VIKING Trailer (2016) Russian Viking Movie
This Russian Viking Movie looks pretty damn awesome

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Viking Trailer (Викинг Trailer) - 2016 Action Movie starring Anton Adasinsky, Aleksandr Armer and Vilen Babichev Subscribe for more: About Viking: Kievan Rus, late 10th century. After the death of his father, the young Viking prince Vladimir of Novgorod is forced into exile across the frozen sea.


Mick Ross : Thank you Russia for saving us from Hollywood - this looks great

Gmork 035 : russian actors looks more accurate like real vikings

AssManV2 : Let's hope Donald Trump wins so we get to see this movie rather than have a nuclear war

Справедливый Человек : Viking (Russian: Викинг) is a 2016 historical action film by director Andrei Kravchuk, based on the historical document Primary Chronicle and Icelandic Kings' sagas. Screen International has called it Russia's Game of Thrones. The film stars Danila Kozlovsky (Vampire Academy, Hardcore Henry) and Svetlana Khodchenkova (The Wolverine, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy). The set and the scenery used in the production were used to create Russia’s first movie-based theme park, which opened in may of 2016 near the village of Perevalnoye, Crimea.

Klaas Komvaak : can`t wait to see this, a movie without the western political correctness protocol should be awesome. A long lost melancholic to our past.

arxmagks : Amazing photography.

kingpinXXX100 : Viking? why not Varyag? It would be more authentic.

Ar4ibald : it's about rus' knyaz Vladimir the great who converted Russians to christianity. In those days Russians, Swedes and Finns had very close ties and mixed both ethnically and culturally, so when his older brother Yaropolk tried to kill him, Vladimir recruited a band of Varyags (Vikings) to help him retake his realm of Novgorod. In process he set the foundations for all modern Rus' nations - orthodox christianity upon slavic roots. The movie tries to tell his story.

Martin Umarov : Бля русские заходят сюда, чтобы обосрать русское кино, когда иноземцы наоборот хвалят.

DomScatterbrain : So, this is the movie about The Battle of Whiterun?

Poland Can't into space ? : Kiedy będzie ten film czekam na niego, to nie tylko Rus , to historia Słowian, a wszyscy Słowianie to bracia, tylko Ukrainy to kurwy.

Rommy Rajput : hope this movie will be released in india.. Love from india

A- DOG : Now thats what a man should be like....not those gay calvin klein models.....i say to all men to "hail" to that.....

GIRISH KUMAR : Damn!! When is this coming out??? I have become a fan of Russian movies now.👌

Kaiserslautern : one word .... Epic ...

Trevor Wood : Looks great

chendaddy : I don't know if the story is any good, but the SFX is incredible. We need more of this in China.

iloverebeccachambers : Arrow in the knee! By the Sweetroll and Curved Swords!

7krimo7 : Фильм обещает быть большим! Я пойду в кино, чтобы быть с нами в Польше. Приветствую славянских братьев из России.

* : The Rus were the biggest and strongest 'viking' group. Glad to finally see a movie about them.

principgavrilo : Last decade from Hollywood we are getting generic marvel-comocbook and tolkien crappy movies, no ideas and braindead, and now finally something historically and epic. Glory to God and mother Russia, greetings from Serbia!

John Paul Pineda : hopefully Ulfric Stormcloak win.... the true HighKing of the North

Nico Belic : A perfect trailer.

Keli Kàti Karl : This looks epic.

M G : Olaf Tryggvason (960s – 1000) was King of Norway from 995 to 1000. He was the son of Tryggvi Olafsson, king of Viken (Vingulmark, and Rånrike), and, according to later sagas, the great-grandson of Harald Fairhair, first King of Norway. After a short scuffle Astrid (with her son) fled again. This time their destination was Gardarike (Kiev), where Astrid's brother Sigurd was in the service of King Valdemar (Vladimir I). Olaf was three years old when they set sail on a merchant ship for Novgorod. The journey was not successful: in the Baltic Sea they were captured by Estonian vikings, and the people aboard were either killed or taken as slaves. Olaf became the possession of a man named Klerkon, together with his foster father Thorolf and his son Thorgils. Klerkon considered Thorolf too old to be useful as a slave and killed him, and then sold the two boys to a man named Klerk for a ram. Olaf was then sold to a man called Reas for a fine cloak.[8] Six years later, Sigurd Eirikson traveled to Estonia to collect taxes for King Valdemar. He saw a boy who did not appear to be a native. He asked the boy about his family, and the boy told him he was Olaf, son of Tryggve Olafson and Astrid Eiriksdattir. Sigurd then went to Reas and bought Olaf and Thorgils out from slavery, and took the boys with him to Novgorod to live under the protection of Valdemar. Still according to Heimskringla, one day in the Novgorod marketplace Olaf encountered Klerkon, his enslaver and the murderer of his foster father. Olaf killed Klerkon with an axe blow to the head. A mob followed the young boy as he fled to his protector Queen Allogia, with the intent of killing him for his misdeed. Only after Allogia had paid blood money for Olaf did the mob calm down. As Olaf grew older, Vladimir made him chief over his men-at-arms, but after a couple years the king became wary of Olaf and his popularity with his soldiers. Fearing he might be a threat to the safety of his reign, Vladimir stopped treating Olaf as a friend. Olaf decided that it was better for him to seek his fortune elsewhere, and set out for the Baltic.

