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Traders Friend : It was unbelievable when I heard Barbra Walters say to that young man who has been so victimized and demoralized ' that you're bringing down an entire industry????????? That is the kind of perversion that keeps victims from coming forward. Having to defend themselves against the blame from ignorant people!

Bey S. : who's here after hearing about Harvey Weinstein? 🙋🏽

Candy Banks : Gonna send your kid to Hollywood? Make sure to stick an apple in their mouth, tie their hands and feet be hind their back and put them on a platter. Your own ego and money lust just sold their flesh to hell. Why are we still supporting that industry. It contributes nothing. Art was supposed to imitate life but the film industry flipped that. Now they tell us what we're to believe and think and our desire is to be one of them, only you're not really being invited, you're being harvested.

Sophiah Koikas : why would parents let a 12 year old child be alone in a manager's car no matter who and what he would do for a child's career and then say we didn't see it.

mother of two : Cory Feldman, don't apologize to that horrible B. Walters. She has no compassion for victims. She's a part of the system that abuses. Shame on her!!

lyn bar : Barbara Walters saying "your damaging the industry" . ??? I'll never think of her the same way again. This is why people don't come forward.

potocatepetl : One must wonder if the 237 thumbs down are coming from pedophiles....

Lilleybugglane : I had read before about the "open secret" in Hollywood... and seen/heard a LOT of the MALE child actors elude to it (in their books/interviews)... but SEEING it "spelled out" in this documentary was frightening and disturbing... and to see who the "key players" were and ARE... and the "investors"/clients made me sick to my stomach... I TRULY believe that this WENT on... and is CURRENTLY still going on in Hollywood... and not just in the entertainment industry (I am quite sure that the MUSIC industry has their "open secret" too... MENUDO comes to mind)... what I DID find especially interesting was LEO DICAPRIO was "involved"/managed by one of the "members" as was TOBY MIGUIRE.... Also... at the 44:56 mark when BEN SAVAGE shows up (isn't he FRED SAVAGE'S little brother?)... he is called "honey" and gets his bumm squeezed in the shot... this really makes you WONDER just how "deep" and "far reaching" the "open secret" is... and how "large" the club membership is... and EXACTLY WHO is a "member"... The DISNEY connection doesn't surprise me a bit... neither did Barbara Walter's response to Feldman in that clip... I am VERY SORRY for the young men who these things happened too... You HAVE to wonder after seeing this... just how many of the MALE ACTORS who died "young" MAY have been tied to this story and were living with the "secret".... I wish them ... the VICTIMS... all the best in the future...

DjCole100 : 6 Months??? it's the parents responsibility to protect their child... well if the law can get bought then it's up to the parents to get even.. kill child molesters..

mitrovdan : 1:31:40 Barbara Walters, man...I'm just without words. "You are damaging an entire industry" beyond believe, just BEYOND.Saying something like that sitting next to a victim who's sexually abused and who lost a friend to that is just....   I really can't even put it in words what I feel.

Sincerely Amanda : He's damaging an entire industry? Really? Tf is Barbara Walters talking about?! He's bringing awareness to the problem!!

SocialMoth : "Are you attracted to young boys?" "No, not particularly." Wtf kind of answer is that!? It should be "HELL NO!"

Dike Fam RV Travels : Pedowood..

Rebe Ruth : This is why you hear celebrities say, I don't want my children in this industry....they know where the monsters are....

Mindrolling : I'm a parent: we'd NEVER let our underage (18 year old) sons just go live with some effing random stranger who's offering the moon and the sky. If it sounds 'too good to be true' is almost certainly always IS. A 14 year old kid can have a career in entertainment without having to move into the producer/director's home. How can these parents be so naive and desperate?

keilanatalierose : Hollywood is sick. All these old rich men think they're God and can do whatever.. and the scary thing is, they can, to a certain extent.

Invader Gir : Something tells me Mike Harrah is a pedophile. Any grown man that chooses to work with children exclusively is suspect to me.

Juan Arteaga : Parents be your children's FIRST PROTECTION!!! DON'T TRUST ANYONE WITH YOUR MOST PRECIOUS TREASURE! Under no circumstances allow this to happen to your children!

P.A. Russell : KILL THEM ALL

misstimountaincop95b : Catch what that sick pig says at about :50:00-1:06:40. He is trying to justify RAPING his victim because "animals do 'it' and dont care. Its only humans who regulate it, socialize it, and put restrictions on it. If we were like the other animals in the world, it would be normal." Sorry buddy! Humans ARE NOT ANIMALS! And the entire WORLD needs to bring back drawing, hanging, emasculating, and quartering for people like you who CHOOSE to be ANIMALS! I was a MP in the US Army! I've been to Bosnia and Kosovo where the Albanians and the Serbs kidnapped children from the ages of 3 to as old at 25 from all over the world (Portland Oregon being number 1 in the USA for the human sex slave trade, followed by the entire HWY 101 through California due to its major ocean ports) and would hook narcotic drips up to these people to keep them high so their pedifile clients could come in in DROVES and have sex with these victims! We closed down nearly a dozen of these rings overseas, and more than 2 dozen here in the USA! The SAD THING? You ANIMALS only get MAYBE 5 years in prison, if you have "good behavior", and are released BACK into HUMAN populations to start your ANIMALISTIC PREYING AGAIN! ALL pedofiles in my opinion need to be drawn, hanged, emasculated, and quartered and your parts hung on a spike in four corners of the world to show what we do to ANIMALS who CHOOSE TO PREY on HUMANS! And those who harbor them, make excuses for pedofiles, help those animals groom MORE victims and in essence they are helping to groom a NEW litter of ANIMALS (because pedifilia is not someone waking up someday and saying "hey! this is a great idea!" no no on! it is GROOMED in them to think that animal behavior is ok to do in society, so often times victims turn into pedifiles themselves, and the circle continues.....) should be hung in a freaking gibbet at our airports, seaports, and our boarders so EVERYONE coming into our nation KNOWS what will happen to sick animals like you people! This crap has to stop! And it wont stop as long as there are people out there, like the ones in Hollywood, who ENABLE the animals to prey!

