New Zealand Today | Lake Taupo Hole in One

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SmarterEveryDay : I love how this is a commentary on journalism itself.

MoonChild77 : "Drugs"... "nah"... "ahh yeah drugs" ... 😂

thornghost : As an American, literally everything I know about New Zealand comes from New Zealand Today. I hope it can find some way to exist once Jono and Ben is over.

CheeseCurdCommunism : Hold the phone, this is being cancelled? This is easily one of the funniest things out there right now.

some random guy : buy a house and a mean as car with your $10,000 haha good luck with that love.

Jeff Goldblum : One thing imma miss is the music on this show I fucking love lake shore drive

HybridChoky : "I can touch the bottom" Nah mate,it's not the bottom,you're actually standing on top of 500.000 golf balls from failed attempts at the hole in one.

mamrizzoe Hart : Why are we losing this show but shortland street still going strong?!

Mackenzie Langrell-Read : Brother's Sister's Cousin = Your Cousin

1 : The only reputable news source

Justin Millette : No conspiracy??? The hole is on top of a cone! You'd have to literally land the ball in the hole to make it! That seems like a carnival game to me. Looks easy, but nearly impossible.

DenchKong : Why was this in my recommended? I'm not complaining though this was funny af

maxpower10k : Definitely a conspiracy. That hole is on top of a small hill. Theres no way you’re getting that in one shot from that far away.

eugkra33 : Brother's sister's cousin? So just your cousin?

Matthew Adams : Love it remember when u guys did it hilarious on the bluffing ur way to the cape

Fergus Nix : Guy Williams is the hero to journalism we don't deserve

Chaitanya Singh : That's it, I'm moving to NZ now

Cheeky Kent : Anyone looked up Daniel Peipi? lol ledge.

thursdae : Not sure what I'm watching but I love it

Nathaniel J. Capenos : The KFC ad in the middle was very integrated. Great video KFC

Reuben Horner : Bloody kyle

Phantom Power : guy should have used the new dyson

Michael Turzewski : Does anyone know the song that plays @ 1:07 when he says the "drugs" bit?

Phailsafe : Buy a house and a car with 10k LOL

Mini Mythbusters : Haha we go there diving and grab all the balls! Don’t tell them!

Ash Ketchup : 3:38 LMAOOOOO

Kevier Fontanez : a new zealander would fit in best in the NE area of the states.

Aleksander Nowak : My brother sisters cousin

Heythatsprettygood : You could buy so many doobs with 10,000

The Graduates : Don't do drugs kids Unless you win $10,000

MadMrMatter : On behalf of every country not named NZ; We want more of GUY(big)WILLY and less JONO&BENO.

Superbruce1991 : Guy, you're an absolute legend! I'm the American that bumped into you while you guys were filming this, and I can say it was such a highlight of the trip! Was super bummed to hear the show was getting cancelled. Keep making people laugh, and if you're ever in North Carolina hit a brother up (I promise I won't tie you to a chair in my basement or anything...probably).

Ayden Caelum : This was hilarious

D M : What is Toe-poor? Does he mean taupo? (pronounced tow pow

ya blew it : Why would you cancel this? It has global appeal.

Matt Lloyd : So what's with the 2 story Lonestar steak house then Hell let's put a KFC over top a Domino's wtf? You damned gatekeepers EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY LOL but seriously

Youtubaholic : 1:25 did he say my brother's sister's cousin? Wouldn't his brother's sister be his sister too?

GTH8991 : Why are Australians and New Zealanders so casually hilarious?

TC-TV : He is wearing a puffer jacket on the water! Those are down feathers dude! You will wreck your jacket.

D Brown : does 10k actually buy a house and car in New Zealand

Matthew Adams : Love it remember when u guys did it hilarious on the bluffing ur way to the cape

Zakoia Carrington : Man wat a crack up..this is the best vid of Guys ive seen

stig biffy : Your segments alone is better than the whole show combined.

Adam Tomes : Haha love it, great journalism! I remember this game from my travels. I play golf and had 40+ goes at it and there's just no way you're gonna get it. Only hit the green 9 times. Was still fun to try

xSlayYa : will always be the best show on nz tv

Seenia Irani : This needs to be its own tv show, such good shieett

O G : 10k on a house and car? That girl is way off lol

Sale Finance : I love this guy so much, every episode cracks me up. More!

Ceejay Marshall : I was to the left of him he had camera every wher

holly price : 1:12 oh my god Ruby Fleming hahahah Omg I also know Daniel peipi 😂😂😂😂😂