Franconian Freediver : It seems that this film beats all we have ever seen about vikings. Hope it finds its way to our cinemas in Germany.

Lex Parsimoniae : They were this cool until the mongols arrive.

knubbelkeks69 : Well...not only Hollywood can make good movies (which in more recent years they have done less and less). If this movie is as good as the trailer, it'll be awesome!

Alfred Corsten : DAVAI

Radosław Sporysz : In Cast there are also actors from Sweden/Norway/Poland/Latvia/Canada(France?) and dialogues in swedish/norwegian also. I hope that it will be the Great Movie. cheers from Poland.

Dale Richard : Best damn foreign Viking movie I have ever seen, and without Jew influence trying to add blacks or gays in it. Keep up the good work Russia, only problem I saw was the beginning, hard to figure out plot.

BasherFCS : Early Middle Ages. Time heavy swords and dark blood laws. The ruling clan in contention. The blame for the accidental death of his brother lay on the Grand Duke. By law, he must avenge the younger brother - bastard. For refusing to kill him pay all that he had, because "for the world need more swords than war"

Belisarios : Finally to mention the true history of Eastern Europe in early Middle Ages. Finally to mention very rich history of Slavs. Finally to mention the Byzantine Empire, the most powerful empire ever! Millennial kingdom. They plague us with films of all possible events in "Western civilization", poison us with hundred of films about the American civil war, my little Serbia only in WWI had twice as many casualties than all of America in the civil war. Eternal glory to my Vladimir (I am Vladimir) the prince who was baptized Russians in the Orthodox faith.Живели браћо Руси!

Disgruntled Tail-wagger : Finally a viking movie without the Hollywood racial (((agenda))).

Braden : This looks amazing.

Sasha Ilves : Super film !!! story about living now be jumping from envy meter 3 ... Holywood, crying .Rossiya- winner!

alkazapper : I'm going to watch this!

John Doh : Looks great.

Egor Peleganchuk : Во имя князя Рюрика

Suppressingfire : Thats what vikings look like. I wanna watch this movie asap. I got so disappointed with the series vikings because of its cheapass shit that i stopped watching it since season 1. RUSSIA IS MAKING SOME REALLY GREAT MOVIES

Okrien : Just went home from a cinema, after watching "Viking". Overall impression mostly positive. Great atmosphere, strong acting, very immersive. However there are some weak spots and facepalm moments. Battle scenes are good, but not very massive. 7 of 10, because of atmosphere and overall quality. Not a masterpiece, but definitely worth watching.

Asura : Murica in sad situation!

Julian Morales : genial!! :-o

Galaxy Veteran : VIKING 2016 /Guardians / COMA / Atraction / legend of lolovrat

Kunst Dimitri : Не пойму я вас ребята, обсираети свои фильмы. Как так, если даже за рубежом все его ждут и трейлер всем понравился? В фильмах всегда есть немного сказки, но ето не повад его обосрать. Если хорошо и интересно снят, почему не похвалить или поблагодарить исполнителей и режиссера? Почему бля всем нравится Роки или Терминатор, ето что не сказка?

Rahul Menon : now this does look like real vikings i picture myself from wat i read... not the one with stylish tatoos nd funky hairstyles...fantasy.. wish to learn russian before i watch this movie..

Ser Twonkling the onyon rehng knight : holy shit. Russia has stepped up it's film industry

The Zoro : Os russos sabem oque eh ser viking.e não esses viking de Hollywood EUA.

Paulo Roberto : This looks AWESOME !