Air Travel In Real Life

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Johanna Kidd : A crackup, but you forgot the por people getting dragged off the plane!

Tyler Nobelen : The loud PA with the headphones was fantastic

Paul Hintz : Yes, yes! A thousand times yes! That was brilliant and right on the money. Made my day. “Our cruising speed is 35 miles an hour and our altitude is zero“ 😂

Deion Muolo : so accurate

Geovanny Ayala : They even got 1st class,2nd and coach😂😂😂😂

A Supreme Taco : y'all are completely underrated.

Richard Boureston - Main : Brilliant! I love it when we land 45 minutes early and then sit there for 40 minutes waiting for a gate.

Nicole Simpson : I fly every single week and this is the best video I have ever seen! The most perfect account of what it’s really like...all they down to the guy standing at the end waiting for the slow aisle person to get up! Spot on! Well done! Nailed it!

Dale Jackson : RIP those with long legs sitting in coach

Jack'sVlogs : This was amazing!! Such good writers!! I think I would die of driving was like this!

E drop : That baby killed me.

TheeJMC : Just for the hell of it.

Caelan Smith : This would be a good commercial for an airline that wants to change the game

Tripp Crosby : OMG This is so my life

Tricia Tripp : I’m totally the guy standing and waiting at the end!

kendrak2009 : OMG Tripp & Tyler vid! *instant click*

Mi Les : great analogy, great use of the car

Lori Pohlman : So spot-on! You forgot someone eating some incredibly strong odored food (onions and garlic--great in the real world, but not in the small airplane cabin!). Thank you for a great laugh today!

Max : Such great quality videos every time. I'm sure you guys have a long list of video ideas that you can never get to doing because of work. If only you guys uploaded on a regular basis, your channel's subscriber base would be huge.

Q3 Interactive : I really wanted to see the first class passenger get inundated with drinks and food while the others just watched. Loved this!!

Platin um : They skip the best part with metal detector, body scanner, taking off shoes, empty pocket, taking away water bottle, waiting for two hours between shops to do some unnecessary shopping before journey.

Emily : Omg I'm so glad these are back. Y'all are so hilarious 🙌🏼

Sascha : I can confirm the accuracy of this video. Source: I just came back from a business trip a day ago.

Elizabeth Shaw : the baggage guy with the headphones!


CX001 : I dont get why people hate flying

David Field : Finally! Where have you guys been?

J ESTES : love them purple suits

William Patton : ITS NOT TRASH TIME

Chett Anderson : This sums it up. I fly every week and I have felt this way. Thanks for the laugh

Sönmez Reyiz : The last part. Waiting for passengers.

Bobby Medina : LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was awesome

Robert Grubb : I dont understand why these guys dont have 10 million subs!!!! Like seriously. No one else has quality content like this.

Penguinexpress : It's good to know my list flight wasn't real life. Must have just been a nightmare

Saffana Siddiqui : So actual planes arent real XD

Lisa G : You forgot the guy who takes his shoes off and props his feet up.

Tacos : Exactly, and people putting their arm on your armrest, bright tablet whereas the plane is dark, ppl removing their shoes and so on

CX001 : So inacurate

Pitchaya Somboon : The problem is it’s so true

Anthony Goalsetter : Isn't air travel already real life?

Jacqueline Burkholder : Where have you been??? I saw that Geiko has taken your immemorial 'conference call in real life" and made it into a commercial - I sure hope you were credited and financially rewarded for your work!

MrPerfecttommy : I've been told that this is only this bad in the US. In other countries the airlines are required by law to provide better service. If true, what are we going to do about it?

Rick Clark : This was hilarious! Good work, fellows!

The Crypto Pickle : these two are comedic genius's

Robert Davis : Pretty funny. I would say though, I fly a dozen or so times a year and rarely see any of this, unless there’s a good reason. Screaming kids and tiny leg room all the way though.

Scott Wanasek : So perfectly spot on!!!!

Chris McGinnis : Right on the money, guys! This is soooo goood.

Laurie Popp : You two are spot on!

Tanner Winchester : This is so accurate!!!

Faisal Imtiaz : exactly the same things happens