William Gibson: Memory Palace

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MarkS : He ends by saying: "...there's no place really that is real." However, just because Gibson has said this, doesn't make it true.  In fact, from my own personal experience I know of one place that is "really real" and that's in my heart, but you can't get there with thoughts, ideas, concepts, and theory's, rather you get there by being shown how to make the connection to that infinite place within you.  Why would anyone want to do that?  Because that is who a person really is, it's the only place where true Happiness, Joy, and Peace exist, but I don't expect anyone to believe ma and I wouldn't want anyone to believe me, for this is not a matter of "believing," rather it's a matter of "Knowing," feeling and experiencing ones true self.  Socrates and others in history have said, "Know Thyself."  People search the world for Peace and Happiness in their life looking everywhere, even the moon, Mars, and deep space,  however the one place they haven't looked is inside of themselves.

whoknowsyoubetter : Just a heads up, I posted almost exact excerpt few years ago on another account and it was recently taken down due to some copyright claims. Hope yours stays up for longer, it's truly worth it.

puddingebola : It's from a piece of theater/performance art called Memory Palacy by William Gibson. I think it's extremely difficult to track down a copy as it is out of print, but if you search on the internet you can find people who claim to own a copy.

TheHoodmailbox : Beautiful and profound prose.