Inglourious Basterds: Making Fun of You

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NateTalksToYou : Personally, whenever I go back to rewatch scenes from Inglorious Basterds, I tend to prefer the moments of dialogue. For example, when Hans Landa interrogates the farmer or when the U.S. soldiers go undercover at the German bar. These characters are in a verbal battle of wits, trying to figure out what the other one is really thinking. How boring would the violence in these scenes be if it wasn't for the suspenseful dialogue that builds up to it? My point is that while Tarantino's films tend to show an absurd amount of violence, they're much more than that.

G.H.ChristoFascist : Tarantino himself stated that as a kid and still now he greatly enjoyed violence in movies, so if he's making fun of us he's making fun of himself.

Paladin : nazi's drink water, we drink water, looks like we are nazis

Alex Daer : The soldiers in the Nazi film aren't Russian they're American.

Kurt Berliner : "Russian Soldiers" LOOK AT THE HELMETS...

Mr Duke Silver : Frederick Zoller shot US Army soldiers, not russians, lol

John Doe : Yes. Thank you. We understood your point after the first time you made it. Repeating it 10 times is just boring.

Alvaro Rivas Bustamante : You are asuming that people only liked this movie because of the excesive violence. This is your flaw as a viewer, not ours, and certainly not mine. Just because you made this utterly stupid and basic mistake doesnt mean we all did. Haha.

All The Artsy : "Is it hypocritical that we can praise violence in a film, yet denounce it in reality?" NO. Real violence, and violence as represented in film (or any other art form or popular media, in fact) ARE NOT THE SAME THING. If you're reaching to say that violent films make us bad, hypocritical people, then you know nothing about catharsis. And don't do it on a Tarantino film because Tarantino himself explicitly rejects that. There are ways to cleverly dissect violence in film; you're hammering of your limited point across is not one of them.

Morgan Phillips : this is such a long stretch

lupinearsenalALT : I don't know why there are so many dislikes. This guy has a very solid point. Artists including filmmakers historically try to sneak in hidden satires into their films... to me, it's brilliant. Well done commentary.

BlackAdderLXX : Makes the point in 30 seconds, repeats it over and over

failtolawl : I shit you not I watch Tarantino for the dialogue.

Neo-Mad Dog : Although the concept is interesting, you didn't do a good job of providing evidence. In fact, I found the video very repetitive. You say, "the audience of Nazis in Inglorious Basterds watching Nation's Pride is just like us watching Inglorious Basterds," every thirty seconds.

Axl Kss : I never laught watching inglorious bastards

Angello Rodriguez : When "American Sniper" came out last year, I thought to myself, shit... This is the real life American version of the "Nation's Pride." They are actually making a movie of a sniper just because of the huge amount of people he killed. Apparently we are not that far off from the people in that audience.

The Named : Bro... just go to bed

Turnabout : I want my 6:43 back.

jpracingph : People like violent social justice against who they perceive as evil doers, not JUST violence. Most of Tarantino's films cover this topic.

WaaDoku 【和ァ独】 : And yet, nipples are still banned by YouTube terms and conditions...

LinkTheCoward : You made some very poor points here. If you know Tarantino you know his opinion on violence in movies, namely, that a movie is a fantasy, therefore it is perfectly fine to use violence as a theme that can be enjoyed while watching a film. This very opinion is the exact opposite of your point, that he somehow tries to judge us for enjoying that knowingly placed (ultra-)violence. While it is true that Stolz der Nation and Inglourious Basterds share a similar style, the Nazi crowd is cheering because they admire a German hero killing enemies. They do not enjoy the film purely for the violence, but rather the glorification of Germany. This video could have made some interesting points, but the ones you pointed out are based on nothing.

cadlac 059 : I thought they were American soldiers in nations pride

Grégory Hertel : +Now You See It What the heck dude ? Russian soldiers ? It is cleary mentioned in the movie that Friedrich Zoller fought off the American landing in Italy...Did you even really watch that flick ?

