Parents Face $132,000 Bill After Boy Breaks Sculpture

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Harrison C : maybe supervise your kid?

Stinky Whizzletooth : $130,000? What a gyp. I got one at Walmart for $90,000.

Jarrett Fayer : How about watch your kids. Public places are not child care centers.

beefknuckles : It didn't topple over "partly on top of him" and she didn't "rush" to help him at all. She strolled over to him. You clearly have a bias and didn't present the facts as they appeared in the video. Absolutely shit reporting, CBS Philly.

Wolfgang Icarus : put a leash on your kid

John Matte : Could have saved $132,000 with one condom

Sharkonabicycle : Poetic justice. Had that sculpture seriously injured or killed that boy, I guarantee that terrible mother (when I was 5, I was told to be quiet, not run around in places like that, and KEEP MY HANDS OFF) would be suing the pants off the city for millions.

slaggerthord31 : Yeah lemme watch my stupid son breaking the universal laws of a museum and then act surprised when he breaks expensive stuff

Jeff Hotes : After "rushing" to help that boy.

Mike Oprisi : a community center has something that expensive just sitting right there?

angrybastrd : Hahah maybe you should have been watching your kid... Serves you right lady

ImperialEwok : "after rushing to help that boy" casually walks over*

Goode : Why does a “community center” have an unsecured $132k sculpture in what appears to be a glorified waiting room? Who appraised this at $132k? (P.S. this is the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center where wedding receptions, children birthday parties, baby showers...etc are held. NOT a museum.)

Trygve Heivang : She didn't rush to get the kid. She should have been paying attention to her son. She clearly is responsible for her kid and his actions. Do a settlement and pay the damages. Bad report, bad parenting.

Protect Ocean : If you are a mother who does not know how to be responsible, you have to pay the consequences of leaving your child careless

WallSpiders : This is BS since museums typically have insurance for exactly this.

Temple St Gang : If I'm going to a sculpture place.. that everything is worth over 100k. Trust me .! My Kids are not coming in.. lol. Especially if there 4 & 10 @ that age.. there fkn Crazy... lmfao. Dumb mom.. please pay now. XD

kyoto : kid was tryna cop a feel

James Hargis : Maybe don't display $132,000 artwork in an open area with no rope where you know children will be playing.

Greg Kulz : the sculpture could have been more securely mounted if it was so valuable

Haley Lynn : I think they could've put rope around it, or had it in a glass case. But parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing. Especially if you're around statues, paintings, sculptures.

SuckATube : If I was the dad, I'd ask for a divorce and claim she takes full responsibility for the bill. You had one job. In fact, if I was the dad, this shit wouldn't have happened in the first place because the kid would be afraid of getting the shit beat out of him.

Jeremy Banchiere : I was expecting to criticize the city, but that was pretty much on the parent.

dayyuu : Granted this is bad parenting but this is why museums and exhibits have insurance.

B K : Looks like more like postmodern "art" than actual art.

Buckin Fitch : Haha put a leash on the little shit next time 😂😂

John stitt : If it is modern art he probably increased it's value.

gael jehanno : Stupid mother. There is no medecine for regret.

TheChupacabra : She deserves it. I was going to say let’s start up a go fund me page and help this lady pay for it, but after watching the video it looks like she deserves to pay for it herself. I thought maybe the kid wandered off, but she clearly saw what her kid was doing and did nothing about it. Take care of your kids people.

carlos martinez jr : Maybe put a border around statue! Boys will be boys!

avfusion : Sounds to me like it's half the parents fault and half the community center. Sure the kid was reckless, no doubt. His mom should be paying some attention to the little brat. You shot him out, he's yours to cover. But at the same time, this was not a museum, it was a community center. It was also a waiting area adjacent to the lobby. That's a weird place to put expensive art. Plus, it was on loan from an artist that quoted it that high from an auction. Why would you have so little care put into securing your artwork? It's not a museum, it's a community center. Little kids running around is part of the purpose of those buildings. It's for the _community_, that also means bumbling kiddos. So yeah, screw the parent for not paying attention, but also screw the community center for being so tone deaf on what kind of people visit a community center that they couldn't put a simple rope around the thing.

Eddie Kruggerr : Learn to control your kid. You saw him touching the statue because he was in your direct view. But you sat there and did nothing. Pay

Rush Limpball : Women never take responsibility for anything.

Danielle LaCroix : The media🎥 always lie! Ain't No where in this clip📺 did anybody see the mom rushing 💨to help her son!👲

tudorjason : Wow! Mom did not rush to her kid; she casually strolled to the action. Then, she denies any responsibility by outright telling the community center people that they were done speaking. Irresponsible and oblivious. She has become a pariah but with good cause.

Tylerre Potter : Lol. "We're finished here." Yeah, should have left earlier. Also used a condom if you don't like responsibility.

Daniel Luz : That shitty sculpture is probably worth more now that its been dropped.

Hyena : Garbage Parenting.

vonsmitty1313 : Ugly "art" anyway,and it didn't look like it smashed into a million pieces or anything. Couldn't it be repaired? Maybe some bondo and Krazy Glue?!?

kinezo1961 : I hope they sue for damages as that was not secure.

Eul Yong Lee : Help cover the cost by selling your child into slavery. If he wants to return to America, hes going to have to earn it the hard way. Slavery builds character.

Denise Abrams : watch your dam kids im sorry

SwoleBenji : Go back and break everything. Then refuse to pay. What are they gonna do? Arrest a 5 year old?

Peter Rosqvist : Playing the victim card after you let your kid go unsupervised in a museum? Watch your damn kid, educate them the fragility of artwork. Enough of this stupid parenting.

David Swain : Just let your 5 year old do whatever...then claim to be a victim...

Addy Alago : "ohh man 132k I thought it was only worth 800 dollars which Implicitly means my kids are allowed to destroy it."

Edward Hopkins : The community center has way more to answer for than the parents. If they spent public money on it, they are wasteful. If they put it on display with no barrier, they are negligent. If they didn't insure it, they are insane.

Chris P : Y would u bring a kid to a place like this and not keep them next to u i dont feel sorry at all. The mom by her tone is in dis belief that she got charged the bill, but thats your own fault. Y do people today play victim when a lot of the times its their own fault..

MR. SONG : $ell your kid

James : Every penny of that bill is absolutely justified.