Catch n' Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

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Ace Videos : If you enjoyed this Trout Catch and Cook, then I think you will REALLY like this one:

Bella Cuellar : Ace’s SpongeBob references are everything 😂

Aggresive Son : At 15:22 it sounds like someone said harder daddy🤣🤣

Trenton Dog : Um you said you had a link for everything where you get that lemon boy

Joseph Jeans : 2019 anyone?

AKLM : 9:31 I've never seen such a skilled crab fighter

Antoni Gates : I love England, truly it’s a beautiful country. But I watch videos like this and I think to myself “Damn, America does look pretty amazing”.

Christopher Salem : 15:26 "I can make a coat out of you"

Trey Lazar : Have you ever thought about fresh mink for lunch?

Maknae line BTS : That mink is just like having a girlfriend always wanting your food 😂

Tomyboy Gaming : I swear trout always swallow the hooks

Jelani Schultz : doesn't this guy look like logic and tyler1 combined?

Tw!st3d D!gg3r : We need a video on hair growth products tested.


jorge torres : Shoulda cooked the mink instead

Anonymous Monkey : I'm very certain boiling doesn't kill instantly, 18:58. not sure about lobsters, but humans are really gonna feel the burn.

69 or 420 : I cant believe people say fishing is boring

Daniel Butler : Never fished a day in my life but watched this whole vid and who's watching this on DECEMBER 17-20??

Lakynn Payne : Why didn’t you just use the whole crawfish?

Matteo Bannatyne : Your brother got you garlic and herb spice for your birthday?

Clash Boy : There is rainbow fish but is there dark matter fish

CrudeZeus33 : Is it just me or did someone say “Harder daddy” at 15:22

The Bike : Mink be like sharing is caring

Davis Pickett : What you can do is tie some string to a chicken leg and just throw it out and the crawfish will come to u

Drayton Magill : You're making me impatient for spring.

CRYPTOMED : Youv done a big mistake letting the hook inside the fish . You made a huge pain for her for life dude .. unfortunnaly

LILcade : I dont even fish but i like your videos

Average Metal head : Catch n’ cook thieving rodent

Mythicc Fenrir : Why he looks like Tyler1 ?

Katie T : that mink is about to get caught and killed if he doesn’t calm down😂

Pat Sal : 22:42 "Just like crabs, the claw meat is always more tender than the tail meat." What type of crab are you eating buddy? haha

ruinous : who else loves these catch n cook videos ?

wewe pinatacan : where can i buy the hand-carry burner and stove? Because it's so useful during travel and easy to carry.. Thanks

Pool nommnom : 16:39 boy he thick af

brandon mora : lol that mink was hilarious great vid

WolfPack Gaming : Just say crawfish 🦞 and fish 🎣

Toxic Sweg : This video made me want to go out and do this

Nathaniel Cavazos : I didn't know crawdad where Olympic swimmers

Josh KD : Thought you we're Johnny Sins

WolfPack Gaming : You should go to Tyson wilderness he do the same thing plz check him out he is amazing

Golden troopers lol•••• : I really want some..

James Tabor : Hi person scrolling through the comments!

Teshalech Solomon : That mink wanted them big meaty claws

John Lusk : Tyler1’s twin brother

Jensen Payne : the mink coat thing triggered me lmaoooo

Ashton Pittman : Spongebob references I like dat

boxy122 : Tyler1's long lost brother

Slinghunter5000 : What state was this in?

Little EZ : 😂"I know your mad but I'll share with you later"

Elliot Lim : 2:10 crawdad has left the chat