Making a hunting knife using hobbyist tools

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Peter Adamson Knives : Check the description for a template, and links to all the tools and materials used, and leave a comment if you have any questions!

atomiclab : I like your knife profile shape.

Pistolero : Just an artist.. can i buy some of these??

paulie 4x : Say Heah Peter, Why wouldn't you also call that knife a bush craft knife also. Infact I like using knives that similar style for Bush Craft Knife. Infact I had one made by modifying a Battle Horse Attitude I have it posted in my Google Plus your welcome to L@@K.,,. p

JohnReviewer112 : This is how almost every other maker out there makes knives expect they have better versions of all these tools.. This is the point of handmade custom tools, they are hand made. Whatt? You think that using a milling machine for 75 percent of the process is now a hand made knife? No, it then turns into basically every other factory produced knife you can buy on the market.

Brooks Adamson : Good work on the knives. Also around the 6:50mark when you have a mask on and your breathing heavy and it's really fast it sounds like Darth Vader fapping 😂

eric draven : beautiful work you got yourself a sub

dor dan : Wow i like IT😍💪💪from Germany

Max Hansdamp : Geil....du bist ein Künstler. Was ein Traum .

Wade Jensen : Great work mate....very nice....thanks for sharing!

Jack Fluck : Hi there. One question, what's the spray product you apply on the knives with a piece of paper, before the oven part? Thank you in advance

Lorenzo Martinez : What is the name of that thing he uses near the end of the video to sharpen the knives?


Tanner Phillips : If you keep working that fast you are bound to lose a finger...;-) Nice work btw.

William Russell : This was an absolutely AWESOME VIDEO Thanks so much learned a lot and I can't wait to make my ultimate survival Bowie knife

Maximilian Dohle : Respect I know how long it takes to cut out blanks with a hacksaw

Allen A'Tackett : Hey I really like the knives you made this is the first video of yours I've watch but I sub. and will watch more one quick question is knife making all that you videos are about or just various things

Tony Dadon : I like all the people leaving comments "You should do this....." "You should do that...." Really? Where's the video of the knives YOU made?

David Peters : What is in the center of the first two rivets? Nice touch. Sweet blades !!!!!!!!!!

Altex lan : hunting knife? you going to hunt tiger with that silly knife? the tiger doing to laugh at you.

keith gross : awesome I give many props for all that sawing lol I have 2 questions one can you post the link to your grinder and belt sander and 2 what is the blue liquid you put on the blade for?

Hakan Jr : Falling in luv ...

Shitplay : 💪👍

Cristian Binasco : Excelente!!

Nick Bee : Thank you for sharing, from start to finish. Your works of art are very much appreciated.

Jeová Costa : Linda amigo , quanto que custa uma faca dessa ? Aguardo.boa noite

Dany Caron : trop facile son metal est tout pret lol pas de merite a faire ca

ReachingthePeake _ : No fluff. I love it

cuco gallegos : Great work love the angle on the knife the wood brings it all together thank you

James Hanchett : Will you be continuing to sell knives on your Etsy page?

ukrosko : Hi, awesome video - I would really like to try this, what is the green material between the wood and the steel and what is its purpose? Thanks and you have a new subscriber :-)

Hopewellmj : Just found ya - great stuff. It's got me thinking on new projects besides just primitive knives and axes. Might be fun to do a trade some time ... let me know. Keep up the great work!

shadyvito : Thank you I really enjoyed that.

Joseph Shelton : Very nice

Aaron Alkarim : Loved it!!

Mark Schwent : Beautiful!

Home Defense Weapons : Impressive workmanship. Great video. Thanks Subscribed

MrKayouh : Impressive ! I see you learned on Gough's channel too, way ahead of me though. Motivated me start making knives again, thanks and nice work ! EDIT : Wait one question though, where do you get that kind of blowtorch with a long tank ? I can only find small rounded tanks

Ning3n : That's a whole lotta hacksawing going on!

Marcus Hoban : Why do you use the green (acrylic?) in between the wood and knife handle?

L'Atelier De Bilbo - Ursus : Neat!

Brandon Ardoin : Beautiful craftsmanship!

yesindubitably : A belt/bench grinder combo is a hobbyist tool but an angle grinder is not? nice logic

An R key _ : Very beautiful work!

HardRockMiner : Wow dude you got skills.

Ben V : You can be proud man!

Jason Montgomery : You can always tell by the bare patches on someone's forearm that they have properly sharpened their knife.

marek matusiewicz : witam to nie nóż to dzieło sztuki pozdrawiam Darz Bór.

N_Kuz : Excellent knifes mate!

Ajakukri : Very nice work!