alpha male. Not only because I take care of my body and mind but because I get things done and do what's right.

Carlos Cano : Alexander the Great was allegedly gay. I'd say that's pretty Alpha.

1123aka : You are going to gain way more subscribers than you may lose. I respect you a lot, your videos have helped me immensely.

Osvaldo Aponte : Can a gay man be an alpha male? Without a doubt. Are you kidding? Let's not forget they are still dudes!  The question only arises, because society incorrectly associates gay with feminine and by derivation weak, which is another fallacy. When a dude is perceived as a gay male that man is immediately thought of as being physically and emotionally weaker than his heterosexual counterparts. As a Hispanic male I find it difficult to understand that anyone other than a white male, would discriminate against another group. Women, of any race, and all other groups have some perceived intrinsic weakness that can be exploited... Right? Oh, you are too female, or too brown, or your accent is way heavy, or you aren't smart enough due to your upbringing. There is always something we find. Except white males... White males are so powerful, that even Jesus the son of God himself is depicted as a white male. Do you know what the Army's chain of command was called up until a couple decades ago? The white man's club! Our societal views are so infused with religion it is nearly impossible to separate the two and therein lies our problem. It tells men they should own their wives, that it is permissible to kill in the name of their religious believes and that we should categorically hate gays. 'Cause... you know, they are abominations and God will punish them (Insert Samuel L. Jackson voice here) "with great vengeance and furious anger."  Let all those idiots be all sorts of awkward and myopic, while we enjoy the world as we would like it to be, with those that share our vision and wisdom. A world in which we can all not only respect, but fully embrace our differences as beautiful variations of a stunning species.

Kārlis Bērzāja : Can i become Alpha Male if i like kittens?

e8604 : No man, YOU are awesome.

Blutcher Otter : I'm bi and I'm the alpha of my friends :D

Salvatore Escoti : Sure, I am Gay and Alpha....and ITALIAN!!!💋

Elena Alex : I am a gay woman and I am an Alpha.

Edmund Ray Valentine : You are One HOT piece of Vanilla candy . Wish I could just eat you You must taste like Chocolate ice cream with toasted marshmallow

JustinTrojan : Yup, I'm gay and I'm alpha also - I'm kind to people, animals and I can fix my car.

BasilooCa : I wanted to give you a hug near the end of the video. Thanks for this :)

Xavier Lopez : Subbed #respect

moonriver96 : I fell in love...

Carl Hoffman : Hell yes, bro. You articulated my thoughts on this matter perfectly. Thank you for putting this out there. I'll have my son watch this so maybe he'll finally realize he can be gay AND be an alpha male. Great post.

Viresh Jain : respect level for Alpha.m = above 9,000

Elena Gibbs : I'm lesbian and I watch your vids all the time :')

Jacob Saunders : You've gained a new subscriber. You are such a nice hearted man. Keep on making these videos because they are really appreciated by many. :)

alaksandra1979 : As a mother of a 14yr old son (who watches your series) - I thank you.

Caayotee : You are right, Alpha. Something's wrong with our society. What irks me, is people judging you if being a guy you do not have a girl friend or a wife, cos that's supposed to be the 'right thing to do'. Or else you are labeled gay! As if there is no other conclusion to life? What about us, celibates (for reasons not always religious)? I'm a straight man who after a pretty bad episode in life with a female decided, enough was enough. I'm not getting hooked up again. I'll spend the rest of my life to improve myself as a person, to attain knowledge, learn new skills. And while you embark on this life long journey of happy singledom, every now and then you'll come across these morons who'll judge you.."Man, you dont have girlfriend, you dont wanna gay?" That's when you wish you had a shotgun.

Sidney Shaw : I wish more straight men had this conversation with other straight men. I'm a gay alpha personality, and I often wonder if I would be treated differently if I fit the stereotypes men have about gay men. I've seen other gay men that are content with menial work treated differently than gay men that lead. All leaders face critics, but I face it on a different level, and without legal protections. In the US, I can still be fired, just for being gay. As an alpha, I sued for lack of cause and won, but it didn't get a job I enjoyed back. I'm not complaining about a lost job, I have a better job now. I just had to point out that not all men think like you do, and make gay alphas fight hard for what they have, or are in a position to deny them a chance. Some gay men don't think they can do something, not because it is inherent to gay men, but because society has prevented them for thousands of years. Even kings had to be in the closet.

Hunter Jimenez : this also definitely applies to Trans men. As a Trans man myself, this video really helped a lot. Thanks! P.S. new subscriber!

John Steffy : I'm a hetero voice against hate. By standing up for what is right, you have made your most alpha video ever. ANYONE with the same courage can be an alpha. ANYONE.

Da walrus : That was beautiful. Literally brought me to tears.

Brian Kosciesza : I discovered your channel looking for workout tips. I hit subscribe after I saw this video. Thanks for the videos Aaron!

Rishabh Deb : I think I'm falling in love with him

Simon B. : you dont "choose" if you are into men or women. You are born that way

JL H : ricky martin is a example

Thefuture A : As a gay man, I appreciate you saying this. I didn't feel you're videos was directed to one group. I felt if I wanted to be alpha I could be and it didn't matter if I liked dudes. I've recently gained more and more confidence in myself and I like to think that this channel helped it.

joshua shirazi : I want to fly out to where you are and shake your hand you're a good man

Danny Manalo : Orlando mass shooting reminded me of this. God bless you Aaron

Benjamin Ben-Shimon : Yes a gay man can be an alpha male. I have met a gay alpha males before in work place. There are alpha males in the military.

dÆdrÆm scrÆm : Respect for posting this dude. People need to hear it. People are tired of feeling 'less than' because of stereotypes. You help a LOT of people strive to be better in so many different ways. Thank you.

Andy : Wow, who would unsub you're a great person man.

Saudi Jack : I totally agree with you. You are a great man.

Boy Pazaway : Good Answer bro without any hypocrisy. Whatever your sexual orientation is, it doest matter. your character as being a human matter most and that's it.