Making a hunting knife using hobbyist tools

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Peter Adamson Knives : Check the description for a template, and links to all the tools and materials used, and leave a comment if you have any questions!

Sharp Works : Congrats to you man. It looks like we started our channels at roughly the same time but you're over twice as large as mine. You have some great content and you deserve to be even larger. Keep it up.

atomiclab : I like your knife profile shape.

Kevin Raj : Someone buy this man an angle grinder and jigsaw

Paul Hinton : beautiful work you got yourself a sub

JohnReviewer112 : This is how almost every other maker out there makes knives expect they have better versions of all these tools.. This is the point of handmade custom tools, they are hand made. Whatt? You think that using a milling machine for 75 percent of the process is now a hand made knife? No, it then turns into basically every other factory produced knife you can buy on the market.

عاشق نفسي : Goooooooood 👏👏👍👍👌

Gonza 1q99 : Wow nice work

Dan Van Hoose : Nice drop point shape.good job.


Ragnar Jørstad-Haugen : Do you have a template for this knife? Love the work!

Jack Fluck : Hi there. One question, what's the spray product you apply on the knives with a piece of paper, before the oven part? Thank you in advance

Jack Duncan : Nicely done! You definitely have the knack. You have demonstrated that one doesn't have to have a lot of expensive tools to do this if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Sam : That breathing was weird but I like the vid I think im going to make a knife off of your template

Anggelo Gallardo : Hi, nice work, I didn't see your touchmark stamp. Greetings from Chile

Francisco Junior Lima : Meu deus que facas lindas . Cara sou seu fã.

Jason Montgomery : You can always tell by the bare patches on someone's forearm that they have properly sharpened their knife.

makers life : Great work man. Now you have an new Subscriber from Germany.

Scowler : This is art.

Tony Dadon : I like all the people leaving comments "You should do this....." "You should do that...." Really? Where's the video of the knives YOU made?

Tanner Phillips : If you keep working that fast you are bound to lose a finger...;-) Nice work btw.

essdanitof : magnifique

G Martin : Great job, and I love the design. Thanks for sharing!

thesworm : rip headphone user the saw killed me

Jack Turner : Why are you breathing so heavily when you're gluing them?

Kaizer Seloterio : nc work dude! subbed :D

Wheatstone bridge : wearing gloves while using the grinder belt yeah I stopped watching at that point

naabtalschmied : "Peter Adamson Knives" ..... the plungelines are horrible.... nothing about hobbyist tools.....

Alpha Nukleus : You made some of my favorite knives, nice video!

Jadon Ingalls : My goodness, an angle grinder is like 20 bucks. That's a lot of time sawing, just to get blocks

John Gate : "hobbyist"

Pepe Coco : Nice !! Like this video.

landypaule : from 6:50 on: Darth Vader on speed :-)

Paul'ie 4X : Say Heah Peter, Why wouldn't you also call that knife a bush craft knife also. Infact I like using knives that similar style for Bush Craft Knife. Infact I had one made by modifying a Battle Horse Attitude I have it posted in my Google Plus your welcome to L@@K.,,. p

Sharp & On Point : I wish I had all those "Hobbyist Tools" ;) Great job!

Natsew Dragneel : He was using a hack saw but when he started to speed the video up....the hack saw sounded more like a bandsaw 😂😂😂😂😂

Linnea Larsson : That breathing towards the end though.. :p

Nacho Franc : I hate having to cut the steel plates with a hacksaw, i allways break the teeth jsjsk

Tywithay : I feel like all knives should be tempered in an ammo box.

Jovan Miljanovic : Amazing bro! Keep it going!

Lickity Split : anyone else cop fingers running down a chalk board hell bad when the sand paper bit comes on... fucksake

Rustic Wanker : In the immortal words of Doug Markida. It will keel.

kiroshki : I want that knife

xConundrumx : Love the smell you get when working with olive wood. Especially when it is not entirely dry.

titibravo100 : Can you tell me please Why you put the knife in the oven?if i don t have oven that heats 350 celsius what is the alternative?

pit man : Well done ,great job

Brazkie Adams : This man is so talent. U got new fans mate

Mark Bennett : Love the shape, the effort but the file scratch test and hardening.....was confusing to me.....

Mohsin Sabri : How can I get this knife plz let me inform

83DrBones : Impressiv