Roll Cloud Over Lake Michigan June 11, 2016

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Jump Man : Daily Dose of Internet anyone?

twd heartbeat : this is so scary and beautiful at the same time

Ken Temple : This is a "Roll Cloud". It formed over Lake Michigan along the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Jorja Evans : That cloud looks kinda creepy cuz it’s just slowly moving towards you

Ghostbusters3 : 2:41 ... sun goes in. 4:09 ... wind dies down. 4:16 ...sun is back full.

C White : The uplift wind when it passes must be pretty strong. A once in a lifetime event for most people right there.

Mad Musicologist : Very cool take. First I thought that this was time lapse, but then I noticed he people moving at normal speed. Never saw such a thing life. Would be interesting which processes form such a cloud.

Wonjae Yi : It’s like god is messing with the clouds for fun. Could it be Loki?

ras 47 : I stay in Detroit I've been seeing these a lot lately it's still weird to me even though I understand how it works now

ParisRoxane : Hi Ken, Did you received my email ? thanks roxy

Gina Monzillo : There is no such thing as chemtrails, or weather manipulation... so they keep telling us despite all the evidence.

Gawrosz : HARP?

Nathan Heldt : Beautiful! i have had these go over my house before in thunderstorms.

Nathan Heldt : And yeah do they bring wind!!!

Sajaa K : Beautiful shot!

mavi 777 : Nice Capture! May I share your video on my channel ? I would be sure to credit your original link! Thanks

Oxy Codone : i would probably run lol

awesome sylveon : I love the power of nature!! its sooo BEAUTIFUL!

IGRONAUT : Красота какая

Joseph Astier : A cold front. COOL!

Michael Langley : It looks like a big wave that got stuck

Moepowerplant : Wow, is that the morning glory cloud from If M- ehem... oops.

Evamaria Lilienfeld : IS DAS eine wele

Amethyst Cloud : that is so cool

acjunior72 : Absolutely incredible!

Carthes : Stunning. Great capture!

Christine Wood : That's scary and beautiful I live in MI too 😍😁

CynLouWho : So freakin cool

NWSanta : Wow is that ever Creepy! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

AUTO6 : Looks like tsunami :D

chaヤレイン : I want touch that cloud!

Max Blankenbeker : uhhh white walkers anyone? XDXDXDXD

Rodrigo Torres : Esse lugar é lindo

WebNinja : whadu heck is thius?

Milo Estobar : Welcome to Grandline!

Bestdaughterever Ever : Is this normal ? I mean did anything like this happening all the time before? I’ve never seen anything like this until now.

H SLM : wtf

Astral Circuitry : HAARP weather control clouds

BRO-D GREEN : photoshopt

dave jones : Brilliant Video. Do we understand what causes that.

ParisRoxane : Hi Dear Ken, It's Roxy from Paris, we would like to use your footage for a french TV show, how can i contact you to send my request ? Thanks roxy

ercan mystan : efe

GrinFlash : Where is this?

Candida : That was amazing

Richard Oxley : Hi Ken, this is an incredible video. I'm keen to speak to you asap regarding media interest in it, as we have many clients who we feel would like to use this video. Please reply back to me at and I'll send over more information about how we work. Thanks!