Pepe Silvia w/drums

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TurtleKid89 : I wanna hear the drums solo

Erick Wright : 0:24 That little bit where Charlie says "Can we talk about the mail?" in a pretty much perfect beat makes me happy every time I replay this.


Peter McAvan : Can we just talk about how he knocks on the snare drum during the part charlie is talking about knocking on carol's door for a second?

Cande Roldan : there is no carol i n h r

Blake Regalia : Not quite my tempo

Carlos Sánchez : i got kickdrums full of Pepe

Crustacean Jones : i would listen to a full album of this

vhs : this gives me extreme anxiety and i have no clue why

arvicz22 : This is awesome. It was like watching Always Sunny crossed with Birdman.

Donald Patton : If you could do this for the trash man scene, I would be very happy.

Peachy Pearl : What the hell I love this so much, I can't stop listening to it. More pretty please and preferably Sunny related!

Jeff O : This should be called Bird(law)man

Thomas Boyle : This feels like a profound revelation about the inherent music in the universe and like a virtuosic performance and like a conceptual comedy. Truly amazing.

Jake Lare : There is a spider, spider, spider... it's deep in my soul.

sid : this is what my mental illness feels like

Egg Burke : The 87 people who disliked this are obviously miserable bastards.

Nick Toss : Lmfao at 1:02 you actually start knocking

Heath Kitchen : Best drumming I have ever heard. No hyperbole, I mean it. You have great skills man. Wow.

IndyElizzibeth C : "There is. No. Carol in HR"

Andrew Verdecchio : You have got to do the speech from Glenn Garry Glenn Ross. It's a moral imperative

afrocoleman : The "down to Carol in HR" works so well

suburbanindie : So I start marching my way down to Carol in HR and I knock on her door and I say "CAROL...! CAROL!"

nespith : It's always Blotted Science in Philadelphia.

Fran Lovel Šimić : 1:02 holy shit well done

Artem Husachenko : more video like this so cool

Austin Franklin : 0:22 "OOOOOHHHHH YEEEAAAAHHHH" (that Ferris Bueller song)

Jasmine Waring : I really hope Charlie Day has seen this - I feel like he would LOVE this musical genius

Gonzalo Chervet : Primus at 0:25

AnikiKamina : this is legitimately, without any exaggerating, my favorite video I have ever seen

bja311 : wow man. how do you do it? how long does it take you to memorize the hits? also, I love the swing in Charlie's rant

woodrabbitworkshop : mononeon needs to get on this

Anders Rantala Hunderi : Oh hey I love Birdman

HallMonitor : For those that enjoy this aesthetic, check out Frank Zappa's "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" : very impressive =] try putting audio/midi censors on your kit. take that video and put markets at each syllable. every hit can trigger a midi signal that plays the video, starting at the next marker. thus stepping through the scene but actually triggered by your playing in real time. #puppetmaster #nostrings

kipras14 : Nightman : Or The Unexpected Virtue of Illitaracy

Jake Dooley : Not sure how I ended up here, but this made my night.

Panda Pocky : Someone should make a band called pepe silvia an all the music is just it's always sunny clips done like this 👍

guitargamer823 : Game Grumps sent me. You're real talented, man! You remind me of MonoNeon!

Frank! : what is this noise?

Roedor : "can we talk about the mail" got me grooving like no song ever did

xXkelso 420Xx : You need to do steamed hams from the Simpsons

Brody Loewl : Dude you should do steamed hams from the Simpsons

Motus Anderson : i almost forgot to watch this today

Macrocrash11 : This has got to be the most technically impressive thing I've seen on YouTube.

SlrrdWrrds : 1:25 "not only do all of these people exist" AMAZING

Sylvia Coopersmith : THIS IS AMAZING

Mangatard123 : This is absolutely amazing!!!

Metalhiram : ok so like never stop making these please

fever dream : do steamed hams with drums