Meteor Over Michigan

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KiLLAx DOUGHBOY : "what in God's green Earth" I love that.

misty rain : I am in Michigan also.  I am hearing jets or helicopters now?

Brian Philbrook : Whoa that was bright. Hope all is well

Monica TFP : my favorite on YouTube! Not only the flash but a person experiencing it!

mnichols31 : That went from dark to practically daylight, I’m not sure but I think you can even hear it. It’s faint but there was some sort of noise just after it lit everything up.

Some Things In Life : That was awesome! Your reaction was priceless!

Detroit Man : I saw the same thing over Detroit except we actually felt the vibrations in heard the Boom.

Bryan Cazares : Wow!! That was scary for second

Rob Soergel : Wow! that was so cool. This happens a lot more than we think it does, but that was beautifully captured from just a cool perspective. You have to love having cameras everywhere all the time when it comes to this stuff.

YahsHart Hart : We heard the big BOOM! Noise from it last night and the kids were scared they were LIKE MOMMY DID YOU HEAR THAT BOOM! I thought it was a huge fire work, because of where wr live, So yes it was loud!!!!!!!

Cold417 : Haha...I love the excitement in this video.

I Taste Bad : *What in god's green earth*

Joe : I've been looking for a good video of this for a while, and I gotta say seeing your reaction probably helps make this my favorite of the meteorite videos out there.

Planting Seeds For Life : That was cool, maybe that's what I saw last night too. I was driving and thought I saw lightening, but it only happened once. It was a little after 8PM.

Yvencia Simmons : Love it!!!

Seven Sprouts Farmstead : Cool capture!!! Just sent over and subscribed from Dutch ❤️

Herman Strömberg : That is really cool!

Kai Dyer : But fr i thought it was a tree

orphanlady : Keeping it Dutch sent us over to check it out, that was crazy!

He Provides Homestead : Very cool

Mike Needham : Heidi: Good catch, Jeff. Your reaction: Priceless!

darkking222 : That was awesome! Seemed like it was turning to morning real fast for a second

guamu : in the meanti~

CubbyCole22 : That is so cool you saw it!!!

Amy Culver : We live near Toledo, Ohio, right on the state line with Michigan, and saw the light, and heard the boom. Crazy stuff!

ACG : That was fkin coool!

Arthur Jackson : lol, What In God's Green Earth just came out of his mouth.

Kai Dyer : What in gods green earth Boy😂😂😂i laughed so hard

heyyouguys hey : So awesome u caught It! I subscribed thanks

wout661 : Lol damn thing shook the house here in Warren.

oldfart43311 : jeff, scary, I have been hearing what sounds like terrible winds and helicopters here.  what is going on?  a few rumbles as welljeff

The Family Orton : Awesome, filming in the dark, what are the odds. Glad you got to see it first-hand.

noahsark1962 : That would be freaky! One of our sons and I saw a trail from one out by detroit metro airport a couple years ago. There seem to be more and more of them and I think about the book of Revelation.

loisann therapy Gardening : ❄💙❄💙God Bless💙❄💙❄

bjaws2 : im in linden Michigan and it was loud and heck

Two Family Homestead : WHOA .... we're in Ohio but this is the first I've heard of this, I've shared your video

I Taste Bad : I was eating dinner and I heard: Boom crash bang. I though garbage fell over

Keeping It Dutch : Wow that was awesome, can't believe you caught that in camera

Shari Monkkonen : Where in Michigan did you get this? Crazy!

Getting Started On Homesteading : That was awesome great vid!!

L B : I saw this in Northwest Ohio as well, near Van Wert.

Rebel Henigan : I saw it when I was talking to my dad I thought the nuclear warhead going off

Jeff Stewart : That was awesome. So bright.