DENHAM PSYCHO - Explicit Remake

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Renard LeBlanc : Ugh, totally missed an opportunity for a "oh my god, it even has a wallet-mark" [on the back pocket] in the jeans scene.

NOT Patrick Bateman : I approve this...

kaosgoblin : JP deserved that death before he was cool. Now he literally is, being room temperature and all.

Farkward : the chopin is a nice touch

Greg Scratchley : How the hell did he tie that apron so fast!

JamesHaskin : Gonna be a shit extraction without a good tamp. Great video guys!

Joshua Lette : Clearly not a true hipster; forgetting to tamper the coffee before brewing...

Wyld Dingo : Didn't tamp the grounds before locking in the portafilter--barbaric!

dirtwest : gotta tamp the grinds first

ost sweinen : That's a very fine Pabst Blue Ribbon you're drinking

Moustafa Emara : Why are there always hateful comments, why can't people just watch a video and either enjoy and praise it or leave it alone without spewing hate everywhere?

chisel chin : i just started growing a beard 2 weeks ago and this video makes me want to shave it off

LUCCARDI : That got dark really quick.

Antoine Becaglia : Excellent parody of Bateman by Howells: Your compliment was sufficient lewis!"

Ddub1083 : Huey Lewis and the News approve this ad... it is indeed  "hip to be square"

km099 : That's marketing done right. Simply awesome

Marie-Lynn Richard : I am old enough to remember in great details when the 'elite consumer' that is the hipster was conceived. American Psycho is the movie that depicts him most brilliantly and terrifyingly. This is doubly brilliant because the hipster does not know he is a secondhand reincarnation of the American Psycho. The Magazine Connoisseur has been around since 1901 as a Best of the Best list. The American edition of Connoisseur was published by Hearst Corporation through Condé Nast Publications, was edited from 1981 to 1991 by Thomas Hoving. It was sort of re-branded as a gloriously beautiful poseur version of itself giving plebs access to the feeling of talking like a rich bastard. Connoisseur can be credited for the birth of the 'Lifestyler', that person who wears a Ferrari hat but doesn't own a Ferrari, that person who decorates their house in a nautical theme but doesn't own a boat, etc.

Countchrisdo : Director Hugo Keijzer, from the creative agency Flickering Wall, explains: "When I first heard Jason Denham talk about jeans it reminded me of the film's legendary business-card scene. I recognized the same manic attention to detail and ravenous appetite for craftsmanship. This triggered the idea for a modern-day remake of the scene."

BOAT ROCKER : Very well done! 

trustycrunch : Not necessarily an Hipster fan but that was awesome ! Sad that a lot of people didn't enjoy it.  This piece of work could actually lead me to respect hipster more than ever !!! From a traditional man !

Preet Katta : The cinematography and colour grading does a very good job at emulating the mood of the original.

Luke Wanden : Bloody brilliant, love the film American Psycho, this is a great parody. All the people moaning about it are just hipsters moaning because it's 'cool'

Vinay Seth : Brilliant script. Poor acting.

Thomas Heath : I have to return some video tapes. There's a retro-VHS place in Williamsburg.

Mr. Pandabites : Is it wrong that the overriding feeling I take away from this is that I really feel like a good cup of coffee?

Alex Frederick : It's like looking into a mirror...

WhenTheSkyTurnsDark : The CC option is hilarious! "Smell You!!"

Mark Y : This is very well done. Good job!

Dr. Rosenpenis : Hipsters, today's yuppies.

Roger Levy : I actually see more and more guys who look like this walking around Baltimore and they're not even joking.

Michael Plaster : You really screwed up at the end there by not tamping the ground Indonesian Kopi Luwak beans. Major Faux pas.

lefenec : this is funny brilliant

Moviehorror : oh lord! This is GREAT

Jaqen : That was spot on. Could almost do with a full feature!

MatthewNoPants1atoll : Tap your grind! Come on man

William Corcoran : Well played

Gideon K : Pretty good stuff guys. I was kinda hoping to see what Bateman's music selection was going to be in that last scene, but I guess the coffee maker does the trick.

Matthew Rodgers : Denham Psycho, personal favorite…better than sussudio

HappyFamilyPlan : advertising in 2014: viciously parody yourself and your core customers

Morgan Murphy : _The process improves the coffee through two mechanisms, selection and digestion_

Stu : The best branded content I've ever seen.  New benchmark: set.

Atypical Resto Shaman : Bloody amazing stuff! They played everything out just perfect!

Игорь Синицкий : Love the movie, like the parody. Thumbs up

Joe Hunter : watched this whole thing without once noticing they don't have american accents

Kory Taylor : No way in hell am I buying these jeans, but I'd watch the shit outta this if it were a feature length movie.

prodigalretrod : I have to watch an ad before I watch an ad?

Tyler Manhart : Did anyone else notice that he didn't tamp his espresso shot?

Lee Thatcher : Would actually watch this if it was a series.

Irkn : to be honest i hate hipsters.

This Is Google : Although I love this, I still want them killed.