Inglourious Basterds: Making Fun of You
Inglourious Basterds is Making Fun of You

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When we think Quentin Tarantino, we think violence. Inglourious Basterds is no exception. With some close reading, we can see Tarantino making fun of us, the audience, for liking his over-the-top ridiculous violence. And now you see it.


Corrupted : People love Tarantino because of his style, Dialogues and characters, not the violence..

Estupitastico : "Is it hypocritical that we can praise violence in a film, yet denounce it in reality?" No.

ignition. : Frederick Zoller slaughtered American soldiers, not Russian (watch the small film). Tarantino was putting the shoe on the opposite foot. He was practically mocking Hollywood cinema and its audience which cheer over-exaggerated U.S war/ action films that are commonly linked to hoorah-like patriotism.

Iron Side : I see your opinion and I totally disagree. decent video though

Unoriginal Name : Tarantino has said multiple times he wasn’t making fun of the audience

DM Gaina : Russian Soldiers, calling Goebbels "The Director", "Chozzana", "Friedrich" Zoller Have you even watched the movie or are you just recapping what you have read online?

Youtube User : Oh my god, guy. It’s simpler than this. We don’t watch Tarantino films FOR the violence. We watch them for the cool and humorous dialogue, the style and music, and the plotting. Tarantino adds the violence because HE likes it. Personally, I have to just ignore the violence or turn away. But I want the other elements. If he made less violent films I would definitely keep watching them. Might even rewatch them more. I could do without all the graphic depictions of violence, BUT, I will not do without the interesting stories, the style, the cool, the characters, the dialogue, the humor, the music, and the plotting. If I have to deal with Quentin’s love of over-the-top graphic violence in at least a few scenes per movie in order to get the other elements listed above, then that’s what I’ll do. And so will tens of millions of other fans

Theodoros PETRIDIS : My favourite aspect of the movie was Landa’s character, not the violence

John Doe : I’ve never seen someone stretch so hard without breaking muscles in my life

Jeff Jacob : Don't watch this video. You won't get those minutes back.

BadAssEngineering : I see no difference between "nations pride" and "American sniper" lol

NateTalksToYou : Personally, whenever I go back to rewatch scenes from Inglorious Basterds, I tend to prefer the moments of dialogue. For example, when Hans Landa interrogates the farmer or when the U.S. soldiers go undercover at the German bar. These characters are in a verbal battle of wits, trying to figure out what the other one is really thinking. How boring would the violence in these scenes be if it wasn't for the suspenseful dialogue that builds up to it? My point is that while Tarantino's films tend to show an absurd amount of violence, they're much more than that.

Bastian Adrover : You're over analysing my guy

Benjamin Blanchard-Saiger : first and foremost I love Tarantino for the interesting dialogue and use of music. The violence is an added bonus.

jaka berdajs : You managed to stretch about 30 words into 6 minutes here...

Pseudo House : you analyzing the wrong details boy

Angello Rodriguez : When "American Sniper" came out last year, I thought to myself, shit... This is the real life American version of the "Nation's Pride." They are actually making a movie of a sniper just because of the huge amount of people he killed. Apparently we are not that far off from the people in that audience.

IShootYou StayDown : Plot twist Quentin Tarantino: "Dude wtf are you even talking about".

Erling A. Ø. Thommesen : Xcuse me? The director? His name is joseph goebbels and was an important figure in germany

Jack Evans : Can’t agree with this on any level, sorry. Nicely made video though!

Detroit Skills : But, the fact he did this... Proves its not senseless violence, its beautiful art in the form of a film.

Mr Duke Silver : Frederick Zoller shot US Army soldiers, not russians, lol

HooDie TeZZo : Weird flex🤔 but ok

Joshua Moser : Lost me at "unnecessary/excessive violence". No amount of violence against Nazis is unnecessary or excessive. They're Nazis. They deserve anything that happens to them by their very nature.

Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum : Not Russian soldiers, American soldiers... looks at the helmet, uniform, more importantly, their guns, M1 Garand, M3....

Nika Zardiashvili : Well noted that whenever we see the audience in the film it may or may not be a comment of the audience of the film itself, however as far as Tarantino's comments about his own audience and their lust for violence goes, I think you're actually wrong. The reason being that very, very small percentage of Tarantino fans go to see his films for violence. We all know violence will be in it, but it's nothing more than an icing on the cake, since Tarantino uses violence so delightfully. The main reason why people love Tarantino is far moer likley his great writing, very distinctive dialogues, clever editing, sensitive use of soundtracks and so forth. Nevertheless, well-made video, mate!

musicwelikemang : I disagree, the hyperviolence is a portion of his mastery. His writing, shot choice, score, casting all genius. That's why i watch every new QT release.

iiFallenWish : I strongly disagree with this

Langlands : That intro was 🔥🔥

T-BONE ROX : Lmfaoooo he should delete this video ain’t nobody agree with him 😂😂

G.H.ChristoFascist : Tarantino himself stated that as a kid and still now he greatly enjoyed violence in movies, so if he's making fun of us he's making fun of himself.

AngelofDethMetal : Has Tarantino commented on the scene? He’s definitely saying something about an audience and/or cinema but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s making fun of us. Alternative hypothesis would be that he could be humanizing the Nazis. Or he could even be criticizing his own film Inglorious Bastards for essentially being American propaganda (quite possible considering the movie completely rewrites history). Those are just the two I came up with on the spot and am sure other people could interpret the scene in any number of ways as well.

Juan Manuel Penaloza : He's like Michael Bay but with better taste. Woah, dude, bro

Pavel Alexandrovich : I'm a simple human. I see inglorious basterds, I click!

TheNaughtyGamer : You played yourself.

Alex Daer : The soldiers in the Nazi film aren't Russian they're American.

Peter Conlon : Maybe you should try watching an interview with Tarantino before making a video like this...

Alex Sean13 : Actually in Nation's Pride the german is killing American soldiers lol

IAMPEDRO 101 : You are overthinking the simple context of violence used in the film.

Dave Darosa : Django Unchained is my favorite! With Inglorious Bastards coming in 2nd

Garret LeBuis : Nation's Pride is supposed to take place in Italy, and Zohler is shooting Americans. Minor point, but thought it should be clarified.

Dan : I think it's pretty unanimous, this ain't it chief.

Mosa Sakö : Its not only about the violence. Its about the genius scenes in the pub and the farmers house.

Jesse H. : I would interpret it more as Tarantino poking fun at HIMSELF, first and foremost.

BaroonzOfficial : First video? That mic quality tho xD you came a long way, keep it up

Kurt Berliner : "Russian Soldiers" LOOK AT THE HELMETS...

Blake Young : Na the movies we watch have stories, characters, growth, lessons drama, comedy etc. not just violence and death

Hraefncin : No. You're ridiculous. First: there is ZERO accredited evidence that there is ANY correlation between appreciation of violence as an art form and its place in real life; IN FACT every accredited study ever conducted has demonstrated the opposite--that there is ZERO correlation between an audience's artistic taste and real life preferences, despite EVERY emotional but erroneous instinct to the contrary. It really is ridiculous that this myth is still in circulation. Second: what is it with this new age revival of eighteenth century pseudo-Christian morals? The film was DESIGNED to be shocking, subversive, disconcerting, and disturbing--I guess it did its job a bit too well considering that you can't even figure out that he played you on purpose. Dude, you're exactly the kind of schlub Tarantino is trying to awaken out of your self induced comfort coma, but you're too engrossed in your own false narrative of "muh, violence in media bad" to be able to see that you look like an idiot doing exactly what he describes. How is it that you maintain this separate parallel existence that never once intersects with either reality or content?

Justin Chow : I fell like Quentin Tarantino did not intend for this reflection to occur, but I can see how it may be true even though it wasn't intentional