Pepe Silvia w/drums

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TurtleKid89 : I wanna hear the drums solo

Erick Wright : 0:24 That little bit where Charlie says "Can we talk about the mail?" in a pretty much perfect beat makes me happy every time I replay this.


arvicz22 : This is awesome. It was like watching Always Sunny crossed with Birdman.

Cande Roldan : there is no carol i n h r

bja311 : wow man. how do you do it? how long does it take you to memorize the hits? also, I love the swing in Charlie's rant

Peter McAvan : Can we just talk about how he knocks on the snare drum during the part charlie is talking about knocking on carol's door for a second?

Peachy Pearl : What the hell I love this so much, I can't stop listening to it. More pretty please and preferably Sunny related!

Artem Husachenko : more video like this so cool

Carlos Sánchez : i got kickdrums full of Pepe

kipras14 : Nightman : Or The Unexpected Virtue of Illitaracy

Adam Warren : 0:22 hidden "oh yeah" wait it's all over the place why diD U HIDE OH YEAH THROUGHOUT THIS VIDEO WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY

Trap Music Now. : Sunny in Philly w/ BARS

Jeff O : This should be called Bird(law)man

SarksStuff : this gives me extreme anxiety and i have no clue why

Crustacean Jones : i would listen to a full album of this

Jake Lare : There is a spider, spider, spider... it's deep in my soul.

Donald Patton : If you could do this for the trash man scene, I would be very happy.

Andrew Verdecchio : You have got to do the speech from Glenn Garry Glenn Ross. It's a moral imperative

Heath Kitchen : Best drumming I have ever heard. No hyperbole, I mean it. You have great skills man. Wow.

CJUGames : Love how you kinda broke down at the end there. Stupidly good work.

Egg Burke : The 87 people who disliked this are obviously miserable bastards.

david thome : This is BY FAR, the COOOOOOOOLEST & FUNNIEST thing I've seen! So creative, and you should (please please please) do more!

Aegon Targ : This is what I hear when I'm high asf, talking to people. It's chaotic, but has rhythm.

sid : this is what my mental illness feels like

Fran Lovel Šimić : 1:02 holy shit well done

Frank! : what is this noise?

Big Daddy Rutabaga : Wish I could speak drum

FL Mango : If you're using vegas pro. Right click the video in your timeline, go to switches and then select disable resample. That should fix your weird framerate. If you're not using vegas then make sure your project settings has the same framerate set as your clips. Also, loved the video.

Nick Toss : Lmfao at 1:02 you actually start knocking

Thomas Boyle : This feels like a profound revelation about the inherent music in the universe and like a virtuosic performance and like a conceptual comedy. Truly amazing.

IndyElizzibeth C : "There is. No. Carol in HR"

nespith : It's always Blotted Science in Philadelphia.

Dan Felix : Hey man, I do the same sort of thing as you except on saxophone! Ive collaborated with publio delgado before and would love to collaborate with you. One hell of a transcription man!

Blake Regalia : Not quite my tempo

suburbanindie : So I start marching my way down to Carol in HR and I knock on her door and I say "CAROL...! CAROL!"

afrocoleman : The "down to Carol in HR" works so well

Valter Östberg : This must be what Aron Sorkin meant when he talked about hearing dialogue as like music.

HallMonitor : For those that enjoy this aesthetic, check out Frank Zappa's "Jazz Discharge Party Hats"

Iman Naminami : never thought I needed this. I am blessed

Ludo TheRhombus : Please do more of these, I was hoping to find a massive playlist of videos like this. But all I found was sadness.

Bournemouth : Holy shit that was great. "Let's talk about the mail, can we talk about the mail please Mac?" 0:25 Could loop and be it's own drum and bass song.

Gonzalo Chervet : Primus at 0:25

Milton Mejia : Please more of this, this brings me great joy. Helps me and my depression

TechnoticAcid : Linked you on Reddit a few hours ago and everyone seems to be digging it. I hope you blow up homie, I'd love to see more of this from you and it seems I'm not alone in the sentiment.

Jake Dooley : Not sure how I ended up here, but this made my night.

Panda Pocky : Someone should make a band called pepe silvia an all the music is just it's always sunny clips done like this 👍

Anders Rantala Hunderi : Oh hey I love Birdman

HGSSEthan : this is legitimately, without any exaggerating, my favorite video I have ever seen

Winter Keller : Im a bit taken back by how much this resonates with me. I could listen to this sort of thing all day!!!! Can you do some more? Something like the cafe scene in Reservoir Dogs, or the "coffee is for closers" scene in Glengary Glenross would be awesome!