COLD HARD SCIENCE: SLAPSHOT Physics in Slow Motion - Smarter Every Day 112

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Local Canadian : As a goalie, when he said he respects us more, that felt great

Toplebby : "Is that a wooden stick?" boi

InvictusByzantium : 3:37 Velcome to hoodraulic press channel!

TheLILHIRN : A couple other things that may effect the differences in your numbers is the fact that most players cut their sticks to fit their heights, which can effect the flex. And also most sticks are designed with custom kick points, which means that the stick will flex the most at a certain position on the stick (not always the middle)

Specific Love Creations : Very cool, I did not realize the stick would flex that much.

ShellyTheSeal : That guy has such a thick Canadian accent

GoRepairs : Very interesting to see the power comes from the energy stored in the stick rather than directly.Would be cool to see some more items tested to destruction.....purely for scientific reasons of course. :) 

Jack Ferguson : Who plays hockey here ME

Phalinx : I played pee wee hockey for a few years, I always tried to hit the puck like a golf shot, not the ice before. WHERE WAS THIS VIDEO 15 YEARS AGO?!?!?!

Mrgunsngear Channel : Man I wish I had access to your gear!   Great video as usual. 

JasonHockey46 : The "hockey stick whip index" isn't as correct; this is more of how it actually is. 75 - Whip Flex 85 - Regular Flex 100 - Stiff Flex 110 - Pro Stiff Flex either way I loved this episode of SED. can you please make more involving hockey like wrist shots or body checks!

Ryan Manak : The way you used to measure the flex of the stick was incorrect. Many sticks are stiffer in different areas.

Landon Taylor : I play ice hockey so this was interesting

BeerLeagueDust : He should've gotten weber ot chara

Sweet Tooth : 0:54 Let me take a selfi

buk1237 : You should look at Archery sometime

Lorenzo Breda : Physics is just cool.

jayfulf : Destin I think you should forward this to professors of first year engineering and have them forward it to their students.  Having studied it I think this is a great video to demonstrate shear and moment diagrams, bending stress, sheer stress, deflection etc.

Nugenrules : Hey Destin, please do a billiard video next if you're done with hockey. There is a lot physics that go into billiards. I'm really interested in cue ball spin.

Justin Zymbaluk : That hockey puck looked extremely dangerous! Glad he dealt with it

Alex Murdoch : When calculating the compression of the puck, did you consider the temperature of the rubber? In the NHL, rule 13.2 covers frozen pucks: 13.2 Supply - The home team shall be responsible for providing an adequate supply of official pucks which shall be kept in a frozen condition.  The frozen pucks are stiffer and less likely to bounce.

Abdul Ahmed : When u guys were testing the flex of the stick maybe wrong because different sticks have different flex points and players get the one that fits their style of play. I like taking quick shots and getting a quick release on the puck so the flex point for my stick is near the bottom of the stick, closer to the blade. Vice - versa for people who like to load up on their shots and what not. And some sticks are not well balanced as well, Some sticks that are expensive, their balance point would be in the middle, It will be different for cheaper sticks.

graaf : 2:20 made me jump from my chair

Vandrefalk : Pure joy watching stuff like this, thank you so much!

Jeffrey Rose : we want more hockey!!!

July777 : Do baseball pitches!! Fastballs knuckle balls and how each formation is different and how the ball moves in the air...

794613825a : 3:00 The "EXIT" sign is blinking!

togogot0 : Wow it says "No views". I've never had that before

Level Zero D&D : is that slo mo sound accurate as well? or was some sound effect added in?

DoxNP : Read the text under notes at 4:22 :D

Veo 16 : How long did it take you to set up that transition in the beginning? 0:01

certioremfacere : ahh! it's so simple. i always thought a good slap shot was only hitting the puck. i am smarter this day. 

Ian Huang : I'm wondering if you could make a a video similar to this, but for tennis :D Really any video would be great, but tennis especially :D (since tennis has a *lot* more going on with the strings, frame, grip angle, swing path/speed, weight transfer, etc.)

Averite* : This guy hasn't fixed his teeth for over 3,5 years and probably more .... *WTF?*

gotja : A lacrosse one now please

Foreigner : I hope he gets a new stick. ..

Su Ring : LOVE this, especially featuring UAH hockey in this very interesting science lesson!

padlockd : What's your process for adding audio to the slow-mo shots?  Are you using the same audio that you captured during the event, or is it all in post?

Fjerid : 0:58 That dude probably wears glasses. Look at his hands moving towards his nose/eyes. haha

Corey Hebb : I stopped watching at 4:43 but players also cut their stick so that would change the flex of the stick as well.

radet2 : U lost me when U started talking physics !

Gergo Lippai : *now* I go over to Patreon and set up some support for you

Eric Fling : you should watch a discus thrower!  As a discus thrower I can tell you we have to use all kinds of momentum from every part of our body to throw and it looks really cool in about 1/8th speed

Vic Vandamme : 5:57 "Thanks for 'sticking' with me"

Aaron Powell : I ducked on 2:20 Oh yeah, that guys a doctor in breaking stuff? Looks like I finally found my new major.

Tidus22340 : Destin, One note on the "disproving flex number" portion of this video. Hockey sticks are made at a certain length from the factory, relatively within an inch of each other in any given batch. If the player is taller than 6'2" and prefers a longer stick, an extension can be added to the top of the stick which would actually decrease the flex number of said stick. Likewise, some players like shorter sticks, and cutting the sticks down from the top increases flex. Otherwise, solid video - and it would be interesting to see a second part of this made with different brands and models. Bauer's Vapor line claims a "dual kick point", a mid for slap shots and a lower (like the Warrior stick used here) one for wrist and snap shots. CCM's RBZ line claims no kick point (or variable), flexing where your hand is on the stick as opposed to a predetermined point. To whoever asked how much the stick cost that the player broke: $250 US. It's a Warrior Covert DT1 LT, an elite level stick generally used by players in juniors (QMJHL, OHL) or college hockey, both D3 and D1, or semi-pro (ECHL, WHL) and above.

Careblech Official : 5:57 "Thanks for *sticking* with me" :3

Bob The Blob : canadians are better. im canadian so i cant be offensive

lil Chiller : Why didn't he get a new tooth? Oh yeah health care and stuff.

dtengineering : Awesome video. I use hockey sticks to teach beam bending to my students. I'm going to share your video with them, thanks. Just one thought, my understanding was that "flex" was the force required to deflect the stick one inch when the supports were at a distance of one yard. It looked like your test had a length longer than one yard, which would correlate with lower readings... but quite frankly... I think "more whippier" is just as accurate as the numbers printed on the shaft! Thank you for the video!