KingOfShooters : i don't know where you were going with this but your first point at around 2:30 is wrong. The scene of us watching Quentin Tarantino movies does not compare with the movie scene in Inglorious Basterds as the films itself have extensive storylines and comedic value, we don't just watch it for the violence, but for the story and comedy of the movies. So I don't think you can compare us to Germans watching a movie which is solely filled with constant killing and violence and no story.

Evil Gopher : People fail to see what Tarantino movies are. Some people just call them violence fests, but they're not. Most of them are action adventure movies.

sierraalexis : I completely disagree with your analysis, but it was interesting nonetheless. Your comparisons between Nation's Pride and Inglourious were rather weak in my opinion, but I stilI enjoyed listening to your theory.

Joshua Hayles : You've got good ideas but some of your points are a stretch at best

Nolan : I just don't buy a therm "unnecesary violence" in films such Django (slave owners) and Inglorious Bastards (nazis), sorry :)

simianinc : Tarantino isn't criticising us for glorying in violence. He loves movie violence, and if an interviewer criticises him for his violence, he loses his temper

Ryan Phipps : Me: It's 1am and I have college in the morning. Go to sleep. Inner me: Become an expert in the art of film making.

jim jimjim : Tarantino is brilliant with dialogue as well as outright gore and violence.

Rivaldo Zoet : Do you like hurting people?

TheHueisOver™ : I wonder what would napoleon dynamite be like if tarantino directed it.

Garret LeBuis : Nation's Pride is supposed to take place in Italy, and Zohler is shooting Americans. Minor point, but thought it should be clarified.

Shalashaska 994 : You make a lot of stretches here but you make them come off as a matter of fact. Like the names of Inglorious Basterds and Nation's Pride are not really that similar. The shot of the guy getting blown out of the window is at best slightly similar to the one in Nation's Pride. And the main point, there is a massive difference in getting enjoyment out of watching Nazis get killed and watching American GIs get killed.

BadAssEngineering : I see no difference between "nations pride" and "American sniper" lol

ttv0 : Tarantino uses violence for 2 things - for fun to add to an action sequence by being over the top, and to raise the stakes or emphasize the consequences of a scene.

sean buckley : To me it isn't as much specifically violence but how we react to nationalistic propaganda. We are exposed to it just as much as Nazi Germany was honestly.

James Burgess : Why would you leave out the great dialogue moments in his movies that every fan would say that that part is their favorite scene in the movie. Yea, from someone who never actually seen Tarantino movies, they would think it's only about violence, but it clearly isn't. Hateful 8 for example, while it had violence, it was towards the end and wasn't as grandiose as other films, yet it was one of my favorites from him because of the dialogue between characters.

DM Gaina : Russian Soldiers, calling Goebbels "The Director", "Chozzana", "Friedrich" Zoller Have you even watched the movie or are you just recapping what you have read online?

MistaSmith : the channel should be called "Overinterpreting Movies"

The voice of god : those were American soldiers not Russian in the propaganda film

Tom Sanders : Zoller is shooting Merkans

Dolan : Actually Frederick Zoller shoots american soldiers in his movie

Beau : really good video. very good points BUT maybe just talk a little slower, a couple of bits it sounded like you almost tripped up on your words but apart from that, very nice work.

FD S : *Americans*. Not Russians. The Russians didn't fight in Italy.

Matt Keilty : I remember laughing really hard at the Nation's Pride scene because I knew right there what Tarantino was trying to tell me. The people sitting next to me looked at me with confusion.

Minor Bob : notice how they fall out of the window....every movie has the same principle when people fall out of windows.

Detroit Skills : But, the fact he did this... Proves its not senseless violence, its beautiful art in the form of a film.

MadBunnyRabbit : TWO things. Gloryfing violence in a movie and denouncing it in real life - not hypocritical. Considering tarantino said kill bill is female empowering movie that mothers should take their douthers to, i doubt he would make fun of audience that likes violence. maybe people that see his films as just that, despite stellar acting, interesting writting and well writen dialougs.