Parents Face $132,000 Bill After Boy Breaks Sculpture

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Jan Carabeo reports.

Comments from Youtube

Harrison C : maybe supervise your kid?

Papa John : Could have saved $132,000 with one condom

beefknuckles : It didn't topple over "partly on top of him" and she didn't "rush" to help him at all. She strolled over to him. You clearly have a bias and didn't present the facts as they appeared in the video. Absolutely shit reporting, CBS Philly.

ImperialEwok : "after rushing to help that boy" casually walks over*

David Swain : Just let your 5 year old do whatever...then claim to be a victim...

Sharkonabicycle : Poetic justice. Had that sculpture seriously injured or killed that boy, I guarantee that terrible mother (when I was 5, I was told to be quiet, not run around in places like that, and KEEP MY HANDS OFF) would be suing the pants off the city for millions.

Addy Alago : "ohh man 132k I thought it was only worth 800 dollars which Implicitly means my kids are allowed to destroy it."

Jeff Hotes : After "rushing" to help that boy.

slaggerthord31 : Yeah lemme watch my stupid son breaking the universal laws of a museum and then act surprised when he breaks expensive stuff

MR. SONG : $ell your kid

Eddie Kruggerr : Learn to control your kid. You saw him touching the statue because he was in your direct view. But you sat there and did nothing. Pay

Wolfgang Icarus : put a leash on your kid

Angrybastrd : Hahah maybe you should have been watching your kid... Serves you right lady

Hyena : Garbage Parenting.

Stinky Whizzletooth : $130,000? What a gyp. I got one at Walmart for $90,000.

Protect Ocean : If you are a mother who does not know how to be responsible, you have to pay the consequences of leaving your child careless

TheChupacabra : She deserves it. I was going to say let’s start up a go fund me page and help this lady pay for it, but after watching the video it looks like she deserves to pay for it herself. I thought maybe the kid wandered off, but she clearly saw what her kid was doing and did nothing about it. Take care of your kids people.

Tylerre Potter : Lol. "We're finished here." Yeah, should have left earlier. Also used a condom if you don't like responsibility.

Danielle LaCroix : The media🎥 always lie! Ain't No where in this clip📺 did anybody see the mom rushing 💨to help her son!👲

Temple St Gang : If I'm going to a sculpture place.. that everything is worth over 100k. Trust me .! My Kids are not coming in.. lol. Especially if there 4 & 10 @ that age.. there fkn Crazy... lmfao. Dumb mom.. please pay now. XD

Andy Richardson : "After rushing to help that boy..." Rushing? Really? She looked she could barely be bothered to see what he was doing.

Buckin Fitch : Haha put a leash on the little shit next time 😂😂

Nigel Thomas : My mom's saying was "If you cant eat it dont touch it". She lived and died by that, now look at this lady "Im sorry we're finished here" NOPE you coming out your pockets for something that could have been avoided

Eli Galactic : I love how entitled the Mom acts 😂

Damien O Callaghan : The little BOLLOX shouldnt have been in there in the first place

James : Every penny of that bill is absolutely justified.

Ryan S. : Serve the mother right. You didn't raise your kid well enough to do dumb stuff like that.

Haley Lynn : I think they could've put rope around it, or had it in a glass case. But parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing. Especially if you're around statues, paintings, sculptures.

Vamsi Krishna : $132000 for a sculpture, and artist claim they’re all broke.

Roger Watch : Crazy cow! No wonder your children are animals, they have no example of taking responsibility! If you had controlled your child, you wouldn't be in this mess! Grow TF up and stop whining!

Warren Leggatt : Hmm, I think in this case Eminem has some advice for the parent in question "You should of been watchin' him, apparently you ain't parents"

M Mom : Perfect example of parents not watching or disciplining their children.

jon herrera : It's like there are consequences for things or something : O :P

JA A : I hope this woman is reported to family services. She was sitting right there. Does she also give him metal forks and electric outlets to play with then blame the power company when he gets zapped?

Brandon Inglin : 0:30-0:40 is my favorite part of the video

Eul Yong Lee : Help cover the cost by selling your child into slavery. If he wants to return to America, hes going to have to earn it the hard way. Slavery builds character.

SeCoMen XD : sell the kid's organs to pay the thing plus he learns what he can't do lmao

Resident Evil Umbrella : She's going to have to sell the house and car(s) just to pay that bill.  I don't think that boy is heading off to college when he gets older.

FREAK23 : Replace the sculpture with that kid

L J : Watch your kids and whip their asses

Jim Jungle : Later news is the parents received a bill for $132,000. if it is worth that much, then they would be buying it, not paying to have it repaired. If they paid that amount, they would then own it. Their insurance company's lawyer is saying it was an accident and the museum did not do enough to support and secure the art, making it easy to become damaged by the public.

edward hestin ginjom : happy father's day


MrLuckyAndrew : did they send him to his room?

Johhny Apollo : Both are at fault - failure to control your child and failure to secure the sculpture. I bet the ambulance chasers would be hounding the mother if the unsecured sculpture injured (or killed) the child.

MezzoForte4 : Shoulda had that abortion.

dEaD cHaNnEl : If I grew up and my son did that, I will make sure to have a leash. Tied around his neck.

momo : If this happened to my son. I would deport him to Africa. How can someone be that restarted to do that. The parents should have really been watching.

Hyperon Lance : I'm afraid of museums