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Wyyrdo Jim : She got her hackles up! Good watch dog!😹

rackinfrackin : She gets suddenly brave after she discovers it's fake. Ha ha! Labs rule!!

Virginia Fry : "I'm sure there's a butt hole somewhere for me to smell on this thing, but where is It?"

t watson : My lab barked at a plastic bag in a tree for 3 days lol.

Lucky Dog : So cute! So nice to see such loving owners who keep their dog so happy!! Beautiful dog too! And now he has a new toy!

Jeff R. : my lab just stopped chewing on his rubber ball when he heard her bark!

Jack's Pick Phone : That is one brave gorilla. All that barking from the window and it didn't move a millimeter.

Jack Burnblack : No BS, My chocolate lab is scared of ceiling fans. he gets upset and leaves the room when I turn one on. He knows what wall switch controls it as well

Moore Babie : Poor Roxy. At least she got a big chew toy.

laughing monkey : MY BOY HARAMBE

Buster 928 : Goood girl ! If that was an intruder they better not mess with her....that " bark- growl - snort reaction says " I aint kiddin !"... Fur up from head to tail ! Haaaa... Good guard dogs

RJ 1999 : She's going to trick you some night with something gushing between your toes as you walk across the floor

Mike Beer : My black lab hates water and will not fetch, we are officially not allowed to call her a retriever anymore and must use the term generic black dog !!!!

Carrie Spurgeon : She's beautiful and in perfect shape, nice to see, good work!

Jp Duron : at 1:41 did anyone else see the bck of her neck stand up?

Dodol Lipret : Omg her hackles are up

Modality : Oh my god, the hair standing up on her back!!!

Honey Bear : What a sweet girl! It's awesome you 'tricked' her :) keeps her sharp!

Aaron Chandler : Its so funny how labs are exactly the same, my Labs do the exact same thing.

cun7us : 4:15 "We don't like gorillas around here" dats racist :|

Carolyn Atkins : I love labs

gdwfs : Really great video.

Sinaedin Thomas : when my dog heard rocky barking she bark with her


Psuedo Mantis : GOOD DOGGIE!!!

Spunkmire : Oh puppers is on guard, look at that hair

Vero Pat : awww roxy is so big now

Darren Headrick : Had a yellow lab, Max, when he got that mohawk from head to tail and the bark/growl started he meant business.

cardigan3000 : shark fin enabled

Kris Zimmerman : Gorillas lives matter people!

unapologeticwhiteman Winner : I had a Staffordshire Terrier that was nothing but a 85lb lap dog. and I had a 105lb Lab that was anti social as hell lol. Duke did not like anyone or anything that was not the in his pack. but he was a hunting machine lol

Glória : Realy funny

Lee Nix : Typical Lab, Barking while still wagging their tails. I miss ours

Robert brown : My dog doesn't trust pumpkins.

Bruce Kitchura : That reminded me of my chocolate lab we put a 5 ft stuffed bear in the yard "with a string attached "we let her disco we it on her own like yours she ran up barking and circled then when she finally started to sniff it we pulled the string and look out it was on. That poor stuffed bear was was assassinated in a matter of 30 seconds and all the dog was so proud of herself

John Doe : Should have tied fish line to it and yanked on it when she got close

Barbara DuBeck : Too cute. Beautiful, beautiful chocolate Lab.

hinano316 : Too funny lol😂

William Murray : what a great lab !

Gene Miller : I'm sure someone already said but a string to make it move right when he got brave would have been funny

Maureen Desquitado : poor gorilla!!! I want that gorilla!!!

Insolent Stickleback : Good Girl Roxy!

NO COMMENT : ur gonna b picking up stuffing for three years

junebug girl : Wow look at the fur on her back stand up !

get2vivek : Black gorillas 🦍 matter

lavina dowling : My girl is the same lol if you walk around the back of the house at night she'll stay in the light and bark at me lol But ,,I love her much ,,great looking lab

Mike Daley : Got the crotch sniff in as soon as possible.

Phill Huddleston : I used to scare my dogs by wearing a goofy looking mask, they would really freak out but I did have to be careful to take it off before getting bit.

Yourfather : Aww this video is 5 years old... Roxy is probably dead :(

GrnXnham : My lab had her nose pressed up against the computer screen watching this video!