Catch n' Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

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Ace Videos : If you enjoyed this Trout Catch and Cook, then I think you will REALLY like this one:

Jelani Schultz : doesn't this guy look like logic and tyler1 combined?

private private : He goes, "I got my own private beach" Mink goes, "Wutchu talkin' 'bout willis?!"

skyler paul : Lol the kid is saying "it's a otter daddy" Not "harder daddy" Lol

avaorchid : You are the LEAST click bait person on earth. You didnt even mention the MINK!!!! And you truly had a mink challenging you to a duel

Bella Cuellar : Ace’s SpongeBob references are everything 😂

kingreyplays : I want to touch your head so badly

Toxic Sweg : This video made me want to go out and do this

ZBOSS - RT : Tyler 1's secret fishing channel

Carlou Quiban : So logic does catch and cook now

CrudeZeus33 : Is it just me or did someone say “Harder daddy” at 15:22

BliingBoii : This dude is so chill unlike these other Fisher you tubers imma subscribe

ESL Notyoavrgboy : Yo mans look like if tyler1 and jerryrigeverything had a baby

Ray Whyshouldyouknow? : Did you just get juked by a crawfish??

Danny Westbrooks : *BIG* *MEATY* *CLAWS*

RealizeTrollz : who else loves these catch n cook videos ?

JJ Luv : Catch and cook mink , yummy

Viresh Lololol : Did he just say his brother got him some spices For his birthday

Stonemansteve II : If you drizzle a little oil in the water that'll keep it from boiling over like that. Where exactly did all this take place? Louisiana?

LegacyRanger : The trout had hook in his mouth, you pissed off the otter because of it lol

69 or 420 : I cant believe people say fishing is boring

あの 水平線ガ遠ざかっていく : That a healthy lunch

Louie Fun 'n' Games : im getting pizza

Poising : My mouth is watering like crazy!

Rocco Grano : Hey when you catch a female trout try using it’s eggs as bait I heard they work quite well but I’ve never done it before

boxy122 : Tyler1's long lost brother

Nasty Caze : The reason why the water was boiling over is because there was to much water by the way you should have used crab boil for the seasoning with the crab boil liquid

seni Tautuiaki : This guy looks like Logic lol🤣😂😱

Aiden Strain : U sound and look like a very humble Tyler1

Skittles 1400 : 15:22 you here the “harder daddy*

James Tabor : Hi person scrolling through the comments!

Cody Napier : If you don’t want to gut hook the fish use circle hooks

Christian D'Amore : I would've taken the mink home and named it Mr.Krabs

Ethan Jorgensen : Were is old bay

Zingaa : Logic (rapper) + Tyler1 = This guy lol

Danielle Papineau : The mink was so funny and made the video better

-_Slayy_- : If men were able to make babies this guy would be Tyler1 and Logics son

Gorgeous Freeman : BIG..........MEATY...........CLAWS!!!!!!!

I_Do Copys : The Crawfish is moving xD 😂😂😂

Marina Amoroso : Bless u for feeding that mink❤❤(I think that's what its called)but anyways BLESS U

MelTweakin : You look like logic Bruh

John builds lego minecraft : I subscribed and hit the bell

Usa Athletics : At 8:24 he picked up the rock and I saw a sting ray then he smashed it

Ivan Yang : you should eel fish at a beach it is so fun

LILcade : I dont even fish but i like your videos

kermits studio xd : It's so Satisfying watching u cook for me lol

diehard2214 : I'm alarmed!

OCDive 21 : I don’t think he should have released that second trout, it was bleeding and they usually don’t lose those hooks. I understand he doesn’t want to kill a lot of wild trout but when they swallow you just gotta keep them

WretchedWacko : Dude I love fish, your making me hungry!

-_Slayy_- : Why do crawfish look like their happy when they're being catched. I mean their hands are in the air