mitrovdan : 1:22:35 "They sort of fell into it" Can you imagine that, falling into a bed with a guy twice or three times your age...This is just sick to the core!

Terance Decker-Harris : What don't these stories ever get to the big screen or stay in the news, because the producers and uppers are in charge and still in charge

CDawg : Evan H is very brave...He pretty much single-handedly slew a dragon. I can't believe they released this predator after SO little time.

j smith : This is so sad. These young children are injured terribly; their very future; their sexuality; their ability to connect and to trust. Ability to marry, to commit to another person, everything in their future lives is affected. These sexual predators deserve the harshest penalties; they ruin these children's lives. And, you can see from the video how their families lives are also ruined.

michelle staunton : I blame the parents ,they need to protect there children not exploit them

Dru Miller : I was molested... and in a way it's a form of murder, it kills a piece of you, your childhood, your innocence...I could go on, but unless it's happened to you, you will never understand! It's an epidemic!

L0uL0uisa : I have a friend who got molested as a child and he told me "you either live with it and live a bashful life or you fight against it to live a better life". He is a very strong minded individual

balthiersgirl Callumfrancisseaton2009 : Thank you Corey fieldman for the book he wrote and being brave

Spiritisalive1 : These people ruin these kids & families lives. The offenders get 5 mins of jollies, but these trauma's last year's, if not decades.

cheshire cat : Corey Feldman has been talking about this for years and years. It's crazy how long it's taken for the public to FINALLY believe him.

maureen mckillop : "you're damaging an entire industry" May you burn in hell Barbara Walters.

Sarah Cantori : like it or not, admit it or not, the Clintons, John Podesta, Anthony Weiner, and other very prominent democrats and members of the liberal media have been engaging in pedophilia and covering it up for years.

-AngelGr- : happened to me when I was 14... Managed to talk my way out of it though... I was lucky.

Olivia Austen : All the men mentioned at the end: I will never watch one of your movies ever again. I am going to tell hundreds of people I know to also boycott your productions. If all of us stand up and do this, they will lose power. Disgusting human beings.

Mike C : The FBI should tear this industry shit apart

Rainy Chain : Full House, anyone?

Silla R.H. : michael harrah is one of them sick sob

rob combs : this happened to me when I was 14.....when I came home from Vietnam I was 22....and I went after the SOB who did it to me

K9 Pirates Lair : All pedophiles require extermination with extreme prejudice.

Chloe Ann Bessarion : All Pedophiles need to die!!! They don't need second chance.... thats it!!!!

mikeylorene : What? Barbara Walters is yet again sticking up for another pedophile? She lost my loyalty when she coddled Woody Allen after he screwed his underage stepdaughter- then married her so she couldn't testify against him. Why does Barbara Walters think pedophiles can do no wrong? She's the enabler- just like all the other assholes that let all the pedophiles get away with it.

GiveMeShelter : I'm so disgusted right now. These predators are known abusers and then the industry wants to act as though it's shocked? The American culture is more vocal and enlightened about rapist but the country is still very sick. Look at Trump and Weinstien. No shocking revelations there. Look at Screen Junkies. No surprise there either. It is really pathetic that these rapist still have careers and ridiculously short jail sentences. I guess if most of the people in power including the sentencing judges, relate or sympathize with that behavior ; then of course I asked a question I already have the answer. People who are hooked on crack cocaine and weed smokers see tougher sentences.

missplasticpony : "Once u are 8, you are responsible for your own career.." Spoken like a true pedophilic pusher!

Maggie Niew : Very courageous young men.... Pray for their heeling... And for justice.... ✌️

mikolover1000 : Shane sent me here

Katy Bauer : How could any parent allow their child to go live with a grown man?!?!?!

Emily Miguel : I have never felt like vomiting after watching a documentary before.

glenn sarconi : " are you attracted to young boys " ??? Michel Harrah = " not particularly ,no  "  HUMMM smells like a pervert to me .he is exactly what they are talking about .he is sitting there trying to make it seem like no big deal and is using tactics predators use .SUPER DUPER CREEPY !!!!!!!

Mybubbles : I can spot a pedophile a mile away. They talk like they are trying to groom a child all the time and they have this creepy presence about them. They should all be executed on the spot!

Mollysky1 : Every brave soul involved in the production of this documentary is beyond heroic. THANK YOU for exposing these demonic (but oh, so fashionable) roaches, whose spiffy cars and tacky mansions are incapable of transforming the black wormy stuff in their souls into sun drenched fields of peace.  Peace belongs to those who speak out against the dark depravity.  Well done!  God bless you!