Making a hunting knife using hobbyist tools

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Peter Adamson Knives : Check the description for a template, and links to all the tools and materials used, and leave a comment if you have any questions!

atomiclab : I like your knife profile shape.

Tywithay : I feel like all knives should be tempered in an ammo box.

Pistolero : Just an artist.. can i buy some of these??

dor dan : Wow i like IT😍💪💪from Germany

Vito Mannone : Make the Jack Krauser Knife and you’ll make enough to retire. There’s a few out there but everybody doesn’t get it right. Look it up.

Hunters Moon : Great video and good style. You have amazing patience with the hacksaw. I always go for an angle grinder. Those little draper grinders are great. Lovely knife.

Jonathan : Your videos are really inspiring! You show that even with the basics you can make descent knifes.

eric draven : beautiful work you got yourself a sub

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Lorenzo Martinez : What is the name of that thing he uses near the end of the video to sharpen the knives?

just a Tack it : The huffing sounds during the glueing was brilliantly done that was hilarious good job all around man awesome

bloodgout : That is a really elegant little knife. I’m gonna make one.

Altex lan : hunting knife? you going to hunt tiger with that silly knife? the tiger doing to laugh at you.

Michael Lofthouse : When you put your grinds in, do you measure the degree on each side to ensure symmetry? Or do it by eye?

Adam Smith : Very nice handles, blade shape, ergos, sh*t it's about perfect and with such basic tools. Very impressed. Love how the handles taper down so much at the front and the downward pointed blade.

stvincents2007 : Where did you buy your steel and how much was it? Oh and what grade did you use

Jack Turner : Why are you breathing so heavily when you're gluing them?

Max Hansdamp : Geil....du bist ein Künstler. Was ein Traum .

馬爾斯 Lee : Nice blades!! what is the green one inside the handle?


Tanner Phillips : If you keep working that fast you are bound to lose a finger...;-) Nice work btw.

CapeFearOutdoors&Survival : Subbed...great stuff buddy! GOD bless

Gross Beef216 : awesome I give many props for all that sawing lol I have 2 questions one can you post the link to your grinder and belt sander and 2 what is the blue liquid you put on the blade for?


Nick Hardy : I think the hole in the handle nearest the blade compromises the strength of the finished article considerably

Aragorn Elessar : How would you sand that blade without rounding the surface like that? many years did it take to cut through that metal? :D

krishnendhu chakra : Thats manly

gary gibbs : Great shape. I like your simple kit.

Dmitrius5 : Beauty!! How much would you charge for a piece ?

z4xarhis : Amazing! Thanks for the upload.

Perfect Moments : Very nice work, i just dont like the style

Sam P : You weaken your knife with that front hole in the handle. Your knife sir did not make the cut.

Brooks Adamson : Good work on the knives. Also around the 6:50mark when you have a mask on and your breathing heavy and it's really fast it sounds like Darth Vader fapping 😂

Manjunath K : Hi Pete I want buy this type of knife so wre dose it get in India..

William Russell : This was an absolutely AWESOME VIDEO Thanks so much learned a lot and I can't wait to make my ultimate survival Bowie knife

mario calderon : verdaderas obras de arte,felicitaciones desde Colombia.

Joshua Awesome : Those are beautiful knives what didn't cost to make them I'd love to have one just like it for a good hunting knife

Wade Jensen : Great work mate....very nice....thanks for sharing!

Captain Joe : Cool but thet would take a long time

İsmail Şanlı : Kusursuz güzel.

Moritz Rentzsch : What you useing for a handle material

Rafael B.P. : Ohhh I can feel the pain sawing that without a angle grinder! Next challenge is to build one without any power tool at all, and without the wonders of modern chemistry (thats you epoxi eheheh). Nice work man! Looks Terrific! []'s

Lance Teodecki : Great 👍 Subscribed

Greg Wiehagen : Who wants steak after that hair removal? Someone should do a brazilian example

Outdoor Delta : Great work man. Now you have an new Subscriber from Germany.

J.P. Roulet : At 7 minutes you sound like one of the zombies from I Am Legend

G R-S : Beautiful knives!

Kevin Raj : Someone buy this man an angle grinder and jigsaw

cuco gallegos : Great work love the angle on the knife the wood brings it all together thank you