Catch n' Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

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Ace Videos : If you enjoyed this Trout Catch and Cook, then I think you will REALLY like this one:

Bella Cuellar : Ace’s SpongeBob references are everything 😂

CrudeZeus33 : Is it just me or did someone say “Harder daddy” at 15:22

-_Slayy_- : Why do crawfish look like their happy when they're being catched. I mean their hands are in the air

avaorchid : You are the LEAST click bait person on earth. You didnt even mention the MINK!!!! And you truly had a mink challenging you to a duel

Shut_ya_ lip : I bet he raged and cooked the mink and none of the meat was trout

RealizeTrollz : who else loves these catch n cook videos ?

RyanMFTV : If you ever want to really enjoy the crawfish, be sure to purge them a couple times. They're freshwater creatures, so throw them in saltwater and they start to empty their bowels. This will get rid of all the mud in their system so you don't have a muddy flavor in the meat. Salt the water, let them sit in it for a few minutes (10ish) drain, do it one more time and you should be good. Cheers from a viewer in South Louisiana!

César Sánchez : Forget the crab t-shirt, we need a hungry mink tee

John Harnetta : Expanding on why you cook live crustaceans, it's because they have bacteria in them that really spreads and multiplies when they die that can give you serious food poisoning. That food poisoning can kill you. It's better to have them alive up to the last second because the bacteria dies off in the boiling water before they multiplies.

Dill Lend : Lol you're fishing under a bridge, you are literally a troll haha

69 or 420 : I cant believe people say fishing is boring

Jaden_5730 : You should of caught a trout for the lil mink

skyler paul : Lol the kid is saying "it's a otter daddy" Not "harder daddy" Lol

xking 34 : At 9:30 he straight up juked his hand.

Sad Doki noises : 22:45 “just like crabs the claws have more tender meat then the tail” Crabs don’t have tails :/

boxy122 : Tyler1's long lost brother

Wave Clan : “Kill an animal to feed a animal”

Joshua Hall : That mink made me laugh so hard that I hit the like button somehow..... You should watch that part over again and see if it happen to you.

Maxillion : Are you related to Johnny Sins? The astronaut? The professor? The fireman? The policeman?

Tito Skywalker : Surprised you weren’t harassed by the pig game wardens don’t you know they hate when a regular citizen fishes and makes his own healthy food. But a corporation dumping toxin waste killing millions of fish and they get no fines no penalties just millions of dollars. This is happening in Florida by the way. But won’t be surprised if it’s the elites plan to destroy.

James Tabor : Hi person scrolling through the comments!

Montus Gaming : all this catch n cook is making me feel like going fishing

Carlou Quiban : So logic does catch and cook now

Melissa Rodriguez : has any body watch this vid in 218 lol

Joan Olga Keine : you seem to be a nice guy 😊😊 subbed

LILcade : I dont even fish but i like your videos


pop tarts : Mr clean lol

kingreyplays : I want to touch your head so badly

GFL_02 : My favorite channel ever just dont listen to the haters

Danielle Papineau : The mink was so funny and made the video better

kendo boston : Hooks usually rust out the fish in just a few days to a week it will be fine.

XxBigballxX Gaming : Crayfish can't actually feel pain

Trey Le : I really like how your so energetic and your personality is so nice

OCDive 21 : I don’t think he should have released that second trout, it was bleeding and they usually don’t lose those hooks. I understand he doesn’t want to kill a lot of wild trout but when they swallow you just gotta keep them

USN_Ret 84-05 : Taxed by a mink.

Yunbiao Lu : i love sea foods!!! like if you do also!! :D ^^

TheDeroverly : You sound kind of Duh... Did you ride the short bus to school?

cperception : damn what happened to logic!

Isaac Lejeune : Who else gets triggered when he says crawdad (Louisiana thing)

Rafael McDaniel Jr : Can we get a rip in the chat 😭 4:40

diehard2214 : I'm alarmed!

Ivan Yang : you should eel fish at a beach it is so fun

Nasty Caze : The reason why the water was boiling over is because there was to much water by the way you should have used crab boil for the seasoning with the crab boil liquid

keebslol : Catch the mink and tame it to catch you fish

Kyle Nguyen : Bro I wish that that stream or river was near me, it's so clear and local. There are lots of crawfish there

not freeze : I dont like fish but that looks so delicious

Sarah F : Hey, I liked that you we’re announcing the “boil Crab” topic, but you also should empathize for the how one guy said “vegetarians” that we love animals and of course it is painful to look at this when it could have been avoided. Every tiny animal has its right to live and yes, nature is brutal and what not but we don’t have to make it even worse. This is not a hate comment in any kind of way, this is just maybe something to think about and as I try to empathize with you and your actions (which is hard) I hope that you can empathize with me aka people who write more negative comments about it. But you seem like a really nice person thou..

Maine Trout Whisperer : Another good video. Man one of those craws got you good! Haha